Saturday, July 30, 2005

Very funny meh?

Dick : Dear All, thank you for the voucher. I shall use up the $180 to get my own clothes.

Very funny meh?
I don't think so lor! Whatever Dick says, will not be funny to us.. because we all hate him! hahaha

Basket! The voucher is for him to spend on his baby boy! Not him! If we were to spend money on him, we would have bought him a Management 101 book!

Anyway, he is back from his holiday and he didn't talk to me. I thought he will talk to me about my resignation. Hmmm.. he didn't but he asked my COWorker if I am happier! hahahaa what a question!
My COWorker told him "Of course! Why should she be sad? She is going to do what she wants!"

Hehehe.. another 2 weeks to go at work WOOHOO!!
I've already cleared all my stuff except my toothbrush hehe.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Dinner at Pepper Lunch

I went to the pre-departure briefing organised by the Brit Council on Saturday...

Ta ma de.. Nobody from my uni was there! The table was empty! The rest of the Uni were there but not mine! What's up with them, man!

Anyway, i walked around and got useful booklet.. and i didn't ask much questions cos i've already got all my info from the internet!! Boring!

The best thing about the briefing is that.. i got a goody bag! It's full of info (which i already got from the internet!!) and a recipe book from Brit council (which i got off the net as well! but this one is much nicer though hehe) and also one little booklet from Chng Kee.

I was so bored i left 30min later.. I went to meet my girl friends for dinner at Pepper Lunch.
The food was so good! I had the Pepper Beef Rice. I had to take a pic with my phone cam.

Man, it was soooo good! I love it! The service was very good too! I hope i'll have a chance to eat there again... I can't go with my girl friends cos they can't eat beef and there's only one chicken dish! Maybe i'll go have that for lunch tomorrow hohoho.

Oh yeah, bloody Dick will be back this Thursday.. so i guess i will have 2hr lunch breaks for the next few days! muahahahaha

Friday, July 22, 2005

In 30 days...

... i will be in the UK!

My mom and sister are worried... cos London has been attacked... again!

I'm not really worried about going to the UK... but i hate it that my family will be worried for me....
I hate to make them worry....

Bloody terrorists!


Oh! My Blog turns ONE today! yay!

One year ago... i was very angry with Dick. He pissed me off big time.
One year later... Dick still never fail to piss me off haha but i'm not as angry as before.

But i hate him all the same.. haha

Bloody Dick!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

10yrs ago

Fat Fingers : I am eating rasin bread and it reminds me of you! I love raisin bread now! I think i can finish the whole loaf by myself! hehehe

The Ex : You took so long to learn to love raisin bread! It's been 10 years!

Wow.. i feel so old.. 10 years ago!

10yrs ago i was 18 years old...

10yrs ago, i had my first boyfriend. He's the asian version of Mark Owen! So handsome! He's getting married this Oct and i'm really really happy for him!

10yrs ago, i was in JC1.. struggling with economics and accounting.. GRRRR Mr Ganesh, my econs tutor was really scary then! I hate all the mass tutorials...cos that means i will miss the 6pm Cantonese drama on the Malaysian channel!

10yrs ago, i was a very rebellious kid. I fought a lot with the sisters and my mum. My grandma had to beg me to stop all my nonsense..

10yrs ago, i had an argument with my Business Mgt Tutor. He forced me to join the band! I didn't want to go for band practice! I didn't want to play the flute for college day!! I want to join other ECA (last time was called ECA lor)! But no, i have to be in the band! because there's not enough flautist! I was angry and kicked the door when i went out. hehehe. He came out chasing me and telling me.. "I want to see your parents!" and i replied "Fine!!" So my mum went to school and she apologised to the tutor. hehe. I apologised too. This tutor is actually my favourite tutor! I like him a lot hehe.

10yrs ago, i hated raisin bread...


10yrs later, i am very happy with The Boyfriend.. my second boyfriend! hehe!!

10yrs later, i am struggling in the office.. trying not to let Dick and nosey COWorkers annoy me.. hahaha.

