Sunday, October 30, 2005

if only...

I heard this too many times... "If only i could turn back time"...

Guess what? YOU CAN! Well, only if you're in the North America or Europe...

and only one hour though..

Because it's the end of the daylight saving time!!


Friday, October 28, 2005


CB2 : 这是什么pizza?
CB1 : 让我看看。哦。是 pepper-OR-ni pizza.
Fat Fingers : LOL (in my heart)


Fat Fingers : My CB flatmate said pepper-OR-ni! hahahahaha
Friend : HAHAHAHA! Sounds like the teochew dessert.
Fat Fingers : HAHAHA OR-Ni!!! I like!!!! I want!!


Fat Fingers : Eh i tell you something.. CB2 is crazy.... She used washing detergent to clean her red pepper and egg plant!
Friend : LOL! I'm afraid she might die soon.
Fat Fingers : Oh that's good! It will save me the trouble of killing her!!!!
Friend : and dumping her body! LOL!
Fat Fingers : HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Die Dick Die!

Last night i dreamt of Dick.. i went to his office and scolded him...
I told him that he is the worse boss ever!! And used the F word on him and told him that he's a wimp, a sissy, a cheapskate and a LOSER!!!!!!

Wah i felt so shiok in my dream ah!

Yah, in case you haven't noticed, i still hate DICK! My ex-boss who's a loser!!!! (-_-)L

I think my dream is cos of the conversation i had with an ex colleague. I feel sorry for them cos they are still working for such an asshat!


Ex-Colleague: I had a fight with dick yesterday evening…so loud...He was in his room & I was at my place

Fat Fingers: wah what happened??? U take care leh

Ex-Colleague: then J sms me later asking if I m the 1 fighting with him...haha

Fat Fingers: u got say my name? LOL (i have been asking my ex colleagues to use my name freely whenever they argue with him. eg. That's why Fat Fingers hates you too!! LOL )

Ex-Colleague: yes....haha

Fat Fingers: LOL haha really? U say my name? What did you say?

Ex-Colleague: I told him Fat Fingers hates doing the SKU count report too...haha

Fat Fingers: hahahahahaah

Ex-Colleague: he so scared to hear your name...hahahaa

Ex-Colleague: u know y I say that?

Fat Fingers: haha is it?

Ex-Colleague: cos he tried to lie to me

Fat Fingers: what he say?

Ex-Colleague: what happened was he wanted the sku count by last Fri night. Then he told me on Fri.. He wants me to look in2 possibilities of transfer but earlier on he told me this is not my job ma. So I tot he boh I boh chup him. And he called me at 5.45 yesterday asking...where is the rpt?? Then he asked u know I promised the planner that I will submit it today?? Of course I hot la

Fat Fingers: hahaha his problem lor

Ex-Colleague: I said...NO I duno cos u DIN tell me!!!!!!!

Fat Fingers: LOL

Ex-Colleague: then he said I m the BOSS so whatever I ask u to do, i dun have to tell u who I promise. u just do it. I super hot leh

Fat Fingers: I will be hot also

Ex-Colleague: then we argued for 15mins...on this

Fat Fingers: wah! LOL

Ex-Colleague: then he wanted me to tell him he is not the BAD guy. I told him...look u always like this...instruction /direction not clear. Then he gave me his stupid story...don’t know what objective meeting that time...he was very clear what....I didn’t bother to listen...after he finished...I told him “U finished? now I give u my example!”...hahaha

Fat Fingers: lol!!! YOU win ah!

Ex-Colleague: He asked us to go into his room and told us to do the stupid SKU count report. He didn’t tell us the standard format, and some of us did it already but he wants us to change the format! When we asked him why can’t he tell us the format, he said “it is not for me to tell for u guys to ask me”

Fat Fingers: WAH LAU. Next time you say Fat Fingers has the format. Let me get it from her then! And.. he is the “boss” what! He should give you all a direction!!!

Ex-Colleague: I blow my top lor...I angry...then I said, not that we can't give u the sku count just that we will do in different format...which is not what u want. So why is it so difficult for you to tell us? Then I asked him... if u want to eat rice...say so. If not I will give u beehoon...& E will give u Noodle. It will still fill your stomach but may not be what u want!!!

