Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I don't understand why...

Can someone explain to me the purpose of my existence in meetings that do not concern me at all?

Sometimes i don't know why Dick wants to get us involved in stuff that does not have anything to do with us! Just send me an email with the info lah! No need to ask me to attend! I have better things to do!

And today i told him about me going for my wisdom tooth operation next week.. what did he say?
He wants me to get it done by this week if possible so i don't have to be away from work for so many days!! But that's the point isn't it?? TO GET AWAY FROM WORK!! wahahahaha
I told him i had to schedule it next week because of all the meetings.that.do.not.have.anything.to.do.with.me that i have to attend!
He said.. "I don't mind you not going for the one tomorrow SINCE YOU ARE NOT GOING FOR THE DINNER ANYWAY!"

Hello... i am not going for some meeting to exchange for a free meal ok?!?!?! and why do i have to waste my time to PR with a bunch of people whom i don't enjoy spending my time with? Even if it is a FREE dinner, i still don't want to go!
You can go suck up to all the people! I'd rather be at home eating the food my mama cooked for me!

And guess what? Dick is stupid!! As if you didn't know already! hahaha

He accidentally leaked out some top secret information to some big shots and his big boss got to hear about it and gave him a scolding, i think.

So Dick was shitting his pants out and asked one of my COWorkers to his office and asked if he leaked out the top secret to us during our group meeting next week!


I've never seen such a stupid manager before!!

But he was smart enough not to call everyone of us into his office and ask us about it.

And he even dare to tell my COWorker that he meant that as a casual remark..not leaking out some top secret! Please lor! No matter how confidential that information is... it cannot even be a casual remark! Please lor! And some more he can't even remember if he told other people about it!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

I have such a stupid boss... i am so glad he's going to be my ex boss soon.


defy angel said...

The DICK is super dumb! How dumb can he gets?

sari said...

haha he is really silly n sounds .... cute too~ lol

aGent X said...

I am...*sobbing*...really...happy..for you separation from Dick soon. You obviously don't suffer fools.Period.

jettykey said...

You can start counting down.

Zen|th said...

I wonder how Dick became a manager in the first place.

Lexandria said...



Maybe cook something for him the last day of ur work, saying its a good bye gift to him.

Put some laxative in the food.

By the time he starts 'detoxing' U R LONG GONE!

Vicious plan right? ;P

Filee Falee said...

I am in the i-hate-my-boss stage so I totally understand. End of the month and I am out of here!! :)

Best of luck. This shite will be over soon. After all, he is a dick yea.

the baker said...

lol... now i really understand why you hate him so.

gosh, i would go insane with a boss such as him... you have my sympathy!

Dan said...

i'm surprised your big bosses haven't fire him yet after all the boo-boos he has committed..

Hisreason said...

Muahaha!! I bet he makes everyone in the office feels smart! Keke....


MyOrangeSweater said...

Freak him out by putting your wisdom tooth on his table. Hmm, maybe not such a good idea, that way he might inherit all your "wisdom"!

bleuchiz said...

dont we all juz 'love' our bosses.. anyhows, glad that u got Dick and his so called escapades in the picture again. Gonna miss that goon when u quit..haha.

Fat Fingers said...

defy angel : he can get very dumb one! hahaha

Sari Party Girl : CUTE? Did you say CUTE? Was it a typo?? Please tell me it is a typo! hahaha

Agent X : Thanks! I am happy too! *sobs*

Anna : Yah! Happy leh!!

Zen|th : I wonder too.... hmmm

Lexandria : Good idea leh! hmm

Filee Falee : Wonder why there are so many bad bosses around? hmmm? What's wrong with them?

the baker : Yes now you know! hehe he is really really.. argh!!

Dan : we are surprised too! haha

Hisreason : Oh yes! We all feel so smart! I think his middle name is stupid or something along those lines! hahahaah

Lynne : Yah he cannot be smart. If he is smart, we will all be worse off! hehehe

bleuchiz : hello there! yeah i am sure most of us will miss him.. probably not me!

blablabla said...

56 more days to bye bye dick!! :)

Fat Fingers said...

Yes counting down!! woohoo!