10yrs later, i'm not that rebellious anymore. I don't fight with the sisters anymore.. ok maybe once in a blue moon haha. & i don't quarrell with my mum.... as often as before. hehehehe

10yrs later, i argued with my boss! & got into trouble!! hahaha!! Bloody Dick!

10yrs later, i love raisin bread!!! I think i will have one slice before i go to bed later hehe

Do you remember what you were like or what you did 10yrs ago??

Monday, July 18, 2005

Wah Lau eh!

I'm blogging at my sister's place..
My mum had to bring my nieces home today and i accompanied her cos it's not easy having to look after 2 monkeys...

Mini Me and No. 2 are now dancing behind me.. while my lappie, Stitch, is playing "Lao Shu Ai Da Mi". All kids love this song! I wonder why.... i bet tonight i will be singing this song to sleep! HAHA

And No. 2 just came up to me and did a Sylvester! The wink and that stupid sign! Kids nowadays! She's only 2!! But it's so hilarious! haha


Can't stand some of my COWorkers. I wonder who came up with the "brilliant" idea of everyone contributing $15 each to DICK cos his wife just gave birth. 15x12 = $180!!

This is the part that i say... "KNNBCCB!!"

Ta ma de!
Waste my money ok!
And everyone of them hates Dick.. so why bother to do this??
If you want to "por" Dick, then go ahead! Just, Leave me out of it!
$15 may not seem much but it's a lot for me lor, cos i've not much S$ now. It has all be changed to £... ack.

Now i cannot say no.. because.. They are going to buy me a farewell lunch.. so i guess Dick will be sharing too....

Aiyah! Contra it off lah!

Like my girl friend said, i should expense under "Goodwill" and write it off over 3 years! HAHAHAHAHA

But i still damn buay song lor! Give Dick $15!!

I'm Happy!

I'm Happy because :

1. My good friend got married yesterday.
She's so beautiful.. like my dress.. haha Many people asked me where i got my dress from hahaha. OK anyway, yes she's so beautiful, he's so handsome.. a match made in heaven! I'm so happy that she's happy!

2. My girl friends bought me lots of stuff from Bangkok
Because i have to stay in Singapore to tender my resignation, i can't go to BKK with them. And.. i had to save money too. So they set up a "Fat Fingers Fund" and bought lots of stuff for me! There's still some money left in the fund so they may sponsor my hair cut too! hahaha I'm so broke now...

3. I found lots of letters/cards/postcards/photos from my friends while cleaning the room today.
It brought back lots of memories...good memories! I miss them so much!
And there's one from G. He's the coolest 40-something i've ever met. He works in the UK branch of my previous co. He was my vendor and he amused me so much with his dry humour. He sent me a card on my birthday and it says.. "One of my favourite picture for one of my favourite friends". I am going to meet him when i'm in the UK. How exciting!

4. 35 days to go before i'm in the UK!

Saturday, July 16, 2005


I was so excited about submitting my resignation letter to Dick that i couldn't sleep the night before.
I kept waking up to check the time!

I couldn't wait no more so i woke up 10min before i usually do. hehehe

So, i went to work earlier than usual, printed out my letter, signed it and scanned it and sent it off to Dick and his boss.

His boss read the email and called me to wish me well.. saying how she is sad to see me go but at the same time happy and excited for me...

Dick didn't read the email till 1am his time.. (see! no life! haha!). It's a pity i can't see his reaction! But i'm sure he's happy cos our feelings are mutual!
Anyway he replied my email and said he is happy that i am doing what's best for me. I think that he actually meant..he is very happy that i am leaving and i should have left long ago! haha.

He even asked me if it's ok for him to announce it to the whole team! No! Don't! Tell them only on my last day!
Chey! Of course lah! Go ahead and spread the GOOD news!

I don't know why he thinks i want to keep it a secret? Dick is such a very secretive person!

Like that time, his wife was pregnant and he only told us the day before he went back to the US. Duh! We all knew it all along! We just pretended not to know it because you never tell us! And it was the people in the US HQ who told us about it. Apparently it's big news over there (wonder why?? product of an affair maybe? hmm) but his staff didn't know.