Fat Fingers: LOL!!! YOU WIN LIAO!

Ex-Colleague: then he quickly said...oh M also didn’t ask me but can give me what I want. Then he said softly “but I don’t know if she has done it b4”

Ex-Colleague: I told him...then u shouldn't use M as an example!!!!! He continued...and I got angrier… I told him. I M VERY SURE M did it cos Fat Fingers did it with her too!!! Then he asked ...Fat Fingers??...when?? I said TWO DAYS AGO!!!

Fat Fingers: LOL tell him to go back to his boat lah

Ex-Colleague: I spoke w Fat Fingers ...she told me she HATED the sku count!!!!! He shocked leh

Fat Fingers: LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA tell him... FAT FINGERS still hates you too!!

Ex-Colleague: he is so irritating lor

Fat Fingers: yah lor

Ex-Colleague: day when I super angry. I will I understand why Fat Fingers hates u so much!!!!! Hahhaahah...oh I will add...& your ex good friend, X too!!!!

Fat Fingers: hahaha yah he will be dui one

Ex-Colleague: ya...He is still very scared that people will think that he is the bad guy

Fat Fingers: yah he is lor..

Ex-Colleague: pls lor....scared then dun such idiotic tings lor

Ex-Colleague: He told me he will chair meeting today to tell everybody he is the BOSS whatever he wants we have to give him

Fat Fingers: LOL

Ex-Colleague: then now coming to 6pm liao...still dun dare. Gutless fellow

Fat Fingers: u call him. R u still going to have the meeting? Cos I am going home now!!

Ex-Colleague: we r all ready to shoot him...A also v angry with him. Oh yeah, must tell u this. I asked him...I tot u told A that when you keep going to her, it means u want the rpt urgently, then y u din keep coming to me??

Fat Fingers: LOL

Ex-Colleague: we don’t know how to guess when u want lor. I ask him y so difficult to just tell me u need to submit the rpt

Ex-Colleague: do u know when I gave him the rpt this morning, he closed his door...staring at my rpt, trying to find faults. True enough, he asked me to go to his office and told me how he thinks I should do the rpt. I let him talk...when he finished...I asked him, If u think I should keep do this for this item... then why u dun think so for the rest??

Fat Fingers: hahaha

Ex-Colleague: he got nothing to say lor.

Fat Fingers: I hope they sack him.

Ex-Colleague: they won't cos he covers up for himself v well and he is also v good at polishing

Fat Fingers: yah, he covers his backside so well, you cannot even see his anus! LOL

Monday, October 24, 2005


I have lost all higher brain function...


Sunday, October 23, 2005

Wah! I am rich!

My blog is worth $43,469.58.
How much is your blog worth?

If only i have this much money in my account now! I can move out of the flat! I can pay someone to do my ASSignment! hahahaha! I can get that pair of boots that cost £70! I have been eyeing on it for a long long time!!

BUT.... i have not much money so i can't :( ... but i can wait for the SALE hee hee. Patience!

Come to think of it.. i haven't been spending much here.. just on food and the essentials.

So far, i only bought a top from Primark and it costs £6! Oh and 3 jackets from Sports Soccer for £2.10! That's cos they gave me a £50 voucher! It's their way of saying, "Sorry, we accidentally left a tack in the shoe that poked your right foot while you were trying it. Please accept our humble apologies."

Hmm.. Quite proud of myself actually because i have been a very good girl and have not been spending lots of money. I wasn't like this when i was earning a decent income...But i'm definitely much happier now.. though my bank a/c is not....

And i've opened a savings a/c recently! Wah, the interest rate here is so attractive! By next Feb, i would have earned £200 in interest! That will pay for half my air ticket to go home!

Saturday, October 22, 2005


The day is getting shorter... it's getting darker earlier.....and... it's getting colder.... brrrr

And I am going to hate Wednesdays because my class will start at 4pm. It will be like going to night school..

I've been busy with school work! I've never been so serious with school work before! I've been revising! I never revise my work when i was in NUS.. well only during the exams! I'm now struggling with JAVA. BUT, i'm not gonna let it kill me! NEVERRRR!!

