Thursday, April 28, 2005

Nervous.. yet Excited!

Brunei Air : Hello Brunei Air..
Fat Fingers : ......
Brunei Air : Hello Brunei Air?
Fat Fingers : .....
Brunei Air : Hello?
Fat Fingers : ... *click*

I wanted to book my tickets today... but i was so nervous.. i hung up..
I was screaming inside ... "Aaaahhhhh! I don't want to leave my mama and family!" And i wanted to cry :(

I am so nervous about going to a foreign land.. but at the same time.. i am excited too... Woooo weeee!!

So anyway, tomorrow i am going to book my flight to London....
I'm going to fly by Brunei Air cos it's one of the cheapest flight... no SQ.. no BA.. :( But i am sure Brunei air ain't that bad. I hope i get to meet the Royal Family in the plane or at the airport hahahaha.

Oh and I have to spend 4 hrs at the Bandar seri Begawan Airport.. i think i will play Tbe Sims on my notebook to pass time...

Anyway, the conference call with Dick's boss.. was such a disappointment. She didn't ask us for any feedback on Dick.. hmmm.. and then she mentioned something about Dick.. being good in handling Politics! WAHAHAHAHa that was the joke of the day!! Anyway, no one complained about Dick because she didn't ask!! and it was hard for us to start and the office viper was there! But never mind.. i will get definitely get to talk to her when she's here next month!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I think Dick is going to be in deep deep trouble.

His boss has arranged a meeting for all teams. Her email was something like this..

Hi, Since Dick is away, i would like to take this opportunity to have a meeting with all of you to find out if you have any issues or problems that you need to address to me.

And this morning, she called me and asked me what happened between Dick and me.. I didn't tell her much because i was just too shock to get a call from her.

But.. She will be coming next month and will spend some time with me! i'll wait till then to tell her about Dick.

There are so many things that i want to tell her but at the same time.. i have to be objective..I better draft out what i want to tell her..

And... not too long to go now! 3 months to go before i say goodbye to Dick! Woohooo!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Bad dough and char siew..

Yesterday, i went to the baking school to learn how to make Egg Tarts with my girl friends...
My egg tart didn't turn out too good... because i had a bad dough! And i blame it on the teacher! Because he was always talking to his regular students and flirting with them and didn't come check on us and he wasn't too interested in answering our questions too.. idiot.

I was quite frustrated cos my dough kept breaking! GRRRR! Never mind, i shall make some more next week! Practice makes perfect!

Here are some pics of my egg tarts. hehehe

uh-huh, uh-huh, i made all these!

Yeah, hehe, the crust is very thick..hehe

After the baking class, we went to one of my my girl friend's place to learn how to make char siew! Uh-huh, i said Char siew!

We wanted to make some that day because we were going to have a bbq. Don't waste the "fire" mah.. Since we are bbq-ing already.. so let's just make some char siew..

4 of us made 4 kg of Char Siew! hahaha Our BBQ neighbours were gaving us weird looks when they saw us BBQ-ing the char siew because we just had lots of chicken wings and satays... We didn't actually finish eating all 4kg of it. We made them to bring home for our family to try. And i'm glad to say that everyone at home loves it!

Yeah this is my char siew.

I'm gonna try make it again soon! I'm gonna perfect it before i go to the UK hehe. ... maybe i can sell char siew rice as a part time job.. GBP4 per plate maybe? hehehe

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Just give me what i want!

I don't know if it's just me or if some people are just plain stupid..

I emailed this travel agent and asked for some quotes for a Student Airfare to London (Return Ticket) and my budget is between $1,000 to $1,400. I also told them i will be travelling in Aug...

1st reply from travel agent :

I am pleased to advise you on the following fares for your perusal:

Singapore-Heathrow-Singapore (Student Fare)
Emirates Airlines S$1210 excluding taxes, year ticket (Transit Dubai)
Singapore Airlines S$1850 excluding taxes, year e-ticket

I already gave them my budget! Why still give me the quote for SQ? Neh'mind.. maybe they want to try to get me to get SQ tickets. I am from the Retail Industry.. Sales is i understand...

So i asked them again for quotes for Thai Airways and Austrian Airlines ...

