Tuesday, August 10, 2004

horrid people

Haha! I read this post.. and it reminded me of what i did in the past.. when people were mean to me when i was nice to them..

It happened a few years ago.. i think about 10 yrs ago! I was just minding my own business walking back home and i accidentally stepped on this lady's feet. .so i said sorry.. and she turned around and said.. "STUPID".. grr and i was like.. wtf? I got so pissed off. .so i followed her everywhere she went.. when she went into some boutiques, i followed her and i stood next to her and watched her.. and she was so scared.. she looked at me and i gave her a smile.. i followed her for about 5 min and got bored haha so i went off..

and then there's this stupid girl who stepped on my feet when she sat next to me on the bus.. it was painful.. i didn't give her a face or what.. all i did was just say.. "ouch".. to myself! but her mother could hear it and started to scold me and say that i am rude etc .. and i told her.. "Hey lady, your daughter stepped on my feet.. i just said ouch! I didn't even demand you to apologize.. why are you scolding me?" and she continued to scold me etc.. i just kept quiet..
Then the bus reached my stop.. and i got off from my seat and stepped her daughter real hard on the feet hahaha The mother of course started to scold me.... i called her a bitch before getting off and then i gave her the finger! Stupid woman!

Some people are just too much.. I wonder why they have to be so mean when you are nice to them.. a lot of such stuff happened to me before.. i shall blog about it at a later date.

My boss is another one of those horrid ppl.. grr.. so anyway.. i am counting down.. i have about 45 weeks to go before i get out of that place... i love my co. but i hate my boss..and job...

Monday, August 09, 2004

The "Wild" Singaporean?

Was watching the news.. some chinese lady (not chinese singaporean but from China).. said that she saw the "Wild" side of Singaporeans at the parade..
I don't think she knows what wild means.. or has seen seen any wild Singaporeans before...

Happy Birthday Singapore!!

Happy 39th Birthday Singapore!!

I love my country so much! I know.. i sometimes critisize by fellow Singaporean..but i show my patriotism through criticism! hehe

Watched the parade on tv.. i have goosebumps when i heard the Kit Chan sang "Home"... and during the tribute for PM Goh Chok Tong, I cried hehe.. just a little!
I'm so thankful for our leaders! I wish them the best of health!

Anyway, i am watching the Singapore Idol.. i think many of them needs to go see a dermatologist.. their complexion is TERRIBLE!! And that girl who kept crying.. what's up with that? Some are really funny haha Good entertainment..

I wish the boyfriend is here to laugh with me.. and to criticise the contestants with me... hehe

Saturday, August 07, 2004


I'm back from Bangkok! Went there last week.. and nothing has changed.. People still try to rip me off by saying that "Oh it is a Big Buddah holiday, do you want to go for a temple tour?" I've heard that too many times, sorry Mister!

Speaking about Mister.. I had Mister Donut in Bangkok almost everyday! It was so good! But i still prefer the Mister Donut in Japan. It is so much better!

So many good bargains over there. Bought 2 dresses.. one is quite expensive but it's so retro and so cool i have to get it!
I got a photo frame too.. it's really cool.. all hand made.. i shall print out our fav. pic and send it to the boyfriend soon.

I can't wait for him to come!! I took 23 more uniquely singapore postcard from the post office yesterday! hahaha I hope i will get to win and he can come here for free! I want to stay at the fullerton!!