And i made a damn silly mistake! I think my engrish is not that powderful anymore! Well, it's not that powderful to begin with but.. how could I misread my essay question?! How could I! I can't believe it!! WHY did i misread it? EEEEEEK I must never do it again!!! argh! So annoyed with myself! Heng ah, luckilyy i haven't started on it yet. I only realised it after i was talking to my friends about it!

Speaking of friends, i don't have much local friends here. Well actually, my only local friends will be Mr Fat Fingers and his family. My local classmates are not interested in talking to me or the other international students, i think.. Yeah, there are 2 distinct groups in my class. The Brits and The International Students.

I'm glad there are so many international students in my class... and they are all so fun to hang out with. I now have friends from Greece, Argentina, Portugal, Slovenia, India, Poland, Ireland.

Yeah and they think i'm funny cos i drink Honey!
Why?? (Oh, i always bring a flask of hot honey to class everyday! :D )

The Greek boy was like " We don't DRINK honey. We EAT honey! You know?! With bread! No Drinking honey!" So we went round asking if anyone drinks honey at all... and only i and the indian boy drink honey!

Why? Europeans don't drink honey one meh? But Mr Fat Fingers drink honey leh! Actually i've never had honey with bread before... i shall try it..but.. so difficult to buy bread in the UK leh! One loaf is too big for me! And..they expire like within 3 to 4 days! How? And i don't like the idea of freezing my bread.. hmmm... maybe i shall try it next week....

Oh and then that very of my classmates txted me on the the phone "You know what, you don't need to drink honey at all... cos you are oh so sweeeet! haha! Goodnight honey!"

I shuddered ... and pressed the delete button....


Thursday, October 20, 2005


So this morning, i asked CB2 if she can leave the fridge temp at no.2 instead of 1 (0 is as good as turning the fridge off!)

She said no... because her fruits will be frozen and sometimes turn bad... like her bananas.

Wait a minute, no one puts bananas in the fridge!!!!


I think my flatmate is mentally challenged...

So this evening i asked my other Chinese flatmate if that's what they do back at home too...
She told me, "Of course not! It's common sense!"
I told her.. "I thought so too!"

Anyway, we settled for 1.5.

Oh yeah.. last night i was the last one to sleep.. i turned the heater down to 17... and left the window open. It feels so good! It feels so good to snuggle up in bed.. under the duvet! AAAHHH! I slept so well.. and yes, i am much happier today. Thanks everyone! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

bad day...

i had a bad day today...

i woke up at 3am because the heater was turned up to 25 degrees again..

I have a very high tolerence for heat.. i don't sweat a lot.. when i'm in Singapore, my friends would complain that it's hot but not me.. i'd still be fine with my cardigan... they sweat but not me...

But here.. i get so warm.. the room is so warm...
why can't CB2 buy a duvet? Why must she turn up the heater to 25 and enjoy the warmth in her room while i'm sweating in mine?

I don't even sleep under my duvet anymore.

I sleep with just my shorts and tee...
I had to leave the window open yesterday.. it's not very safe to leave the window open but i had no choice.. it's too warm for me.

Last night when i woke up.. i got so angry cos this is like happening every other day....

So.. i broke down and cry... i was just so tired and angry..

I complained to my friends about 3am in the morning! They were surprised because i never feel warm or hot.. and if it is hot for me.. it's really hot for everyone...

And tonight, i called Mr Fat Fingers and told him about my day.. and how bad it was.. and then i cried again. I am such a wimp. but i can't help it.. i felt so angry... And he felt angry too.. he's coming in Nov... i can't wait.. cos he can see the shit that i have to go through.. so i know it is not really my problem. I am not difficult to live with, really. I just want to stay in a COOL and CLEAN environment...

Yeah anyway, tomorrow, i'm going to ask them to NOT turn up the heater to 25 degrees and keep it to below 20.
It is unfair for me to suffer in my room while you are sleeping under a thin sheet and not a duvet. And turn up your radiator for goodness sake!!

Let's hope i will sleep well tonight.. because i really need it.......

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I think my blog is going to be full of complaints about my flatmates..

The toilet is dirty again!!