2nd reply from travel agent :

I am pleased to advise you on the following fares for your perusal:

Thai Airlines S$1050 excluding taxes, 6 months ticket (Transit Bangkok)
Australian Airlines (Promotion) S$995 excluding taxes, 60 days ticket
Travel period: 15 April - 30 Jun 05

Er.. i am not so please now! I asked for a student ticket!! One year return ticket! Don't give me a 60 DAYS ticket, you silly woman!

Neh'mind. I emailed the agent again and asked her to check again..

Fat Fingers' Reply :

I am interested in the student fares only (please see previous email.)
Can you please kindly check the fares for Singapore to Heathrow (round trip) ONE YEAR STUDENT ticket for Austrian Airlines and Thai airways?

3rd reply from Travel Agent :

Good day to you.
I am pleased to advise you on the following fares for your perusal:

Singapore-London-Singapore (Student fare)

Singapore Airlines S$1850 excluding taxes, e-ticket
Royal Brunei Airlines S$1125 excluding taxes, 1 year ticket (Transit Bandar)

ARGH!!! Stupid or what??
I don't know why it is so difficult to just give me the fare for Thai Airways and Austrian Air?? And why give me SQ fare AGAIN?!?!?!

I am going to compRain to the customer service mgr.
The service is so bad! I bet it takes 10 emails or more to get it right.
Yeah, you might be thinking.. why not just call them! Well.... i hate talking over the phone .. hehe

Anyway, I'm not going to get my tickets from them! Cos i have already found out the price for Austrian Air! $1050! Excl tax!

And also.. how come the Heathrow Airport tax is so expensive! $101 !!! Argh! $101.. can buy a lot of things you know...

Monday, April 18, 2005

Anal Probe anyone??

Muahahaha This is me..
I still want to give Dick an anal probe with my umbrella!!

Get your own Little Miss and Mr Men here!

I have been feeling unhappy these past few days... and in a bad mood too...
Didn't talk to anyone at the office today.. i was just in my cube.. listening to the music and doing my "work". Didn't have any appetite too...

I think i am having a pre-trip anxiety... really not looking forward to be in the same plane and in another country with Dick.. grrrrrrrrrrrr

Sunday, April 17, 2005


There was a report on the Straits Times today about some kids who were given weird unique names by their parents..

It reminded me of one of the conversation that i had with the Boyfriend.. hehe (i saved all our converations :D :D :D )

The Boyfriend: We were talking about babies

Fat Fingers: ah! What about them?

The Boyfriend: Mum was asking if A and L were going to have them and I said I think not but that they might regret it if they don’t

Fat Fingers: yeah they should have least

The Boyfriend: and I said I thought it was a good thing that you and I have more time to play with (L is 32!)

Fat Fingers: if we have a girl.. Can I call the baby Jade? cos i love green colour hehe

The Boyfriend: I think Jade would be ok

Fat Fingers: Jade Yu McDonald. i think sounds nice haha Yu means jade in Chinese haha

The Boyfriend: Except there is a HORRIBLE FAT STUIPD girl who's always in the magazines called Jade

Fat Fingers: hahaha really?

The Boyfriend: yes Jade Goody her name is...she was on Big Brother

Fat Fingers: ah..

The Boyfriend: but maybe in a few years she will be forgotten! What about
Sapphire? That's green too

Fat Fingers: yes.. and Jade Yu McDonald will be the next big thing.

The Boyfriend: hahahaha

Fat Fingers: hmm Sapphire.. hmmm sounds very "glam".. it will add stress to the child. ppl will make fun of her!

The Boyfriend: hahaha I forget to take all these factors into consideration hehehehe

Fat Fingers: yes.. do you want our child to get bullied at school? NO!

The Boyfriend: No!

The Boyfriend: I'm just considering HAVING a have it's life planned out already hahahaha

Fat Fingers: yes.. we must try to make things easier for her at least by giving her a good name haha

Fat Fingers: What do you think of Jade, really? Maybe you can ask Jade's grandma for her opinion hehehe

The Boyfriend: I like Jade....but believe me, if Jade Goody is still around she we be bullied much more at school than Sapphire would!

The Boyfriend: well what other names do you like?

Fat Fingers: Jade, Faith sounds nice..

