Sunday, June 26, 2005


I have to go back to work tomorrow! ARGH!!!

No more MCs!
No more staying at home!
No more watching dvds in the afternoon with my mama!
No more lazing around!

But never mind.... only 50 days to go... which is only about.. 42 working days!


And Dick will only be back at the end of July!


It's time to have 2 hours lunch break again!



Bittersweet said...

Haha..Why not take three hours lunchbreaK instead!

Muahaha! So has your swelling gone down?

Hope it is much better!

stars_of_rain said...

Eeks. I want 2hrs lunch break too! Working life with boss missing is the best.

Btw, I'm impressed by your wisdom tooth. SO BIG!!!!! Mine's all crushed up though. So cant see the actual size. Sigh.

Hisreason said...

We've counted down together with you for almost a year already! 50 days! Fast :)!

Dan said...

har... u mean lunch breaks are not 2 hours wan meh.. haha.. just kidding.

Fat Fingers said...

Bittersweet : haha 3 hours too long.. cannot lah. i need to do some REAL work also hehehe.Yes swelling has gone down. Thank you!

Stars of rain : yes! life without boss around is really good!

Hisreason : yes! it was great to have everyone counting down with me! hehe. it seemed like it would take forever for the day to come but now.. it's only 49 days to go!

Dan : hahaha! that's funny hehe.

MyOrangeSweater said...

2 hour breakfast, 2 hour lunch, 2 hour tea, 2 hour smoke break, hahaha

Filee Falee said...

42 working days is around 6 weeks and Dick will be back by end July. You wouldn't be seeing him that much really!
All the best!

Dan said...

lynne, u left out 2 hours work.. erm and tat adds up to 8 hours. very nice!

MyOrangeSweater said...

dan: No, no, I didn't leave out. Go in office 1 hour late, leave 1 hour earlier .. then no need to work liao! ;P

Jayaxe said...

Wow, one month of freedom! Life is so unfair!!!!!!!

Fat Fingers said...

Dan/Lynne : haha i don't smoke leh. so i think i will add one more hour to tea and one more hour to lunch. hehehe

Filee Falee : yes! but actually i want to see the look on his face when i tell him i want to resign hehehehe.

Jayaxe : I have a bad boss. Tell me.. what's is unfair??? hehehehe