Saturday, July 30, 2005

Very funny meh?

Dick : Dear All, thank you for the voucher. I shall use up the $180 to get my own clothes.

Very funny meh?
I don't think so lor! Whatever Dick says, will not be funny to us.. because we all hate him! hahaha

Basket! The voucher is for him to spend on his baby boy! Not him! If we were to spend money on him, we would have bought him a Management 101 book!

Anyway, he is back from his holiday and he didn't talk to me. I thought he will talk to me about my resignation. Hmmm.. he didn't but he asked my COWorker if I am happier! hahahaa what a question!
My COWorker told him "Of course! Why should she be sad? She is going to do what she wants!"

Hehehe.. another 2 weeks to go at work WOOHOO!!
I've already cleared all my stuff except my toothbrush hehe.


Jayaxe said...

The feeling of hellish days ending soon is so exciting!

And why would you need a toothbrush at work?

Fat Fingers said...

i practice good hygiene hehe. i brush my teeth after lunch :D

Hisreason said...

My goodness! Just two weeks left!!! I'm feeling so excited... although I'm not the one leaving, haha.... :)

blablabla said...

you're leaving soon! i wish you alll the best. really.

please do give me your addresses! (yes both of them if you don't mind!) :D


naranja said...

wa lao, what a DICK!!! How can Dick spend the voucher for his own clothes. Nvm la, no amount of nice clothes will make him a better person. lol.

MyOrangeSweater said...

Asshole Dick, you guys should have given him a stinky bomb instead.

You are like me, I brush after lunch too, the ang mohs think I am nuts for doing that.

stars_of_rain said...

Oh boy. I feel like kicking Dick in the ass for this! If I were from your company, I would rather tear up my money than give it to him!!! *kick and tears!*

Fat Fingers said...

Hisreason : hahaha yah very exciting!!

Ningx : OK i will IM or email you :)

Naranja : I think he was joking lah but it's not funny lor! But he better not use it for his stuff! Some of my COWorkers have already told him it is for his baby boy.

Lynne : Haha a stinky bomb is good. I must find an excuse to go to his office. hmmm Oh yeah, the Japanese thought i was dirty when i didn't brush my teeth after lunch. They kept asking me why! So i had to brush it after lunch and now it's a habit :) Good habit!

Stars of rain : hahaha cannot tear money one. not good. but that's funny hahaha

lakeside girl said...

Heehee...babe you are funny. Keep up the boss-bashing posts man!

sari said...

yay yay 2 weeks more to go only!! hahaha

Mr Moron said...

All the best man. But trust me, the last week at a place you hate is always gonna be the longest week. The very definition of eternity. :D

Fat Fingers said...

a crunchy green apple : very hard leh... cos Dick will soon be my EX boss hehehe

Sari : yah! then 3 weeks to the UK! so exciting!

Mr Moron : haha thank yoU! yeah! the last week is always the longest!! grrr hehehe

Zen|th said...

Maybe Dick was trying to find out if you'll miss him. Hahaha.