The Boyfriend: erm I need to see a book really with names in hahaha but I like traditional names....Jennifer

Fat Fingers: for boys.. er.. i am not sure.. ahaha

The Boyfriend: Faith is good

Fat Fingers: i don't like jennifer.. sorry.. we can't call our girl that..

The Boyfriend: I did think about this a while back! Is this going to be one of those ones where we make the decision 50-50 then go with what you want?

Fat Fingers: hahaha er.. maybe

The Boyfriend: ok erm let me have a quick look. What about Mildred

Fat Fingers: er...

The Boyfriend: Catherine? Katherine?

Fat Fingers: Er.. no.. hahha there is this loud mouth catherine in the office

The Boyfriend: Amanda I like too

Fat Fingers: yeah not too bad.

The Boyfriend: ok well what about your suggestions?

Fat Fingers: hahaha i like faith and jade

The Boyfriend: Ok well if Jade was out, you would ONLY like Faith??

Fat Fingers: er.. faith sounds nice.. i think so..

The Boyfriend: So do I but we need more than one possibility! Its an important decision!

Fat Fingers: yes! faith and jade will be good! hehehe

The Boyfriend: more options!

Fat Fingers: I like Aidan for the boy

The Boyfriend: I like Abigail for the girl too

Fat Fingers: really? there is this ugly girl called Abigail. she is famous here and very ugly. so i tend to associate that name with an ugly girl hehehe

The Boyfriend: hahaha you are terrible!

Fat Fingers: hahaha can't help it! like you and Jade!

The Boyfriend: What about Akira?

Fat Fingers: akira?? that's very jappy

The Boyfriend: and Scottish

Fat Fingers: really??

The Boyfriend: according to this site I am on yes!

The Boyfriend: Vanora?

Fat Fingers: ppl will make fun of the baby

The Boyfriend: ah!

Fat Fingers: hmm vanora? sounds viagra. what does that mean?

The Boyfriend: Maisie?

The Boyfriend: Vanora = white wave Maisie = child of light

Fat Fingers: hmmm i don't like names that sounds or rather ends with C/sea hahaha

The Boyfriend: it's true hahaha

Fat Fingers: i think in the end you'd say.. let's not have a baby!

The Boyfriend: this is fun

The Boyfriend: Baby needs a strong name

Fat Fingers: so u want a scottish name? hehe

The Boyfriend: Well not necessarily but it would be a good place to start hehehe. Do you like any of those names?

Fat Fingers: kyla sounds nice hehe. Ok it's faith, jade and kyla hahaha

The Boyfriend: let assume that there are going to be more options ok? I will have to have a think. you should too!

Fat Fingers: Cole? for the boy?

The Boyfriend: Cole is ok! What about Malcolm?

Fat Fingers: I think Cole sounds very manly.. hehehe Malcom sounds nice too

The Boyfriend: I still like Akira hahaha

Fat Fingers: really? there is a brand called Akira here..

The Boyfriend: cool! Malcolm is a Kings name

Fat Fingers: Coal - victory of the people

The Boyfriend: Logan

Fat Fingers: Like Longan! .. the fruit

The Boyfriend: I think it will take us the 9 mnths to decide!

Fat Fingers: hahaha yes.. i bet we will keep changing our minds.. so let's just stick to faith, jade, kyla, cole and malcom .. and aidan? hahha

The Boyfriend: you!

Fat Fingers: How about Eddy? hehe

The Boyfriend: Eddy no!

Fat Fingers: HAHAHA Why not?

The Boyfriend: It's henious

The Boyfriend: Erika McDonald? Don't know if it has the right ring to it though

Fat Fingers: faith McDonald?

The Boyfriend: Faith is nice....the only problem with that is that there was a Faith in Buffy and I think many people are being given that name?

The Boyfriend: I don't think we are going to decide today though!

Fat Fingers: I think we should call the boy Jude Law McDonald

The Boyfriend: I think that would be terrible! You ah!

Fat Fingers: hahaha

The Boyfriend: Where did that come from?!

Fat Fingers: hahaha i just thought of it.. cos i think jude law is cool

The Boyfriend: It IS a cool name! But everyone would think it was cos we thought he was great!

