Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I think my blog is going to be full of complaints about my flatmates..

The toilet is dirty again!!

)*^%@$)(&^%#@ flatmates!!


It's just like the previous toilet pic i've uploaded except that there are blood stains this time! How can things end up there? HOW?!?! Oh... I think they squat on the toilet bowl.. hmmmm....

Yeah, So i got damn fed up and wrote a note and stuck it on the wall.. so they can read it while they shit!!

Here's the msg...

To whoever who has been dirtying the toilet,
please check the toilet bowl after u've done your business as it is VERY Dirty!!
Please clean your own shit with the toilet brush!
The toilet is for everyone to use!!!
Thank you for your cooperation.
Let's live in a clean environment!
It is good for you!!!


To Miss Indecisive or anyone else , can help me translate to chinese? I want to write it in Chinese but my chinese a bit terok hahahahaha

Update : I lifted up the toilet seat to inspect the condition of the toilet.. guess what i saw? blood stains UNDER the toilet seat! How is that possible?!?!! Can someone please explain it to me?!?!


Miss Indecisive said...

Wahahahaa...! You see me very up! Tomorrow, I shall get inspired when I "Squat" in the toilet and write the message for you!

8 p

Bittersweet said...

I think you can change your blog title to: I have Fat Fingers and I hate my Flatmates!!

lancerlord said...

Add this to your message:
"If you do not comply, the toilet brush will be stuck up your..."


naranja said...

I want to vomit liao.

my alter ego said...

wah lau, if i ever have flatmates like yours, i will be screaming my head upside down.

maybe you can talk very loudly on the phone n complain in chinese? so that they will kind of 'hear' u , and fell very paiseh?

or maybe i can go visit u and pretend to say how come the toilet so dirty one.

Fat Fingers said...

miss indecisive : your chinese very good leh. i so impressed lor!

bittersweet : i was thinking of that but i think i love my pies more haha

lancerlord : that's a good idea leh.. hmmmm i think the toilet brush too small for their arse!

naranja : imagine u have to use the toilet lor!! :(

my alter ego : yah please come visit me :D. Actually, i dare not invite people to my flat... cos too dirty. damn pai seh.

limegreenspyda said...

eew! stains under the toilet seat come from splashes! eew!!!!

can't you tell them straight? in their faces? about cleaning up? bake cookies and hold a flatmates' meeting or something.

Ignorant one said...

Hmm, possible that they've lifted it up to do their business..

maybe don wan or too lazy to clean.. ewwwww.


最近咱们的公共厕所十分的肮脏; 对此请各位紧记将"自便"清理干净以防害虫即细菌稚生.

多谢大家的合作, 让我们拥有一个更加美好的生活环境!

Can? My chinese not very pro!

Miss Indecisive said...

Here's my inspired version:


请在大解或小解过后, 务必检查马桶是否还有脏物。




But I think ignorant one is better! hehe.. "咱们" sound so much more localised!

Fat Fingers said...

wah 你们很厉害leh!!

i dunno why.. some ppl told me it is common to have this problem..
why? how come there are so many dirty people around?
or is it just a singapore thing?!?!?!?!!?!?!

MyOrangeSweater said...

Must add this disclaimer at the bottom, in very small words: 要不然,我会给你们吃 Ah Kow's Rat Poison! Hehehehe

Ignorant one said...

rat poison! tell them their 'leftovers' would be served as SUPPER...


Jayaxe said...

You vomit blood into the toilet bowl, you forgot meh??!!! Hahahah

Zen|th said...

Blood stains under the toilet? Dang.