Saturday, August 07, 2004


I'm back from Bangkok! Went there last week.. and nothing has changed.. People still try to rip me off by saying that "Oh it is a Big Buddah holiday, do you want to go for a temple tour?" I've heard that too many times, sorry Mister!

Speaking about Mister.. I had Mister Donut in Bangkok almost everyday! It was so good! But i still prefer the Mister Donut in Japan. It is so much better!

So many good bargains over there. Bought 2 dresses.. one is quite expensive but it's so retro and so cool i have to get it!
I got a photo frame too.. it's really cool.. all hand made.. i shall print out our fav. pic and send it to the boyfriend soon.

I can't wait for him to come!! I took 23 more uniquely singapore postcard from the post office yesterday! hahaha I hope i will get to win and he can come here for free! I want to stay at the fullerton!!

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