Fat Fingers: hahaha

Fat Fingers: i think u go ask Jade's grandma now. You can ask for Uncle A's opinion too hahahahaha

The Boyfriend: I notice our yet to be conceived child is already being called JADE! Stop it hahahaha I want to see what Jade means....

The Boyfriend: Simply means "jade" from the name of the precious stone that is often used in carvings.

Fat Fingers: hahahaa

The Boyfriend: ahhh so complex! I think we will have to do more research!then we can see if the other likes any suggestions. He/She could have a chinese name

The Boyfriend: I am thinking you are a strong for Jade

Fat Fingers: how about Mulan McDonald?

The Boyfriend : ..................

Fat Fingers: Jade is so lucky to have us as parents.. thinking of her name .. way in advance!

The Boyfriend: No more calling her jade, you ah!

Fat Fingers: ok.. almost jade

The Boyfriend:
this is Jade goody

Fat Fingers: you are showing me her pic so i won't want to call our child Jade! So evil!

The Boyfriend: She is AWFUL!

Fat Fingers: hahaha she looks like a happy person. Jade will be happy too

The Boyfriend: hey!

Fat Fingers:
Jade's 'saggy boobs' - Jan 04
Top of Southwark girl Jade Goody' s wish list is a boob job.

The Boyfriend: yes and she has been arrested!

Fat Fingers: hahaha i don't think our Jade will have saggy boobs. not at her age

Fat Fingers: ah.. i see. but i am sure our Jade will be a good girl.. under our parental guidance.. hahaha

The Boyfriend: yes she will be excellent...what ever her name is! No more 'our Jade'!!!

Fat Fingers: hahaha yes.. most probably Jade

The Boyfriend: you ah!

Fat Fingers: ok ok ..

Fat Fingers: i think ppl will laugh at jade. Jaded Jade..but i still love Jade

The Boyfriend: really? I'd never have guessed! Btw, No one will be able to say our baby’s name wasn’t carefully chosen!

i purposely asked him about the name....

So what do you think of Jade? Hehehe
Actually i prefer the name Faith. :)
Oh Btw, the boyfriend's surname is not McDonald.. but it's a McDsomething.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

My Boss is a Penis Disguised as a Manager..

Like a leopard that can never change its spots.. a Dick will never change its balls...

So the co. wanted us to come out with our team objectives.. and we came up with our own format..(actually yours truly came out with it! haha)

Last week when he said.. "Oh that's so creative! My boss said she loves it and wants everyone to use the same format"

My first reaction was.. isn't this the team objective? Aren't the teams suppose to come up with their own ideas for their own objectives?

And yesterday he told everyone in my team, "Your template doesn't tell me anything at all! It's no good! You have to use this done by the other team"

What the **^%#@#^?

I mean. see.. that's the kind of things that makes everyone frustrated!

First he said it's good.. when he sees a better one.. he forces it on you and you HAVE to do whatever he says..

Basically, he just doesn't know what he wants. I bet you.. if someone comes up with something better, we will all have to drop whatever we are doing and go for the one that he thinks is good.

It's so frustrating.. when you try to tell him.. he'll just say "NO NO NO.. Just do what i say." He'll also say that you are inflexible and not embracing changes..
And if you resist some more, he'll accuse you of insubordination!

One day.. Dick.. i'm gonna pull out your small little dick and shove it up your ass!!

Friday, April 15, 2005

I'm still employed!

Thank you everyone for your comments, ideas and encouragments...

So i went to work today and did my usual stuff... trying not to think too much... trying to sing along to the songs playing on the radio.. but i can't... just no mood. grrrr

The HR mgr called and i went to talk to her... explained what happened.. and she still thinks it is insubordination because i talked to Dick too loudly in front of everyone!
Ok lor.. next time i close the door and tell him to Fuck off (softly) .. will that count as insubordination????

Anyway, she told me if i am not happy, i should voice it out and not keep it to myself..because even the slightest thing can trigger it... (which is very true of me.. )

She said she's a neutral party and she is not siding anyone.. and Dick told her... he values my performance and he thinks i am a good worker.. hmmmmm

She said she'll talk to him and see what he wants to do next.

The office atmosphere has been really tense and stressful these few weeks. Everyone is at an angry mood.. even the expats...

