Saturday, July 24, 2004

I still hate my boss

Yup, still hate my boss! He's the most annoying creature on earth!
One of my COWorkers asked him to buy a dictionary for her while we were in Korea for the business trip.. and guess what he did? Well he charged her an extra $10!! WTF?? His reasons? Freight charges and for wasting his time to look for it.

What an arsehole! What freight charges? His plane ticket is already paid for my the co!! And what wasting his time? I saw him went to get it while we were waiting for someone at the incheon airport! I am so disgusted!! ARGH!! How can a boss behave this way??

You might be thinking that $10 was a joke.. but no! He really meant it! GRRRRRR

Anyway, thanks to my boss, i have decided to go back to school. I was choosing between going to Australia (the letter of acceptance is in my hand..) or the UK (yet to apply!).... after some major luaness, research and discussion with the boyfriend, i've decided to go to the UK. I have to apply for the course though but i think i should be able to get in! hehehe  I will be so much closer to the bf! Same time zone!! Woohoo!! God, i miss him so much! Anyway, the boyfriend kept stressing that he doesn't want me to go there because of him although he would be happy. Well my decision to go to the UK is not entirely cos of him! He makes up for 30% of it haha the rest of the 70% goes to the course syllabus.

Going to the UK means i will be stuck in my job for another 13mths! I have to save more $$$ during this period.. Yeah so it's 13 more months with the bloody boss. He has already "marked" me .. cos i stomped out of his office the other day and it didn't reflect nice on him.. haha. I'm glad i'm not the only one hating him in the office.. there are.. 5 more others!

He can go play his stupid office politics in the office.. but don't use any one of us cos we are not that stupid to get involved! And he's going to lose big time cos he's such a stupid arsehole! I've never seen such a stupid and childish boss before! And i never want to work for one ever! GRRR It's a pity we can't buy guns here in Singapore!!

I hate my boss!!

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