)*^%@$)(&^%#@ flatmates!!


It's just like the previous toilet pic i've uploaded except that there are blood stains this time! How can things end up there? HOW?!?! Oh... I think they squat on the toilet bowl.. hmmmm....

Yeah, So i got damn fed up and wrote a note and stuck it on the wall.. so they can read it while they shit!!

Here's the msg...

To whoever who has been dirtying the toilet,
please check the toilet bowl after u've done your business as it is VERY Dirty!!
Please clean your own shit with the toilet brush!
The toilet is for everyone to use!!!
Thank you for your cooperation.
Let's live in a clean environment!
It is good for you!!!


To Miss Indecisive or anyone else , can help me translate to chinese? I want to write it in Chinese but my chinese a bit terok hahahahaha

Update : I lifted up the toilet seat to inspect the condition of the toilet.. guess what i saw? blood stains UNDER the toilet seat! How is that possible?!?!! Can someone please explain it to me?!?!

Sunday, October 16, 2005


I think i have said this but i shall repeat it again...

I hate my fucking flatmates!!!!!

So we are all supposed to do the duty weekly. ie. to clean the kitchen floor and toilet. But till now, these 2 problematic chinese flatmates of mine did not do it... or maybe they plan to do it later at night today.. i don't know...I shall watch them like a hawk and see if they do! hahahaha

Let's call them CB1 and CB2! Can't think of any names for them now!

Anyway... the next duty person was supposed to buy the detergent to clean the floor. It's CB1's duty today.. but she swapped it with CB2. So i asked them if they have bought the floor detergent and how much i should pay them back.

Guess what they told me?

"There is no need to use the floor detergent.. water will be fine.."

The kitchen is so dirty... and oily! Using water will not get rid of the stains and oil!
They said they do this at home too.... i told them but now there are many people using the kitchen, it is bound to be dirty and oily so we MUST get it... but she still thinks it is ok to just use water first and see how it goes.

Wah lau! Their house must be very dirty....

My other nice Chinese flatmate told me the reason why is because they are stingy and they want to save money. They will not want to pay for these things.. but i am sorry, they have to pay for it. The kitchen is shared and used by we should all keep it clean.
I think i am damn suay to have them as my flatmate....

Oh and CB2 aka TB activated the fire alarm last month... There will be a £100 fine! I better check if they will deduct it from my deposit. I am not prepared to pay for CB2's mistake! So she better pay me back £20 if they really have to deduct from my deposit!! GRRRRRR

Update : I just realised.. i really am sibeh suay lor. First, i have a dick head as a boss.. then now i have two dickettes living in the same flat as me!
Oh and i am not racist lor.. so don't sue me or what.... nowadays want to write out true feelings also must think twice.. sibeh sian.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Why i miss home # 12

I called home this afternoon and talked to my two year old niece. Without anyone prompting her, she told me, "Ah Yi, be careful!"

Awww.... isn't she the sweetest???

I miss everyone so much... i can't wait to be home this Dec... It'd be nice to see everyone again...

It's piling up.. uh-huh uh-huh

Oh man..... the work is piling up.

I spent 5 hrs in the computer lab yesterday with my classmates doing the ASSignment. We spent 5 hours just trying to get the right census data!! & It's not finished yet.. and it's due next Wed! I have to write mini reports, generate graphs and tables.

ANALyse ANALyse ANALyse ....

I shall do that this weekend.. ... and i shall have to prepare for the JAVA prac too. It's getting more confusing and difficult.. argh..

And then of course there is also an ASSignment due soon.. grrrrr

Oh i am so used to spelling assignment as ASSignment.. it's a habit.. ive been doing that since my uni days at NUS... hehehe

Yeah so this weekend is gonna be very busy for me.... and so i will miss the chance on going to Manchester... the society is going to visit the Old Trafford Stadium.. I promised The Boyfriend to spit on it for him cos he's a Liverpool fan hahahahaa. Ah well, there is always next time i suppose...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I hate my fucking flatmate!!!


Fat Fingers is not so happy now... because Fat Fingers' soup is not so good today... because Fat Fingers' fucking flatmate had to move her pot of soup to the other burner while Fat Fingers was using it?