They are thinking of waiting for Dick to go on his leave next week and then arrange a conference call with his boss and a HR mgr.
See... one has to wait for Dick to get out of the country so they can call someone else from another country to talk about him!
I think this time Dick will get it.. because everyone is reaching their limit..

I brought a Tom Yum naan from Breadtalk to cheer myself up.. haha.. I wanted to buy something else.. but i only had $1.50 with me! My colleague borrowed $10 from me today and didn't return it to me. I told him is it ok...but when we quarrel i will bring it up haha. I always tell him that even when he borrows 10 cents from me. hehe

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Dick : What's wrong with you?
Fat Fingers : I don't know... i am just not motivated to work
Dick : Why? Is it because of your work? your boss??
Fat Fingers : I don't know... oh does the HR here do any counselling?
Dick : What?
Fat Fingers : Counselling.
Dick : What??
Fat Fingers : Counselling... HR.. do they do any counselling?
Dick : What? Can you tell me what's wrong?
Fat Fingers : er... no.. Sorry.. i can't.
Dick : Why? I am your boss you have to tell me
Fat Fingers : I am sorry.. i cannot..
Dick : You must tell me.. *closes the door*
Fat Fingers : I can't!
Dick : Is this a repeat of last year?
Fat Fingers : No!
Dick : Then Why??
Fat Fingers : *getting annoyed* I don't trust you enough to tell you.
Dick : What do you mean you don't trust me? I am your boss!
Fat Fingers : I know..but.. i cannot
Dick : You MUST tell me
Fat Fingers : *trying to supress vulgarities from coming out of her mouth* I'm sorry. I have to end the conversation now...Excuse me. If you want to tell me anything about work.. please email me. I have to go. *gets up to leave*
Dick : NO! NO! NO! You must tell me
Fat Fingers : I said i can't! because i don't trust you! *walks out of room*

OK.. so now.. Dick said i have committed INSUBORDINATION!
Excuse me.... Can you please tell me how is that called insubordination??

I didn't walk out of the room. I excused myself...
Why is he so insistent? Why can't he just let me cool down?

OK maybe trust is too harsh a word to use? I should have used the word "uncomfortable".

He was so upset he called the HR immediately and asked the mgr to come counsel me. But she was on leave so she will counsel me tomorrow! Now, I don't really know what to say to her tomorrow!

And Today i woke up and decided that i had enough...

I have been waking up the past few months.. angry at myself..angry at my work, angry at my boss.
I don't know why i have morphed into this angry monster every morning.

Yes even though there's only about 3 mths to go.. i find it hard to go through the day! It's a struggle! I am actually worried that i'll get a stroke while doing my job!

I emailed my ex colleague and asked her if i was an angry person when i was working with her. She said she can't recall me getting angry all the time (only ocasionally) but she remembers most about my LOUD laughter..

Excuse me, what have you done to Fat Fingers? I miss her.. :(

I don't know how to face the day tomorrow! I think Dick will tell his boss about me walking out.. but i did excuse myself!

Dick has this tendancy to twist everything you tell him and make it seems like it is your fault. Not his.. .. so that's why i cannot trust him.. and i will kick myself if he does that to me when i tell him why i am so frustrated with my work. But of course i didn't tell him that today cos he will get more upset!

Oh and he asked one of my COWorkers what's wrong with me. He thinks that he has helped and protected me a lot and i am so ungrateful to say that i don't trust him. I just thought Dick was just doing his job!! Not protecting me or helping me?

My colleagues did tell me to go and apologise to him cos he told her he's going to sack me if he can!!
With just a few more months to go.. and a few more $$$$ to add to my savings for uni.... i ditched my pride and went to apologise to him..

damn. I cannot stand myself.

Anyway i did clarify that i did excuse myself.. but he still thinks that i walked out! Argh! Fuckwit!

Not looking fwd tomorrow. Oh.. I better dress appropriately cos must meet HR mgr.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My favourite Colour..

Doctor : So what's the colour of your phlegm?
Fat Fingers : My favourite colour, Green!
Doctor : Wow nice colour! But.. it's not good when your phlegm is green! hehehe
Fat Fingers : Hehehe yeah i know.

Yep, i have green phlegm and i hope to spit it on Dick's face!!

Yah Dick is soooo irritating today!
So we did a profiling test today.. the DiSC test.

