Thursday, June 23, 2005


Yesterday morning, i woke up and saw Spongebob Squarepants in the mirror! EEEEEK!

The right side of my face is swollen.. and it made my face looked big.. and square! Just like Spongebob!

But it's getting better now... :)

The nurse from the dental clinic called me and asked me if i'm ok. How nice!!

Ah...can't believe i have to go back to work next week!
I'm actually quite looking forward to it.. cos.. in a few weeks time, i'll be shoving my resignation letter into Dick's arse... which happens to be on his shoulder! :D



MyOrangeSweater said...

Fat Fingers: Hope your swell reduces soon. I remember when my sis had BOTH her wisdom teeth extracted, she swelt up like a pig's head, haha!

Anyway, I just passed you the movie baton on my blog:

* Total number of films I own on DVD/Video.
* The last file I bought.
*Five films I watch a lot/mean a lot to me.

frenie said...

hey, great way to diet. I cant wait for my wisdom tooth. hahaha. Take care of urself and dick's arse. SHove the letter up roughly.

Bittersweet said...

OoooWWW.... I dun have my wisdon tooth to grow liaoz!! EEee!!(Bimbotic screaming)
but after frenie says that it is a great way tyo diet i decided to make my wisdom tooth grow!

Hope you get better Fat Fingers! Then you will be happy shoving YOUR letter into Dick's Arse!

Filee Falee said...

Take care, the swelling will go soon.
I am leaving my company at the end of this month so yippe! 4-5 more days. no shite. I can't wait til' you shove the resignation letter in Dick's face. That is the time for celebration :)

Ah 9 said...

how come his arse on his shoulder?

the baker said...

aww you poor thing! try to reduce the swelling by putting some ice... mine was worse.. i looked like a puffer fish! as if someone punched me bad... it took about 4 to 5 days for mine to go down though... it looked horrible eeks.

Zen|th said...

I thought your gums would ache and then that's it. I didn't know there would be swelling as well when you extracted your wisdom tooth.

blablabla said...

hope the swelling goes down soon!


sari said...

Hahahaha that yellow sponge looks so cute!! Babe, hope the swelling goes off soon... eat more porridge!

Jayaxe said...

Take care of your face, coz' you're going to show that to us soon. Hehe.

kachuaz said...

pain pain pain!!

the baker said...

hey girl... hope you feeling much better. anyways i've just tagged you for the cookbook meme that's making its rounds. see
for more details ya... take care!

Fat Fingers said...

Lynne : THank you! No more swelling now! :) Thank you for the baton i will do it sooN! hehe

Frenie : haha good luck when it comes out!!

Bittersweet : Thank yoU! :) I think maybe i lost a kg.. but gained it back last night from the curry chicken my mum cooked!!

Filee Falee : So good! I can't wait for my turn! hahaa

Ah 9 : Cos he used his arse to think.. not his head haha

the baker : haha puffer fish! cute! :D

Zen|th : Some ppl get bruises (blue black) too.. lucky, i don't have hehe

ningx : thank you!! :)

Sari Party Girl : Thank you! i've ate too much porridge i think hehe. but i am craving for frogs legs porridge now! yummy!

Jayaxe : oh you remembered? but now i am really enjoying being "mysterious" hehehe

kachuaz : uh-huh, uh-huh!

the baker (again haha) : oooh another tag. i feel so popular now hehe

Ang Ku Kueh said... dentist always tried to corner me for the wisdom tooth extraction but i mnaged to run away many times. u take care ah? speedy recovery!:)