Monday, July 18, 2005

Wah Lau eh!

I'm blogging at my sister's place..
My mum had to bring my nieces home today and i accompanied her cos it's not easy having to look after 2 monkeys...

Mini Me and No. 2 are now dancing behind me.. while my lappie, Stitch, is playing "Lao Shu Ai Da Mi". All kids love this song! I wonder why.... i bet tonight i will be singing this song to sleep! HAHA

And No. 2 just came up to me and did a Sylvester! The wink and that stupid sign! Kids nowadays! She's only 2!! But it's so hilarious! haha


Can't stand some of my COWorkers. I wonder who came up with the "brilliant" idea of everyone contributing $15 each to DICK cos his wife just gave birth. 15x12 = $180!!

This is the part that i say... "KNNBCCB!!"

Ta ma de!
Waste my money ok!
And everyone of them hates Dick.. so why bother to do this??
If you want to "por" Dick, then go ahead! Just, Leave me out of it!
$15 may not seem much but it's a lot for me lor, cos i've not much S$ now. It has all be changed to £... ack.

Now i cannot say no.. because.. They are going to buy me a farewell lunch.. so i guess Dick will be sharing too....

Aiyah! Contra it off lah!

Like my girl friend said, i should expense under "Goodwill" and write it off over 3 years! HAHAHAHAHA

But i still damn buay song lor! Give Dick $15!!


blablabla said...

hahahaha POA!!!!! :D
Or maybe write it off as bad debts lah hohohoho!

make sure the lunch he pay 20 hor! then u get 5 back.

Miss Indecisive said...

yeah... $15 abit too much. Can supply more than 1 year of pacifier. (For Dick, not the baby!)

lancerlord said...

$15 is not much...but $15 to por is alot. kekekeke....

MyOrangeSweater said...

Give Indonesian Rupiah or Indian Rupee lor! Better still, Monopoly $!

Hisreason said...

I am really, really sick of that lao shu song already :P....

ei|een said...

give dick IOU for $15. but write the IOU using disappearing ink! bwahahaha ;)

sari said...

maybe u shd say... O Ive already prepared a small lil gift for his wife.. cus Im leaving mah~ hahahha athat wud do da trick!

*BabyKet* said...

Hello, Been reading yr blog! Nice nice!

Fat Fingers said...

Ningx : haha yeah bad debts!! hehehe

Jade / lancerlord : yah.. $15 is too much to por Dick!!

Lynne : haha yah hell money better!!

Hisreason : haha me too! but the kids always want to listen to it. :(

eileen : hahaha yah! IOU! haha

sari : good idea also!! hehe

Biker's Baby : thank you!! :)