What the hell is her problem?

I was cooking my soup with low heat on the burner on the right and there are other burners that are available.. there's one just next to it and my pot is not so big.. so it wasn't taking up any space!! But no, she HAD to use it!!!!!! and she HAD to turn up the heat for me?!?!?!

If she had wanted to use it.. she should have just come and knock on my door and asked me if i could shift my pot to the other burner! I would be more than happy to do it for her..but no.. she HAD to shift my pot to another burner and then turn up the fire! Stupid fucking flatmate!!!

If i were her, i would come knock on me door and ask for permission... no wait.. IF i were her, i would have just used the burner next to the one that Fat Fingers was using!

Fucking flatmate!

The soup is ok.. but it could have been better if not for the fucking flatmate!!!!!!!

When i'm using the sink, washing my stuff, you'd just come and take over and start to wash your rice! I was nice enough to stop and let you cook first cos you might be hungry! And then you gave me that fucked up look as if i stepped on your tail! I was hungry too ok! grrrrr

My fucking flatmate is inconsiderate, rude and a fucking moron! I hate her!! If she starts moving my things again, there's going to be war!


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Muahaha! I did it!


I managed to write a Java prog, on my own! MUAHAHAHAHA.
Well, i got some help from my fellow Singaporean friend who's studying here too... but most of it i did it myself.. esp the hard part!!

I was really stressing a few min ago.. because i have to finish the practical by tomorrow (actually i can do it tomorrow, but i am a singaporean = kiasu i did it first and i know i need more than 2 hrs!!) and after the practical class, i'll have to go catch my train cos i'm going to visit my babyyyy!

Today's his birthday! Mr. Fat Fingers is 32 yrs old! YAY!

Oh yeah, i think the Salt and Vinegar Crisps helped me with the Java.. cos i got so frustrated from writing the codes..and i thought i'd have a packet.. and soon after i managed to get it right! haahahahaha :D :D :D
Yeah i so love Walker's Salt and Vinegar Crisps. I must remember to bring a packet along tomorrow so i can eat in the train hee hee. I think if i were to eat the crisps everytime i have problems with Java.. i am going to be really fat! HAHAHAHHAA

Oh... tomorrow's weather forecast is... "MISTY". I've never experienced such weather before.... so i'm looking forward to it... i hope it's not too nasty.. hehe

Monday, October 03, 2005

Huh? What the?!?

I had Dim Sum with 2 of my friends the other day (and 8 other people that i don't really know well)

The dim sum was good...but not the company.. well except for my 2 friends.


One of the girls told us she's a vegetarian so she can't have dim sum and will order a plate of noodles with... chicken. Hello?!?! Vegetarian? Chicken? Not a good combination! Later on she said.. "Oh yes, i am a Vegetarian.. but i eat chicken...not any other meat.. just chicken"

Er.. i think that makes you someone who just loves only vegetables and chicken! Not VEGETARIAN!

And then another girl...a BIG girl decided not to have dim sum after hearing our description cos she thinks it is not enough to fill her stomach. So she ordered a big plate of spicy chickenand a big bowl of rice..all for herself.....and then she ordered a DIET coke!

Eh?!?!!What's the point of ordering a DIET coke when you are having all those food? I am sure it won't help you in any other way!

Oh yes... another funny thing happened.. 2 of the ang mohs didn't like the chinese tea for some reason.. they think it is tasteless so they added sugar in it! ahahahaha And you know lah, the chinese tea cups are so small.. so every time someone pours some tea for them they have to add sugar again! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!

Then later, the ang moh said.. "I like crispy noodles. In the States, we would just eat them as snacks" (No wonder they are so big size...) And she insisted on having crispy noodles... just crispy noodles without anything... no seafood.. not meat.. no nothing!

I thought it was funny.. and i thought i heard the chef shouted "Qi xin!" from the kitchen.. hahaha

Yeah.. so in the end.. the crispy mee kosong was served...and the ang mohs ate it happily... much happier than eating the dim sum!! HAHAHAHA

Yeah and i told the ang moh to go to chinatown to get a packet of MAMEE.. cos that's crispy mee kosong too! and definitely much cheaper!!