Monday, July 18, 2005

I'm Happy!

I'm Happy because :

1. My good friend got married yesterday.
She's so beautiful.. like my dress.. haha Many people asked me where i got my dress from hahaha. OK anyway, yes she's so beautiful, he's so handsome.. a match made in heaven! I'm so happy that she's happy!

2. My girl friends bought me lots of stuff from Bangkok
Because i have to stay in Singapore to tender my resignation, i can't go to BKK with them. And.. i had to save money too. So they set up a "Fat Fingers Fund" and bought lots of stuff for me! There's still some money left in the fund so they may sponsor my hair cut too! hahaha I'm so broke now...

3. I found lots of letters/cards/postcards/photos from my friends while cleaning the room today.
It brought back lots of memories...good memories! I miss them so much!
And there's one from G. He's the coolest 40-something i've ever met. He works in the UK branch of my previous co. He was my vendor and he amused me so much with his dry humour. He sent me a card on my birthday and it says.. "One of my favourite picture for one of my favourite friends". I am going to meet him when i'm in the UK. How exciting!

4. 35 days to go before i'm in the UK!


MyOrangeSweater said...

Have you prepare all your ingredients to set up your fried rice restaurant yet? Remember, charge 10 pounds per plate, OK?

Lexandria said...

Gonna miss you once u're in UK!

I know you'll continue blogging but... knowing that in 35days time u'll be blogging in UK, that feeling is different.

Ok i think i make no sense!

Cake said...

Envy envy envy!!! I just returned from UK about a month ago!

Everything is soooo beautiful!!!So Enid Blyton!!!

Would you be able to blog in UK?

Selba said...

Good to know that you are in happy stage rite now :)

Waaaaahhhh... you are going to UK? Can you bring me along with you, pleaseeeeeeeee? I want to see prince William !!! Just pack me in your suit case should be ok-lar for me, lol

the end said...

Lucky gal ! Hope that everything will turn out fine and well for u in the UK & enjoy !

Be careful of the London bombings though -_-

the end said...

B4 I forgot, i do hope that u will continue to blog in the UK once u r there !

Love ur blogging entries !

Cheers !

Anonymous said...


Have been a silent reader on ur blog for quite some time .. but juz got to wish u 'Congrats n gd luck' *_* I so miss days of UK life .. U will love it there .. the weather, the pple, the culture ... So, which uni r u going?