And also, he got a car in Singapore but didn't tell us. Only one of my COWorkers knew and he told her not to tell us.. Why? Why cannot tell us? Is it because you got the "weekend" car?!?! HAHAHA Yah Dick has a weekend car. So silly lor! He has to be at work before 7am and leave after 7 or 8pm! hahahahaha No life! Yeah he actually has his dinner in the office before he goes home! Aiyoh! Cannot stand! Yah so if anyone of you sees a weekend car on the road, remember to check out the driver. If the driver's short, bald and ugly, that's him! hahahahahaha

So anyway, he sent an email.. and announced it to the whole team.

Dear Team,
With much regret, Fat Fingers has decided to leave us to pursue her further studies. Let's wish her all the best. HR has been informed and a new posting will be up on the intranet soon.

I've already told some of my COWorkers before Dick made the announcement. They were shocked that i'd resign so soon. But they were happy for me because they knew how much i hated working there. hehehe I thought they got my hint cos for the past few weeks, i kept saying.. "Argh! I can't wait to leave soon! I want to resign already! Anyone of you want to take over my job??"

And they were surprised that i've already sorted out the air tickets, uni appln and student visa! HAHAHAHAHA

Yeah! So now, everyone knows i am leaving! I am glad because it's really hard to keep it a "secret"!

& I've already started packing yesterday! HAHAHAHA I really can't wait to leave! I brought some stuff back.. i have so many rubbish in the office!

Lots of Isetan Supermarket plastic bags! I get my fruits from there.
A packet of watermelon candy drops from Guam. It was a present from a COWorker. I think it's probably expired now hmmm
A big red 发 sign! It was for CNY. Dick insisted we all hang one "HUAT" in our cubes! Ma de! Damn Obiang!
A packet of campbell soup..
A box of herbal tea

I still have a bottle of red wine to bring home! A bottle of H2O, my Astroboy figurine, my Meiji birthday bears, my toothbrush and lots of other stuff that's probably hidden under a pile of paper/plastic bags!

Oh and thank you everyone who's been counting down with me!! But... the countdown is not over yet! hahahahaha Another 30 days to go before i'm OFFICIALLY out of the co! And another 36 days before i fly off to the UK!

AARRGH!! Must.Pack.Soon.!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Come on, Sing it with me...

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya! Tomorrow! You're always a day awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!


Tomorrow's the day!

Yay! Tomorrow!

Today, my COWorker asked me if i am attending her wedding dinner in Oct.. I told her i might be in the UK that time and i can only confirm it with her tomorrow. Hehehehehe

I can't wait to break the news to my COWorkers tomorrow.. i've been keeping this "secret" for almost a year!

& This afternoon, i was so free that i drafted the email to Dick. It's in my draft folder now.. waiting to be sent.
haha!! I'll make sure i'll get to the office real early tomorrow to send the email.


I'll start packing tomorrow too. hehehe

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


It's Wednesday today!

2 more days to go!


I've been surfing the web, tracking the £ (damn it's going up!), chatting, emailing,.. doing anything but work.. doing lots of research about the Uni etc.
OK i did do some work but there's not much things to do... Everyone's so busy.. except me. Hmmm..
I've stopped being pro-active. Who cares? I'll just do what needs to be done. Nothing extra!

I'm a slacker..

I can't wait for Friday to come so i can do all these things.. OPENLY. Muahahahaha


Friday, July 08, 2005

Ali Bra Bra

Today, a conversation with a fellow blogger reminded me about my trip to India a few years 9-11.

It was for business.... so i didn't get to explore much but i still had a great time.. After all, every meal was paid for and i was treated like a WEE-I-P (VIP). :D

I had to take several internal flights around India.... and i hated it.. because they were so strict and it was very troublesome..but we all had to go through it because of those stupid terrorists! grrrr

Before you board the plane, your hand luggage will be scanned once through the x-ray machine. Then you will go through a room (men and women will be separated) and the guards will scan your body with the metal detector. After you get the all clear, you'll proceed to the waiting area.

