Sunday, July 25, 2004

my painful decision....

i have made the painful decision to... cancel my dvd subscription.. it costs me $35 every month.. I think i should save the money.. it will go towards my "Project Fat Fingers" fund..for my studies. $35 for the next thirteen months will cost me $455.. which is about £146! Good for 2 mths of accomodation!
And i made a silly mistake to charge ... $93.45 to my manhattan card for a dress!! DOH!! I thought there was a $50 credit in my a/c..but no! Cos i am not a new member! Idiot! Ah.. anyway.. that dress was really nice and i couldn't go to sleep for 1 day cos i kept thinking of it! It fits me really the bottom.. must go get it alter too..
Have already told my mama about me wanting to go study.. here's how the conversation went..
Me: So .. i think i want to go back to school next year..
Mom: Good lor..go upgrade yourself.. my friend's daughter is also studying now at a local uni
Me: oh.. but er.. i want to go overseas
Mom: ......
Me: er.. i don't want to be stuck in my current job or do what i'm doing now.. i want to do something different. something that i will enjoy..
Mom: U can study here what..
Me: yah.. but.. the local uni don't have the course.. (STUPID NUS!)
Mom: Oh.. u want to go then you go lor.. u have $$$ then you go lor...

Me: yeah.. i'm going to save 30K.. and then get a loan of 20K.. do you want to loan me the $?
Mom: ........
Me: If you don't want to loan me it's ok lor.. but you are my mama so i asked you first mah hahaha.. er.. but it's better that i owe you money rather than the bank.. u know what i mean?
Mom: yah.. but u will return me meh? look at your temper! aiyoh.. i think if i make you angry you will not return me the money..
Me: Aiyoh.. u don't trust me? I will pay you back definately.. how can i not dare to pay you back? I don't want to go to hell.. and you are my mother! I cannot NOT return you..
Mom: Aiyah.. u want to get a loan from me.. i will loan you the money lor...
Me: yay.. thanks! ..and can you teach me how to cook? I must cook for myself when i am there...
Mom: aiyah it's so easy! You only know how to eat!..
I would understand if my mom doesn't want to lend me the money.. afterall.. she's old now.. and is not working... i'm prepared to take a bank loan but i will be happy if she's willing to lend me the $$$. I'm not after my mom's money.. i've told her that before.. and last year.. when i told her i wanted to go study in australia and asked her for money.. she told me.. "you are my daughter, how can i not support you.."
My mom is a great person!
She spent 27yrs raising all her kids.. single handedly..after dad passed away.. 3 of us.. and i wasn't a very good child.. well i was i didn't cause any trouble outside... but it's just my stupid temper..  Anyway.. i'm happy to have a mother like her.. yahoo
oh yeah.. it's porridge for lunch again today...


Bubblemunche said...

Kudos to your mum :)!! I'm from a single family too: my father walked out on us. Good riddance :P!

Fat Fingers said...

Yeah my mum is great! Sometimes i wonder.. if i can ever be as strong as her.. to raise up 3 kids.. so tough.

Anonymous said...

Hie! Was randomly browsing blogs and I came across yours. Your entry called out to me and made me realise we have 3 things in common (and this just after one entry)

1)Dad passed away too
2) Mum raised 3 kids herself as well and
3) I have fat fingers. (amidst other things :D)