DiSC is the original, oldest, most validated, reliable, personal assessment used by over 50 million others to improve lives, interpersonal relationships, work productivity, teamwork, and communication! Based on the 1928 work of psychologist William Moulton Marston

So.. i am a C.. C for Conscientious..


And Dick is a D.. D for Dominance, Dick, Disgusting, Deceitful, Double-faced, Dishonest, Dirty.. You get the picture.


Dick is a Developer...

I am a Perfectionst...

See.. no wonder i don't like Dick. He doesn't have any quality control.. and he doesn't have any standards!!

If there is a group called "Underachiever Pattern", he should be in it!

The trainer separated us into groups today.. All the Ds in one group.. and the Cs in another etc..
2 of my COWorkers were in the D group.. and Dick lived up to his name by saying.. "You two cheated on your tests? You shouldn't be in this group because you are not leaders."

Please! This is a personality profile test! These people are dominant too! So why must you put them down? It is not funny at all! GRRRR He is soo annoying!
Why don't you suck your own dick and shut up!!

OK.. some of you are wondering .. Why Reiko saw me naked.. hahaha
Well it's cos she brought me to the Onsen. I mentioned it in my previous post but didn't explain what onsen is! My bad!

Onsen means Hot Spring in Japanese. As you know.. you have to be NAKED to get into one hehe.

It was my first time to the onsen. Reiko and the rest of the people weren't shy.. cos they were used to it.. but i was very cautious of myself.. but after awhile (maybe 15min), i got used to it..because no one really cares anyway. hahaa

We just soaked in the hotspring and enjoyed ourselves cos it was really really cold outside...

I remembered some of our conversations went like this..

Reiko : Oh.. she didn't look so fat with the clothes on ne.
Fat Fingers : HAHAHAH Yeah!

Reiko : Look! Ewwww
Fat Fingers : Ewwww. Is that a walking prune? I hope i will not be like that when i am old...

Fat Fingers : You think the guys next door can see us?
Reiko : Not sure.. but you can try to see if you can see them. If you can, that means they can!
Fat Fingers : *peeps through the bamboo*. I think I saw your husband! hahahaha

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Ramen me!!

My craving for ramen last night was so strong.. i couldn't get to sleep..

I laid in bed thinking about my favourite ramen store in Japan.

Fuji Ramen!!

It's at Matsumoto city, Nagano prefecture.

I used to go there with my friend Reiko all the time. Our favourite is the Garlic Ramen and the Spicy Ramen.. The Garlic ramen was so good my breath still smells of it the next morning!
Of course being a true Singaporean, the spicy ramen was never spicy enough for me and Reiko.. who wasn't really a Japanese (i think). I remembered once, Mr. Fuji (the chef) snapped at us when we asked for more chilli. He must have felt insulted and thought that having too much chilli will "cover up" the taste of his noodles.. hehe.

My last dinner at Matsumoto City was Fuji Ramen & It was the first time that i ever had a converstation with Mr. Fuji. I told him I'll be going back to Singapore soon and will not know when i will ever get to eat his ramen again. He was touched and gave us a big serving that day (but the chilli was still not enough) and also served us Gyoza for free. hehehe

Argh.. I badly want a bowl of ramen! Not just any ramen ok.... It has to be Fuji Ramen!!

Oishii yo!

And then i lthought about Reiko, my ex COWorker, my Partner in crime.

Reiko isn't your typical Japanese. She's loud and vulgar. That's why we're good friends.
We always hung out together... I'd share my chilli sauce with her and she would share her tea with me. (Yes, i had a bottle of chilli sauce at the office hehe)

She would invite me to her place to play with her kids and also to cook tom yum soup and bak kut teh for her hehe.

She was the first woman (besides my mama and my sisters) to see me naked. She brought me to the onsen. She also brought me skiing and to all the good eating places..

She also thought me lots of Japanese bad words..and tricked me into saying some of them to the Japanese Managers! But because i'm not a Japanese, they laughed at me and forgave me.