And before you actually get into the plane, there will be another check. This time, you'll have to open your luggage! Very long process!

Anyway... i was stopped twice.

First time, they detected a tweezer in my luggage.. Yes a tweezer.. this harmless little tweezer.

They made me open my cabin bag and scanned every single pouch i had.
How to hijack a plane with a tweezer?? You tell me?? Threaten the Pilot with it? If he doesn't let me have my ways, i shall pluck out all his eyebrow and every single hair on his body with the tweezer! Muahahahahaha!

The second time, it was in Bangalore... I went into the room where the lady guard scanned me with the metal detector...

Indian female guard : Vat is that?
Me : huh?
IFG : The sound.
Me : Huh?
IFG : This sound! *detector passed by my breasts and it starts to beep*
Me : eh? Oh!
IFG : Vat?!?!
Me : It's the wire from the bra. *blushing*
IFG : Vat wire?!?!
Me : Er.. underwired bra..
IFG : Vat?!?!
Me : Bra? with wire? support? Wire?
IFG : Vat? *blank look on her face*
Me : er.... *lifts up blouse, points at bra* this one! the wire! this one.. you know?
IFG : hmm.. *feels the wire on my bra!!* oh! ok! You can go.


I don't think they have underwired bras in India.. hmmm Or maybe the indian female guard didn't know that such a thing exists... hmmmm

Thursday, July 07, 2005

What do you think of me??

Got this from Princess KN...
I thought it's quite interesting to see what you people think of me... and i'm running out things to post..hahaha

1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we meet?
4. Do you have a crush on me?
5. Would you kiss me?
6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
7. Describe me in one word.
8. What was your first impression?
9. Do you still think that way about me now?
10. What reminds you of me?
11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
12. How well do you know me?
13. When's the last time you saw me?
14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
15. Are you going to put this on your blog and see what I say about you?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

9 more days!


I can't wait for next friday to come!

I've been very very "Free" the past few days. Not busy at all. I've been spending my time at work chatting, emailing doing my research. I hope it will stay this way till my last day at work!!

And a few people who has been reading my blog has been emailing me. It' great! And they gave me some tips too. Thank YOU! :)

One told me to try the cucumber in the UK...oooh!
"By try I mean EAT it with your mouth ok!", she said.

Hehehe. I can't wait to try the cucumbers there! :D

Monday, July 04, 2005


This is my Green Tea Muffin with Red Bean filling. It may not look good on picture..but let me tell you.. it tastes GOOD! Yummy!

I'm ashamed to say that i didn't make the red bean filling myself because... i don't know how to make it..yet. So... i bought a can of it from NTUC. hehe It costs me $5.20!! Imported from Japan.. that's why.

Yeah ... I have been wanting to make some of these... after looking at The Baker's muffin ...

I love to see what she's baking cos everything that she bakes looks so good!! ... Then i will "copy" her hehe.

Yeah i was thinking.. i might make some for my COWorkers and give it to them on my last day of work! hehe. Dick's muffin will have extra ingredient ---- Laxative. Muahahahahaha
Or maybe a lizard or two. I keep seeing lizards on my ceiling these few days! hmmm

Friday, July 01, 2005

1st July!

Yay! Half the year is finally over!
And in 2 weeks time! I'm gonna tender my resignation!
I've been waiting for this day for soooo long....since last July. That's a year ago!

It' going to be over soon!
I am so happy i'm gonna cry! *dabs eyes with hanky*
I think Dick will be happy that i am leaving too.. cos there'll be one less person to hate him and rebel against him.

And ... er ... i mentioned in one of my earlier posts that i am going to reveal who Fat Fingers is.. but i am so enjoying this right now.. i've decided not to show my face on the web. It's fun being mysterious. I'm sorry if you're disappointed. Plus.. i'm very scared Dick will stumble on this and recognize me and sue me!

But maybe.... we can meet up someday.. maybe..
I'm very shy one...