Friday, June 17, 2005

I don't fart...

Fat Fingers: oh no.. i am farting.. smelly farts. I hope i will not fart when i am there. It's so embarrassing! Your bro and mum will be there!

The Boyfriend: hahaha I think that's difficult. You can fart when you like

Fat Fingers: yes. remember.. our plan is to blame it on you

The Boyfriend: OUR plan???

Fat Fingers: Yes! OUR plan

The Boyfriend: ok, this sounds like one I shouldn't argue on hahahaha

Fat Fingers: haha yes

The Boyfriend: ok so the line is: you never fart

Fat Fingers: hahaha yes. I never fart

The Boyfriend: ok I will tell everyone that

Fat Fingers: hahaha nooo don't tell!! So when i fart.. You just say.. oh it's not her, it's me

The Boyfriend: hahaha you don't think that's a bit obvious?

Fat Fingers: ok so when i fart, u'll just say.. "oopps it's me"

The Boyfriend: something like that...I wait for the accusing look...the other good thing is that if the dogs are around you can always blame them!!

Fat Fingers: but what if it's your bro or your mum who farted?? hahahhaa

The Boyfriend: hahaha

Fat Fingers: we should have a code word. like when i fart in front of your family.. i'll say the code word so you'll know. :))

The Boyfriend: hahahaha yes! What do you suggest?

Fat Fingers: maybe … char siew?

The Boyfriend: hahaha we are all sitting there and then suddenly you say 'charsiew' which is then followed by a terrible smell?? It won't remain a mystery for long!

Fat Fingers: *cough*charsiew*cough*

The Boyfriend: hahahaha

Fat Fingers: how about that? Do u think it will work?

The Boyfriend: I doubt it hahaha

Fat Fingers: oh wait wait.. i know!! How about.. sushi??

The Boyfriend: same problem.......'So Fat Fingers, are you enjoying Uni?'...........'Yes, very much...sushi!'

Fat Fingers: hahaha

The Boyfriend: people will think you are mental hahaha

Fat Fingers: haha i can go.. oh yes very much. i love SUSHI too!

The Boyfriend: oooh I can't breathe now I've laughed so much! brb got to get my puffer


So yes.. i never fart.. never!!



blablabla said...

haha you guys are so cute! what is puffer?! and sushi very weird lah!! maybe use a singaporean term like LAH or LOR hahahaha!!

and thanks for saying 5 dollars is ok!! :D if you are interested in one let me know ok :)

Fat Fingers said...

Ningx : He has asthma so he needs that puffer to help him breathe normally hehehe.
Yes i want to get one or maybe two! :D I will check your blog for updates hehe
Yeah the Lehs and the Lors can be useful as a codeword haha

kachuaz said...

wah piang

everyone farts hahaa.

found out that people who eats more carbo and protein farts more.haha

that explains why fart alot too~ hee hee

frenie said...

hahahah. i also want to fart and let someone else take the blame.

MyOrangeSweater said...

Just ask the BF to pretend he was running out of puff when you fart. He can cough and make a lot of noise to "camouflage" your fart!

sari said...

farting is no big deal, but farting in public is not very polite.. so dun worry, I doubt you will fart in front of em.. i only fart when hans or my fam near me.. no others~ hahaha..

jettykey said...

You sound like me. I also don't fart...hahaha

Jayaxe said...

I remember hearing this from somewhere, where a certain culture says that farting after a dinner means you really enjoyed the dinner. I forgot where you should do this. But you can probably use this excuse if you want! Haha.

Filee Falee said...

sweetness lar, both of you. :)
But girls have all master the art of silent farts so it's definitely okay to blame it on the BF yea.

Lexandria said...


Does yours sound like this?

Or more like "PRONT!"

If no one hears anything, act blur!

I'll prefer the silent type ;)
Colourless, soundless, but... SMELLY! lolx. But no one will know its u.

SooHK said...

Oh be careful, sometimes, there are possibility, something might comes out together...

defy angel said... get ur bf to take the rap for your fart! so funny too....
hahahaha..As i read ur entry, I was alsready visualising the scene of you farting in a crowd and your bf taking the rap with your hints...hahaha

the baker said...

haha FF, you are soooo hilarious!!!

actually farting is no big deal but I guess it's just embarrassing to be responsible for causing a smell that makes others wanna run for cover! lol...

that's why, you gotta steer clear of beans esp. if you wanna avoid gas emissions. so ya, no baked beans before you visit his family! don't forget! hahaa

Fat Fingers said...

kachuaz : you sure or not? everyone farts? not me leh! hehehe

frenie : haha so you must tell people.. you never fart!

Lynne : haha yeah that's a good tactic! divert attention!!

Sari Party Girl : sometimes.. cannot control leh.. but i don't fart lor.. so it is ok. hee hee

Anna : oh that's good! hahahahaha

Jayaxe : sure or not???? but anyway, i don't fart.. so is ok lah hahaha

Filee Falee : sometimes i hear people farting loudly. like my mum haha..

Lexandria : yeah.. they will not know what hit them! muahaha

soohk : ooh so gross. shit happens i guess haha.

defy angel : haha yeah i will be saying lots of sushi and char siew hehe

the baker : but sometimes never eat beans also will fart leh. why? but .. not me lah.. i never fart, remember? hahaha

Pseudo-intellectual lunatic said...

great blog :)

miche said...

got people dont fart one meh? then where does the body release the gas???
at home i fart loud, in public, silent fart...can control one...let go bit by bit. hehe

Fat Fingers said...

Pseudo-intellectual lunatic : Thank yoU! :D

miche : have! me lor! haahhahaha yah must control.. if only we can control the smell hehehe