Monday, October 03, 2005

Huh? What the?!?

I had Dim Sum with 2 of my friends the other day (and 8 other people that i don't really know well)

The dim sum was good...but not the company.. well except for my 2 friends.


One of the girls told us she's a vegetarian so she can't have dim sum and will order a plate of noodles with... chicken. Hello?!?! Vegetarian? Chicken? Not a good combination! Later on she said.. "Oh yes, i am a Vegetarian.. but i eat chicken...not any other meat.. just chicken"

Er.. i think that makes you someone who just loves only vegetables and chicken! Not VEGETARIAN!

And then another girl...a BIG girl decided not to have dim sum after hearing our description cos she thinks it is not enough to fill her stomach. So she ordered a big plate of spicy chickenand a big bowl of rice..all for herself.....and then she ordered a DIET coke!

Eh?!?!!What's the point of ordering a DIET coke when you are having all those food? I am sure it won't help you in any other way!

Oh yes... another funny thing happened.. 2 of the ang mohs didn't like the chinese tea for some reason.. they think it is tasteless so they added sugar in it! ahahahaha And you know lah, the chinese tea cups are so small.. so every time someone pours some tea for them they have to add sugar again! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!

Then later, the ang moh said.. "I like crispy noodles. In the States, we would just eat them as snacks" (No wonder they are so big size...) And she insisted on having crispy noodles... just crispy noodles without anything... no seafood.. not meat.. no nothing!

I thought it was funny.. and i thought i heard the chef shouted "Qi xin!" from the kitchen.. hahaha

Yeah.. so in the end.. the crispy mee kosong was served...and the ang mohs ate it happily... much happier than eating the dim sum!! HAHAHAHA

Yeah and i told the ang moh to go to chinatown to get a packet of MAMEE.. cos that's crispy mee kosong too! and definitely much cheaper!!


Ignorant one said...

so weird! your accompany seems like
1. they don know how to differ between vegetarian or not.
2. they are rich and fussy with food.
3. they love sugar

and 4,


This reminds me to put some 30cents 'crispy noodles' in my shop if i ever open a restaraunt in these areas!

I'll be RICH! hahaha.. making them pay for it willingly.

Im so evil!

MyOrangeSweater said...

I've had very strange experience with people-eating-dim-sum-for-the-first-time, and I've learnt since then, that do not go to dim sum with people who dunno about it, or dun like it. For, every single dish that arrives, the ignorant ones will ask, "What's in it?", I'd reply every single time, "pork and vegetable"

mihuatang said...

eat dim sum with such companies...very jialat!

Ignorant one said...

Lynne, true. I love dim sum and its a joy to share it with people who knows how to 'appreciates' it.

personally, I don like people who know nuts about it to have it with me as company because they either grumble about the size, price or the fillings. like WHAT THE!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny.. and i thought i heard the chef shouted "Qi xin!" from the kitchen.. hahaha


zhao hai lor! hou qi xin!!!
-wei ning

Filee Falee said...

lol! the qixin part was darn hilarious!
I used to remember how much I love mamee when I was in primary school. It's addictive and cheap!

zhi yang said...

diet coke is for self-delusional people

Zen|th said...

I love Mamee. It's the best snack ever. =)

Ignorant one said...

then i must be happy i chose 'light' coke.

self-delusioned nevertheless.

miryclay said...

wah mamee!

my favourite cheap snacks!

my main food supply in hall!

i had 20 packs over the last 3 days... :)

barneysaurus said...

MUAhuHAHUHUA :D!!! The 'qi xin' made me laugh out loud silently! Eh, the previous sentence sounds weird, haha....

You have a very colorful social there in UK :D!

Fat Fingers said...

Ignorant one / Wei ning/ : haha yah they are really qi xin! no more dim sum with such ppl anymore!

Lynne / mihuatang / Ignorant one: yah it's annoying having to explain every single thing!!!! And also with people who likes to grumble esp about my fav food hahaha

Zhiyang : haha i also say! :D

Zen|th : i think i prefer kaka to mamee hehe do u know kaka? i think that's what it's called

miryclay : wah that's a lot!! don't eat too much.. not good for health! .. and waistline :D

barneysaurus : haha that's cos there are so many different ppl here.. hehehe yah.. i would love to hear you laugh out loud silently :D