Wednesday, July 13, 2005


It's Wednesday today!

2 more days to go!


I've been surfing the web, tracking the £ (damn it's going up!), chatting, emailing,.. doing anything but work.. doing lots of research about the Uni etc.
OK i did do some work but there's not much things to do... Everyone's so busy.. except me. Hmmm..
I've stopped being pro-active. Who cares? I'll just do what needs to be done. Nothing extra!

I'm a slacker..

I can't wait for Friday to come so i can do all these things.. OPENLY. Muahahahaha



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan...

kachuaz said...

great job!

everyone needs time off


Zen|th said...

Be sure to describe Dick's face when you tell him the news! :)

Fat Fingers said...

kachuaz : haha yeah!!

Zen|th : unfortunately, he's not in Singapore. I will be submitting through email. haha!

Ah 9 said...

excited huh...hehe

MyOrangeSweater said...

Wear all red on Friday when you tender your resignation, as if it was Chinese New Year!

Lexandria said...

hide a camera somewhere to take down the reaction of dick's ermm.. stomach ;D

hiak hiak hiak

cant wait to c pictures of dick rushing to the toilet whahahaha.

Show ur fingers too! ;P

Selba said...

already start counting the hours yet? ha..ha..ha.... Would love to hear how's the big day ;)

PaT said...

wow.. hahaha lucky you!
must have been a long wait for ya right?
oh wells. haha have fun!

your entry bout the indian lady and wired bra really tickled me.
you've made my day! :D~

Fat Fingers said...

Ah 9 : Very very excited! I've been waiting for a year!

Lynne : Hahaha yah i will be colourful tomorrow! :D

Lexandria : hahaha i will try to take vids of Dick hahahaha.

Selba : hahaha not counting down the hours..yet. I'll definitely blog about it! :D

PaT : thank you! I'm glad i made your day :) Yes it has been a long wait! About one year!! :D