Friday, July 01, 2005

1st July!

Yay! Half the year is finally over!
And in 2 weeks time! I'm gonna tender my resignation!
I've been waiting for this day for soooo long....since last July. That's a year ago!

It' going to be over soon!
I am so happy i'm gonna cry! *dabs eyes with hanky*
I think Dick will be happy that i am leaving too.. cos there'll be one less person to hate him and rebel against him.

And ... er ... i mentioned in one of my earlier posts that i am going to reveal who Fat Fingers is.. but i am so enjoying this right now.. i've decided not to show my face on the web. It's fun being mysterious. I'm sorry if you're disappointed. Plus.. i'm very scared Dick will stumble on this and recognize me and sue me!

But maybe.... we can meet up someday.. maybe..
I'm very shy one...


Zen|th said...

It's alright being anonymous. I don't like revealing my face too. Haha. And it's already in 2 weeks? That's fast.

Lexandria said...

Wooooo... Meet me meet me!

I want to compare my fingers with yours! lolz.


Ah 9 said...

there are two of u!??

Fat Fingers said...

Zen|th : Yes 2 weeks to go! It seemed like it was a long time ago! Finally!

Lexandria : haha mine are fat short and stubby. can you beat that?

Aa 9 : har? what 2 of us? i think there are many fat fingers in the world.. hee

Cookie said...

i hope to meet you too.. and we can share the joy of telling our boss the same thing... =p juz tat mine's still quite far away... nonetheless, super excited as the clock ticks.... ;)

Ambiga said...

Im happy for you!! Dick will miss ur poisonous stares :p

Anonymous said...

woahhh, U can email me ur pic. whahaha. frenie

Lexandria said...

my fingers are... thick T_T

Most girls have tiny hands, soft tender skin and long slim fingers.

Mine are ROUGH, BIG and the fingers are thick -.-'

Among all the girls i know, my hands are the biggest, roughest, thickest? LOL!

Proves what sort of person i am? ;P

Miss Indecisive said...

Fat fingers are suppose to be a sign of prosperity. Why, even your rings would be bigger and therefore more expensive than others!

defy angel said...

Fat Fingers, Im so glad for u! Now a new chapter will unfold for you.....

blablabla said...

I'm so glad for you! I'm glad you're leaving that jerk of a boss and going to somewhere you want and love to be in. And maybe we could still keep in contact with MSN? :) By the way I've emailed you. :)

kachuaz said...

good for you~

quick quick zao faster!!



Hisreason said...

I would love to meet the mysterious you ah :D!! Haha... but I think you'll be too shy lah.

sari said...

Oh you just remind me time flies!! LoL!! Hahaha~ Babe, we have been waiting this day together isnt it .. hahaha Im happy for you!! Back to school soon aye ... Good Luck and All The Best!!

Dan said...

hey, u break your promise.. taoyan!to compensate u must continue blogging often when u go over.. this promise cannot break ok!!

Fat Fingers said...

hyper^ger : haha i hope your boss will be better than Dick when you start working!

Ambiga : Thank you!! but i don't think he will miss me haha.

Frenie : er.. let me think about it first ;)

Lexandria : hahaha i am sure it ain't that bad. hehe

Princesskaka : yah i hope that's true!! hehe

defy angel : thank you! :)

Ningx : thank you! and yes we can still keep in contact! I will still be blogging too!

kachuaz : i want to be quick also..but alas..the time is not fast enough..

Hireason : i also want to meet you leh. Will you wear your sexy uniform?? hahaha

Sari : Yes! I have been waiting for this day for so long.. as i am writing this.. it will be 11 days to go! yahoo!

Dan : sorry m(_ _)m Yes i will keep blogging hehe

Anonymous said...

If you are not disclosing your identiy perhaps you can show us your fingers???? pretty please...!