Monday, July 04, 2005


This is my Green Tea Muffin with Red Bean filling. It may not look good on picture..but let me tell you.. it tastes GOOD! Yummy!

I'm ashamed to say that i didn't make the red bean filling myself because... i don't know how to make it..yet. So... i bought a can of it from NTUC. hehe It costs me $5.20!! Imported from Japan.. that's why.

Yeah ... I have been wanting to make some of these... after looking at The Baker's muffin ...

I love to see what she's baking cos everything that she bakes looks so good!! ... Then i will "copy" her hehe.

Yeah i was thinking.. i might make some for my COWorkers and give it to them on my last day of work! hehe. Dick's muffin will have extra ingredient ---- Laxative. Muahahahahaha
Or maybe a lizard or two. I keep seeing lizards on my ceiling these few days! hmmm


Lexandria said...

Remember to make Dick's muffins EXTRA large. If he questions why his so big then u say "big then got mooooreeeee ingredients ma"

hiak hiak hiak *evil*

stars_of_rain said...

hO ho ho! now I know what can I give the colleagues that I don't like on my last day of work. lizard muffins!

Bittersweet said...

Add a few cockroaches for that extra crunch!! Muahaha!

i want to eat your muffins!! I had some green tea and red bean cake in breadtalk once and it taste heavenly!! Yummy!! By the looks of your.. It looks double yummy!!

-moochi mooochi :*)

Dan said...

one of my colleagues is so afraid of lizard, when she sees one at home and not able to kill coz it ran off to some unreachable crack, she had nightmares and sometimes wake up screaming.

i think she's just nuts.

the baker said...

LOL! You're so funny!... aiya lizard muffins too tame, why not add a cockroach or two? =p i'm sure your boss will love that extra crunch (psst. you can bluff him that it's chocolate)

i love red bean pau! and your muffin looks yummy... where did you get your green tea powder from? been looking all over for it.. other than genki sushi, anywhere sells it?

blablabla said...

Wah! I have only eaten muffins twice in my whole life! Hehehehe it looks really nice. Not gross lah. It'll be nice to make for you COWorkers! :) And for DICK. SPECIAL. :D:D

Filee Falee said...

you are an amazing lady! I can still remember your char siew!

Fat Fingers said...

Lexandria : haha yah that's a good one! i think being Dick, he will be very happy to have a big muffin! muahaha

Stars of rain : i reserve the "best ingredient" for Dick hehe

Bittersweet : haha yes that extra crunch! sounds good! Yes my muffin is not bad one leh *bu yao nian* :D

Dan : I think she is nuts too hahahahahaa

the baker : yah can bRuff him. He loves chocolate. hahaha. I got the green tea powder from Phoon Huat. It's the bakeable type. If you want normal green tea powder, the supermarket at Isetant Scotts and Cold storage should have it.

Ningx : I will try to bake you some when i meet you! ;)

Filee Falee : Haha thanks! :D

jettykey said...

They look yummy. But aren't they supposed to rise up more?

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Evilness!!! LOL!!!

kachuaz said...

wah green tea muffin sounds sooo good.

how about experiment on wasabi muffin?

hee hee

as for Dick's muffin add more laxative ah!


shuddupfirst said...

hihihi the last picture look like balls and flat dick. aheiurhaieurhiueahiuaerhuiaehrueiaeiu!!!

Fat Fingers said...

Anna : Yes they are supposed to.. hehe. I think it's cos of the mould that i used. i used the mould for egg tarts hehe. It's flatter...

Little Miss Drinkalot : i've actually been to the pharmacy to look at laxatives.... :D

kachuaz : hmm wasabi.. i like wasabi too.. they might taste good in a muffin.. hmmmm Maybe i can add some wasabi AND laxative to Dick's muffin.

shuddupfirst : your imagination very good ah! hahahaha

the baker said...

LOL... wasabi muffiN??! now, that's original... while you're at it, maybe you wanna put chilli padis or maybe hot english mustard.. or better yet, INSANITY sauce... you try, you cry.. serious. check out the website man.. just google it. i've tried it once! and regretted it