She's the one who always got us into trouble and i was the one who always got her out of trouble. I had to stop her from talking nonsense to our boss when she had too much sake...
And everytime we had a dept/co. dinner, she would be so drunk and i would have to take care of her. I enjoyed it though- sipping my hot milk at Mister Donut and watching her trying to get all the alcohol out of her system before she is "sober" enough to call her husband to come and fetch her...hehehe

i miss Reiko so much..... :( Unfortunately, i can't get to see her in May/Jun when i'm in Japan.. She's too far away from where i'll be going.. :(

Monday, April 11, 2005

Eeek! Not again!

I got my new passport today!

I thought the first stamp on my passport will be the one from London/UK.. but... no.. it will have to be Korea or Japan..

Argh! I am going to Japan with Dick!

After the last business trip, i don't think it is a good idea to put us on the same plane...

I still can't get over it..
It all started cos of the last business trip..All the annoying things that he did... like...
He did not want us to eat in Korea (his reason was all the stores are closed including the restaurants at the hote and we can't order room service! What crap is that??) and forced us to have dinner in the plane when i just had a meal like.. 2 hrs ago!! Luckily the restaurant was still open!! Well actually i don't think they ever close! It's 24 hrs!

Not really looking forward to this trip.. cos he wants us to fly 7 hours to Japan and then spend a day there.. rushing around and then fly off at night. I mean... it is just not worth it!

How to build good relationships with the people? How to expect me to meet the objectives of the business trip when i don't have the time to do it??
It's like flying to Japan and say.. "Konnichiwa, i am Fat Fingers. I have to rush off to meet someone else! Ja! Mata ne!"

Don't waste my time!!

Actually.. i am secretly looking forward to this trip too hahaha.. I hope to sneak out at night for a bowl of ramen and also some Mister Donuts. hehehe

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Haiku - Flu

Phlegm stuck in my throat
Mucus flowing down my nose
Wonder how Dick is?

I wonder how Dick is.. after he ate the cake with my saliva on it.

Argh i feel so terrible.
I have been drinking lots of herbal tea.
I'll go see the Doc in the morning tomorrow. Can't afford any MCs cos i want to save them for my wisdom tooth extraction hee hee.

And i have a craving for Ramen right now! The Boyfriend is cooking it now.. and a friend is in Japan now and he's going to visit my fav. ramen place! Argh Argh Argh!

I need Ramen! I must have a bowl soon...

Friday, April 08, 2005

Revenge is Sweet!!

Fat Fingers : You think i should?
Fellow Dick Haters : Errr.. you can if you want. We'll cover for you.
Fat Fingers : Really? OK.. here i go.. *spits*

And so... i spitted my saliva onto Dick's cake...( i still can see it on the cake after that hahaha)

I know.. gross right?

Today was one of the COWorkers birthday. We've decided to buy a cheesecake for her because she had a craving for it.. and also because Dick hates cheesecake! Muahahaha. We got him a small piece of fruit cake instead.

At first he wasn't too please to see the cheesecake but when I told him we bought a fruit cake especially for him, he was extremely happy... So was i! Muahahahaha

When he took the first bite, we cringed and waited for his reaction....

Dick : Mmmm this cake is so nice! So sweet! Thanks!
Fat Fingers : *trying to suppress my laughter* oh really? You're welcome! *turns around and laughed silently*

Revenge is indeed sweet... but i'm never going to do this again. It's so disgusting.. argh.

I am not proud of my behaviour... I didn't know why i did that.. But something in my head kept going.. "Spit! Spit on his cake! I know you want to! Go on! Spit! Muahahaha!"

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Browned... and maybe Exposed? hmmm

I've been browned!


i was enjoying watching the pageload go up on my tracker (as at 10.30pm, it's 685! My average pageload per day is about 245!).. when one of my girl friends msged me..

Girl Friend : got ihavefatfingersblogspot
Fat Fingers : is it? *panics*
Girl Friend : ya mrbrown mention i thot was u
Fat Fingers : oh i go read *pretends to go read*
Fat Fingers : *tries to change subject* now got amazing race special. u shld watch.. very funny the ppl esp the gays. I love the Boyfriends. They are so cute.
Girl Friend : xiaxue has posted lots of pics on her blog..
Fat Fingers : Oh is it, i go see.. *thinks to self..does that mean she didn't click the link to my blog and is now engrossed in looking at xiaxue's photos?"

