Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Die Dick Die!

Last night i dreamt of Dick.. i went to his office and scolded him...
I told him that he is the worse boss ever!! And used the F word on him and told him that he's a wimp, a sissy, a cheapskate and a LOSER!!!!!!

Wah i felt so shiok in my dream ah!

Yah, in case you haven't noticed, i still hate DICK! My ex-boss who's a loser!!!! (-_-)L

I think my dream is cos of the conversation i had with an ex colleague. I feel sorry for them cos they are still working for such an asshat!


Ex-Colleague: I had a fight with dick yesterday evening…so loud...He was in his room & I was at my place

Fat Fingers: wah what happened??? U take care leh

Ex-Colleague: then J sms me later asking if I m the 1 fighting with him...haha

Fat Fingers: u got say my name? LOL (i have been asking my ex colleagues to use my name freely whenever they argue with him. eg. That's why Fat Fingers hates you too!! LOL )

Ex-Colleague: yes....haha

Fat Fingers: LOL haha really? U say my name? What did you say?

Ex-Colleague: I told him Fat Fingers hates doing the SKU count report too...haha

Fat Fingers: hahahahahaah

Ex-Colleague: he so scared to hear your name...hahahaa

Ex-Colleague: u know y I say that?

Fat Fingers: haha is it?

Ex-Colleague: cos he tried to lie to me

Fat Fingers: what he say?

Ex-Colleague: what happened was he wanted the sku count by last Fri night. Then he told me on Fri.. He wants me to look in2 possibilities of transfer but earlier on he told me this is not my job ma. So I tot he boh I boh chup him. And he called me at 5.45 yesterday asking...where is the rpt?? Then he asked u know I promised the planner that I will submit it today?? Of course I hot la

Fat Fingers: hahaha his problem lor

Ex-Colleague: I said...NO I duno cos u DIN tell me!!!!!!!

Fat Fingers: LOL

Ex-Colleague: then he said I m the BOSS so whatever I ask u to do, i dun have to tell u who I promise. u just do it. I super hot leh

Fat Fingers: I will be hot also

Ex-Colleague: then we argued for 15mins...on this

Fat Fingers: wah! LOL

Ex-Colleague: then he wanted me to tell him he is not the BAD guy. I told him...look u always like this...instruction /direction not clear. Then he gave me his stupid story...don’t know what objective meeting that time...he was very clear what....I didn’t bother to listen...after he finished...I told him “U finished? now I give u my example!”...hahaha

Fat Fingers: lol!!! YOU win ah!

Ex-Colleague: He asked us to go into his room and told us to do the stupid SKU count report. He didn’t tell us the standard format, and some of us did it already but he wants us to change the format! When we asked him why can’t he tell us the format, he said “it is not for me to tell for u guys to ask me”

Fat Fingers: WAH LAU. Next time you say Fat Fingers has the format. Let me get it from her then! And.. he is the “boss” what! He should give you all a direction!!!

Ex-Colleague: I blow my top lor...I angry...then I said, not that we can't give u the sku count just that we will do in different format...which is not what u want. So why is it so difficult for you to tell us? Then I asked him... if u want to eat rice...say so. If not I will give u beehoon...& E will give u Noodle. It will still fill your stomach but may not be what u want!!!

Fat Fingers: LOL!!! YOU WIN LIAO!

Ex-Colleague: then he quickly said...oh M also didn’t ask me but can give me what I want. Then he said softly “but I don’t know if she has done it b4”

Ex-Colleague: I told him...then u shouldn't use M as an example!!!!! He continued...and I got angrier… I told him. I M VERY SURE M did it cos Fat Fingers did it with her too!!! Then he asked ...Fat Fingers??...when?? I said TWO DAYS AGO!!!

Fat Fingers: LOL tell him to go back to his boat lah

Ex-Colleague: I spoke w Fat Fingers ...she told me she HATED the sku count!!!!! He shocked leh

Fat Fingers: LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA tell him... FAT FINGERS still hates you too!!

Ex-Colleague: he is so irritating lor

Fat Fingers: yah lor

Ex-Colleague: day when I super angry. I will I understand why Fat Fingers hates u so much!!!!! Hahhaahah...oh I will add...& your ex good friend, X too!!!!

Fat Fingers: hahaha yah he will be dui one

Ex-Colleague: ya...He is still very scared that people will think that he is the bad guy

Fat Fingers: yah he is lor..

Ex-Colleague: pls lor....scared then dun such idiotic tings lor

Ex-Colleague: He told me he will chair meeting today to tell everybody he is the BOSS whatever he wants we have to give him

Fat Fingers: LOL

Ex-Colleague: then now coming to 6pm liao...still dun dare. Gutless fellow

Fat Fingers: u call him. R u still going to have the meeting? Cos I am going home now!!

Ex-Colleague: we r all ready to shoot him...A also v angry with him. Oh yeah, must tell u this. I asked him...I tot u told A that when you keep going to her, it means u want the rpt urgently, then y u din keep coming to me??

Fat Fingers: LOL

Ex-Colleague: we don’t know how to guess when u want lor. I ask him y so difficult to just tell me u need to submit the rpt

Ex-Colleague: do u know when I gave him the rpt this morning, he closed his door...staring at my rpt, trying to find faults. True enough, he asked me to go to his office and told me how he thinks I should do the rpt. I let him talk...when he finished...I asked him, If u think I should keep do this for this item... then why u dun think so for the rest??

Fat Fingers: hahaha

Ex-Colleague: he got nothing to say lor.

Fat Fingers: I hope they sack him.

Ex-Colleague: they won't cos he covers up for himself v well and he is also v good at polishing

Fat Fingers: yah, he covers his backside so well, you cannot even see his anus! LOL


defy angel said...

The anus part is very funny!!! LOL

Ignorant one said...


I hope he dont have the authority to sack anyone...

If I'm working for someone like him I'd piss him off every single day! Just to make my day a little happier =D

my alter ego said...


maybe he also having nightmares everynite...thinking that he shouldnt be so bad

MyOrangeSweater said...

Wah piang, this kind of boss/ex-boss. Tell your ex-colleague about the rat poison. Hmm, looks like FF has many people to poison leh, hehehe

Ignorant one said...

FF can poison anyone la.. just as long as we're not one of them HAH!

MyOrangeSweater said...

Ignorant one: Yes, yes, we better get into FF's good books then. Hehe

Fat Fingers said...

haha you all don't worry, i will not use rat poison on you!

so far, people in my black book are... Dick, CB1 and CB2...

barneysaurus said...

Argh!!!! He so irritating!! You're far away in UK and he still can disturb you.. in your dreams! haha... but you got to scold him, so shiok right :D? I also want to dream of the people I dun like so I cant give them a piece of my mind :)