Sunday, October 16, 2005


I think i have said this but i shall repeat it again...

I hate my fucking flatmates!!!!!

So we are all supposed to do the duty weekly. ie. to clean the kitchen floor and toilet. But till now, these 2 problematic chinese flatmates of mine did not do it... or maybe they plan to do it later at night today.. i don't know...I shall watch them like a hawk and see if they do! hahahaha

Let's call them CB1 and CB2! Can't think of any names for them now!

Anyway... the next duty person was supposed to buy the detergent to clean the floor. It's CB1's duty today.. but she swapped it with CB2. So i asked them if they have bought the floor detergent and how much i should pay them back.

Guess what they told me?

"There is no need to use the floor detergent.. water will be fine.."

The kitchen is so dirty... and oily! Using water will not get rid of the stains and oil!
They said they do this at home too.... i told them but now there are many people using the kitchen, it is bound to be dirty and oily so we MUST get it... but she still thinks it is ok to just use water first and see how it goes.

Wah lau! Their house must be very dirty....

My other nice Chinese flatmate told me the reason why is because they are stingy and they want to save money. They will not want to pay for these things.. but i am sorry, they have to pay for it. The kitchen is shared and used by we should all keep it clean.
I think i am damn suay to have them as my flatmate....

Oh and CB2 aka TB activated the fire alarm last month... There will be a £100 fine! I better check if they will deduct it from my deposit. I am not prepared to pay for CB2's mistake! So she better pay me back £20 if they really have to deduct from my deposit!! GRRRRRR

Update : I just realised.. i really am sibeh suay lor. First, i have a dick head as a boss.. then now i have two dickettes living in the same flat as me!
Oh and i am not racist lor.. so don't sue me or what.... nowadays want to write out true feelings also must think twice.. sibeh sian.


defy angel said...

How come u are so suay one?
To have these kinda of room mates?

Ignorant one said...

wah lao! I at most burn through my wok only! but those are cheap metals and i didnt activated the fire alarm! HOW COULD THEY!

FF, you sibei suay ah..

Bittersweet said...

What i heard from my friends are that most china people are damn unhygienic la! i last time had a classmate who wears the same sweaty top twice before washing it.. Imagine to odour!! *Pukes*

Even her washed shirt smells..

Most are also damn irresponsible cause the same classmates never does her part in project..

Ok.. So far the china people i met with have been damn rude and unhygienic.. Except for two who were breed in Singapore

Fat Fingers said...

defy angel : i want to know the answer too!!!

ignorant one : yah damn suay. dunno how they cook one lor.

bittersweet : i used to wonder why people always say bad things about china people... now i know liao.... cos i have first hand experience! damn suay ah...

Ignorant one said...

lol.. actually cannot generalise ba.. i have friends from china who came to singapore to study for 2 years nia(gone to further studies already) and i visited their place, quite clean..i think cleaner than mine =( they are also nice ppl except for a few who is in sch, go out muz take suntan lotion/umbrella coz here the sun too hot for them.

Xiao jie like that =.=

I think for your case perhaps it the age problem. Actually many from China are really improving. Perhaps those you've met are still affected by the old generations de...

barneysaurus said...

Walau :D!! You really super suay leh! Haha... I feel like crying and lauighing for you at the same time lor :).....

Fat Fingers said...

ignorant one : never really generalise lah.... and cb2 is quite young one lor!

barneysaurus : thanks lor.. pls cry for me, barneysaurus...(eh like that song hor.. pls cry for me argentina!)

miryclay said...

my roomie is not as jialat but she constantly sheds hair (and its all blown over to my side of my room) and since I hardly talk to her, i just don't know how to tell her to clean up her own mess.

and meanwhile i clean up her hair every other day cos its soooo gross!

MyOrangeSweater said...

Ya, you are damn suay ... even tho' there are some Chinese folks who are clean and hygenic, majority of them are not. 8 out of 10 I know are not, at least. Tell CB1 and CB2 to pay up, do their chores or else ... want me to send you some "Ah Kow's jia liao bao si ay" (Ah Kow's "Eat already sure die one") rat poison?

Ignorant one said...

shed hair?! medical problem or what? so weird..

FF, i wish this could help you in some way..

speak to igod, a bot in god form!


Dan said...

someone must have placed voodoo on u.. got xiao ren around u anot.. really suay man

limegreenspyda said...

does CB mean cheebye or chinese bitch? haha!

are there any options for changing roomies or looking for accomodation on your own, outside of school?

Fat Fingers said...

miryclay : maybe u can write notes like me! hehehe

lynne : u always use rat poison one. got other methods or not? hehe

ignornat one : haha igod. didn't work for me!

dan : the only xiaoren i've met is dick and these 2 dickettes lor.. maybe is dick i think.

spyda : haha i never thought of calling them chinese bitch hahaha i meant Cheebye! hahaha
there are some ppl swapping their flats.. but .. i think.. it would be too troublesome.. i have lots to move.. and it could be worse... hahaha

Zen|th said...

Use water for the floor? They are damn lazy lor..

Fat Fingers said...

yah lor Zen|th, and damn niao piao!