Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It's my 32nd birthday today!

I spent the night before having a great curry at Nawaab's @ Bradford. The Lamb Haandi was great! We had a tikka mix as well between us and 2 popadoms.

Spent part of the morning cursing at Shitepal (that's Paypal for you btw) because they are just shite! What is the point in verifying your identity and everything and then have my payments rejected and telling me that I am going to be charged for the reversal charges?? I called them and they told me the email was a mistake so I kept asking them "WHY did you send me the email then and gave me inaccurate information?" like how they kept asking me for my name each time I was transferred to another agent! The funny thing was when they talked to me they addressed me by my name and THEN asked me for my name again? WTF?

I also called mum and the nieces sang me a birthday song over the phone...Awww... I miss them so much and I wish i'm there with them or they were here with me!

Anyway, the husband decided we should do something for my birthday and we went to Ilkley for the day. We love Ilkley and we hope to get a house there someday... if we can ever afford it!
We had a great pub lunch at The Yard. He had bangers and mash and I had a goats cheese burger. I even had the chips! If you know me well enough, I never liked potatos and will only eat crisps and chips ONLY if I can dip them in chilli sauce. The chips at The Yard were so good I managed to have most of it. We will definitely go back there again for the Sunday Roast!

We walked around Ilkley town centre and ended up at Bettys Tea Room. When I went in, I told the husband, in singlish, "Wah so high class one". Their service was first class! We had the "Yorkshire Cream Tea". It came with a pot of tea and 2 sultana scones with clotted cream and strawberry preserve and it was YUM! And if you know me well enough, you'll know that I never liked tea but not anymore!