Sunday, August 27, 2006

Star light, star bright, first star i wish tonight...

My soon to be 7 year old niece, aka Mini Me has been writing down her birthday wish... well my sister made her do it...

So numero uno on her list is to have a barbie doll trolley school bag! I don't know why she wants to have one.. i think cos she wants to be her Singapore girl.. hehe.

Anyway she has also written this in her list...

A invisble pen (those that she can write secret msg but others can't see.. so i dunno why she wants it since nobody can see what she's writing? hehehehe)
A new pencil box (I might get her one..)
A Powerpuff girl birthday cake (she's crazy about them but i'm thinking of getting her cupcakes instead..hmm)
And here's what she wrote for her last wish.. "I wish Singapore will be a beautiful place to live in"

Awww.. how sweet of her! hehe

I have no time to go shopping for her present yet.. because i'm still bloody doing my dissertation!! Argh!! I'm kinda stressed now... but soon.. soon it will be over!! I better get crackin' now..

See ya later alligator...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


So i've booked and confirmed my tickets back home to Singapore at the end of this year! Yahoo!
So has the boyfriend!
Oh and I'll be back for 3 months!! or so.

And i've found a job for the next 3 months which will allow me to save some $ for my trip back!
And also the boss has agreed to let me continue working for him when i'm back from Singapore! Yahoo!

So now what's left for me to do is.. to finish my dissertation!!!! Argh! I just can't get myself to work on it and it's due on the 1st of Sept! Actually, i've done most of it, i think! I just need to write it!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

My First time...

So I was at King Cross tube station the other day, the day when the UK govt announced that they had foiled the terrorists' plans to blow up planes leaving the UK. I was on my way to work and was stopped by this man. He showed me his badge.. and i realised he was from the British Transport Police!

He asked me for my ticket and young persons railcard (yah i am still "young" hee hee) and then said.. "OK, you may leave now."

I kept wondering why he wanted to check me.... and then i realised.. it's because I was carrying a backpack... It must be the reason... they must have suspected that i'm carrying bombs or something.. But.. why check me?? I'm just a small sized Singaporean girl on her way to work.. hmm. and.. I have such an innocent face! hehe.

Yeah it was quite exciting for me actually because I've never been stopped by a police before! hehe.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Wah Lau eh!!

So last week I had to go to Westminster for an ASSingment and i had to spend a few hours there...

And on the 2nd hour, i had to use the loo badly and the nearest one is in the tube station.... So i rushed to the loo ... only to find that i have to pay 50p to use it!! It's disgusting!
50p! That's SGD1.50 you know! $1.50 to have a pee! I think that's too much! And you know what.. the bottle of water i got was 44p! And i have to pay 50p to pee it out! GRRRRR! Those are not loos.. those are traps! Traps for tourists and people like me! Gaah!