Saturday, June 25, 2005


Ok i've been tagged by Lynneblogger..

* Total number of films I own on DVD/Video.
Er.. i think.. i have about .. 30 or so.. too lazy to count hehe

* The last film I bought.
Er.. i cannot remember.. but i think it's.. The Incredibles. I rent instead of buy now.

*Five Three films I watch a lot/mean a lot to me (i lazy lah hehe and i can only think of 3 at the moment hehe).
1. Battle Royale
I've watched it about...5 times? I just love it cos it's so gross

2. Office Space
Cos it's hilarious! and like them, i hate my boss and job too!

3. Le Fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain
Amelie reminds me of myself sometimes!

I'm passing the baton to..

The Sari Party Girl
Lime Green Spyda


sari said...

woooohoooo thats for me!!! Hehehehe

Jayaxe said...

And me!

sari said...

Just 2 I think. The rest are Hindi vcds. hehehe

Manz Im so bad at these..I hardly watch any movie!! Hahaha.. but I think 50 first dates mean a lot to me.. hehehe I cried and laughed!!!