Wednesday, June 15, 2005

China Vagina??

Austrian Man : Let's talk about Greater China
Fat Fingers Heard : Let's talk about Vagina

I don't know if it's just me or was it his accent?
I kept hearing the word Vagina when the Austrian man said "Greater China".


It was "Vagina" here and "Vagina" there... aiyoh..... I couldn't concentrate during the meeting...

& At the end of the meeting, we had a feedback session. Everyone gave constructive feedbacks except for usual. He gave the worst feedback....

His feedback was to have more free gifts from the vendors... free gifts as in.. free gifts for him and not to the consumers!


*Lao Kui = embarrassing


lancerlord said...

If I was at the meeting, I wouldn't stop laughing whenever Greater China was mentioned. :)

sari said...

hahaha some of em do have thick accent.. there was this once when i wanted to get a bookmark.. i asked how much it was.. the oz girl said 'notti' cents.. so I asked a few times.. i asked her 40 cents? she said notti cents..
in da end she had to write on a pcs of paper and I was thinking.. ya la 40 cents mah.. haikz

Lexandria said...

Err... I think i'll be going "huh?" all the way cause i've got slight hearing problems. Especially on the left ear.

It'll get worse if i feel lethargic. As if i'm drugged and hullicinating or something. lolx.

So, you planning on adding laxative for Dick's food? hiak hiak hiak. So the first on your 'want-to-do' this will be changed to 'cooking for dick' hahaha.

Filee Falee said...

Bleah! Dick is a cheapskate !
And hoorays to Greater China.
That happens :)

My dad was talking to this guy on some helpline. And he doesn't understand why that guy kept asking him to press the bottom when in fact it's the button!

Jaschocolate said...

Tsk tsk.. dirty thoughts.. haha.. but it is really hard to listen to foreign accents..

MyOrangeSweater said...

Fat Fingers: What was on your mind during that meeting?!?!??!

Fat Fingers said...

lancerlord : haha yeah i think you'll be laughing a lot!!

Sari Party Girl : haha notti cents. i would have thought it was 90 cents hehe

Lexandria : haha i was going huh all the way too!

Filee Falee : haha did your dad pressed his own bottom? hehehe

ChoCoLoVe : haha yeah it's really hard. I was like in an Austin Power movie..hahaha the silly names like Fagina haha

Lynne : er.. Sex? hahaha

Hisreason said...

I bet Dick is the type who queues up overnight for freebies :D!

jettykey said...

haha, Great Ver - Jye-na? Wonder whose? I would be convulsed with laughter!

Dick is sure one cheapskate ass.

limegreenspyda said...

bwahahahah!!!! i would've shook with laughter right in the middle of the meeting!

and wahlau... how did dick get to his managerial position ah?

Fat Fingers said...

Hisreason : He is also the type who will queue for $$$! Pay him to queue for you!!

Anna : hahaha i wonder too!

Spyda : We all have been asking that question.. hahaha