Thursday, October 20, 2005


So this morning, i asked CB2 if she can leave the fridge temp at no.2 instead of 1 (0 is as good as turning the fridge off!)

She said no... because her fruits will be frozen and sometimes turn bad... like her bananas.

Wait a minute, no one puts bananas in the fridge!!!!


I think my flatmate is mentally challenged...

So this evening i asked my other Chinese flatmate if that's what they do back at home too...
She told me, "Of course not! It's common sense!"
I told her.. "I thought so too!"

Anyway, we settled for 1.5.

Oh yeah.. last night i was the last one to sleep.. i turned the heater down to 17... and left the window open. It feels so good! It feels so good to snuggle up in bed.. under the duvet! AAAHHH! I slept so well.. and yes, i am much happier today. Thanks everyone! :)


naranja said...

Bananas!!! Makes me so angry. Ok the fruit tastes great and I love banana bread. My housemate, I think she had no common sense, as she left her OVER-RIPE bananas in the kitchen attracting loads of flies!!!Buay tahan liao, I put them into a bag and told her that the flies are driving me nuts. She said,' oh, bananas attract flies?' Wah lao! Where did she keep her brain? In the fridge?

limegreenspyda said...

must be the accumulation of stress, new environment, homesickness, horrible flatmates, etc. don't worry fat fingers, this, too, shall pass. :)

uh, sometimes, before dinner-time, i'd peel a banana and dip it in chocolate sauce and place it in the freezer. makes a really good dessert! :D

glad you had a good rest last night. it helps.

Ignorant one said...

banana in the fridge? I only know of pineapples in the fridge so far..

And they are meant for pizzas. =P

Fat Fingers said...

naranja : most probably she left it in the freezer then she cooked it and ate her own brain. hahaha

spyda : thanks! oh u peeled it first and dipped in chocolate.. i think that's ok.. but CB2 put the whole bunch of bananas into the fridge! It turned black! HAhAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

ignorant one : yes.. i dunno why she wants to do that. i was quite amused too to see really black bananas in the fridge..hmmm

MyOrangeSweater said...

Erh, sometimes I put bananas in the fridge so that I can have a banana split (like it when it's cold mah). Maybe your stupid flatmate eats banana split everyday? Hahaha. Glad you had a good night's sleep!

Bittersweet said...

I hate bananas.... Not nice to eat de..
Haix.. How did she get into the school you are in now when she has zero common sense?

At least there is some form of compromisation.

Glad that you are happy now.. Hehex

FF said...

warrau everytime you say CB, i always think of the Hokkien bad word.

lancerlord said...

My English flatmates put bananas in the freezer. Simi also in the freezer. Bread also.

naranja said...

ya, milk also in the freezer. They freeze everything.

Fat Fingers said...

lynne : you put them in so u can have banana split.. but for her, she put in the fridge to keep her bananas lor hahaha

bittersweet : banana is good leh. i like it hehe

ff : when i said that, you are supposed to think of that lor!! hahaha

lancerlord : the boyfriend also put bread in his freezer. i kept wanting to ask him but kept forgetting. yah they like to put many things in the freezer..

naranja : how they drink the milk huh? so funny hehe

naranja said...

oh, they like to buy more than one bottle at a time, open one bottle and freeze the rest. They will let the milk defroze before drinking. Oh ya, they like to freeze bread to keep it 'fresh' cos too big a loaf, cannot finish la. I freeze a lot of things too. Double cream, crumpets, english muffins, curry paste... wahaha

Zen|th said...

Who puts banana's in the fridge? She must be eating too many that she's becoming like one.

Ignorant one said...

i don like freezing things tat ain't 'supposed' to be freeze. like bread? yeah la. cold slows down metabolism of em. bacteria. but to me i think they strives better.. only u cannot see. like alot babies.

Huh? what am i talking.

lancerlord said...

It is common to put bread in freezer there. THe bread does not last as long as those (like Gardenia) here.

Ignorant one said...

Gardenia do last longer.. sunshine goes bad pretty fast.

Fat Fingers said...

naranja : i freeze my pies too hehe.

zen|th : yeah! she lost her mind i think..

ignorant one : yeah i dun like the idea of my freezing my bread too..

lancerlord : yah lor! i wanted to buy bread today (sat) but it expires on tuesday! so i didn't buy. i haven't been eating bread here in leeds heheeh