Oh no.. i hope my Girl Friend does not know about this blog. When i started out this blog.. I didn't want my friends know about it.. but.. 纸是抱不住火的 (The paper is cannot grasp the fire - got this direcly translated from Babelfish! haha the translators from the neighbouring country might have used Babelfish to help them translate some of the lines.. hmm)

So Girl friend, if you are reading this.... yes lah.. it's me lah. I was trying to deny it ok?
Oh i didn't write anything bad about you...yet. just.. Dick.. hehe
And i would appreciate if you could just.. forget about the existence of this blog.... Thank you! :)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Dick is such a cock Dick!

I am pissed off with Dick.. eh what's new? hahahaha

So we tried our luck again today and asked if we can take a cab from Toa Payoh to Tampines - 3 of us wanted to share a cab from TPY and there were 5 of us and we all can't squeeze into a cab anyway.

Fat Fingers & Fellow Dick haters : So can the 3 of us meet at Toa Payoh instead? Because no more than 4 person can be in a cab..
Dick : No no.. we cannot justify the expense. You must come to the office
Fat Fingers & Fellow Dick haters : Why? It will be CHEAPER you know?
Dick : Oh really? Oh but i can't. Because it won't be fair to the others. I already told them they can only claim the cab fare if they take the cab from the office?
Fat Fingers : It's CHEAPER you know. It's CHEAPER. So CHEAP from TPY. Why pay more when it is CHEAPER from TPY? It's CHEAPER to go from TPY to Tampines you know.. and faster!
Dick : But.. i cannot justify the expense....
Fat Fingers : *in my heart* Win already lor!!


I don't know what kind of logic is this!
Stupid Dick!
He said he will come to the office too and he stays in Kallang.. so why can't we go to Orchard first and get a cab to Tampines!!

Please lor! Only a Dickhead like him will go to work early when he can just go straight to the training centre from his place! & it's so near some more!
And.. it's not as if he does not have a laptop to access the co. email from home!

And today, my COWorker, who went for the training today told me they discussed about Dick during lunch! hahahaha Even the expats think he is a lousy boss! Yahoo! We all hate Dick! Dick is our common enemy! Die Dick Die!!

And my COWorker found out that Dick has been telling lies about us..

During the business trip last year, he invited our counterparts from HKG for dinner BUT DID NOT INVITE HIS OWN STAFF aka US! GRRRRR
What did he tell the expats? He said he invited us along but we turned him down because we wanted to go shopping!!
Hello?!?!?! There were 3 of us there. You didn't invite anyone of us at all!!
Bloody Liar! You told us you didn't have $ to pay for the cab to the HKG office and borrowed money from us in the afternoon. In the evening, we saw you at the hotel lobby taking a cab and you yourself told us you are meeting the HKG counterparts for dinner!!

I'll make sure i'll not be nice to him during my exit interview with the HR mgr...

Oh.. i can't stop thinking about giving Dick an anal probe (with my umbrella) the whole day today! Aiyoh... Is there something wrong with me???? Hmmmmm

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My Fantasies..

Fat Fingers : I have a confession
Fellow Dick haters : What?
Fat Fingers : I have an urge to give Dick an anal probe!
Fellow Dick haters : Aiyoh!! So gross!!

Yesterday, Dick was walking in front of me..... and i could see his backside swaying in front of me..

I had the urge to use my umbrella to give him an anal probe!!


I think i am becoming a psycho.... i'm going crazy...

I hate Dick... Sometimes i'll fantasize about ways to torture him.... muahahahahaha

Like giving him an anal probe with my $6 Giordano umbrella, plucking his manberries out and crush it, pluck out all his teeth with pliers, poke him in the eye with a pair of chopsticks and then leave the chopsticks there...

Ok we better stop here for now...

Sunday, April 03, 2005

I love subtitles!!

I love watching DVDs with the subtitles turned on..
So naturally, last night, i put the Hitch DVD into the player (which i borrowed from a friend who got it from a neighbouring country... hehe) and turned on the subtitles...

After a few minutes.. i was confused..
What's going on??
So i rewinded.. and fowarded and rewinded the dvd to re-read the subtitles...

Hitch : Basic principle, no woman wakes up saying, "God, I wish I don't get swept off my feet today."
Subtitles : Base nothing there is no woman wake up to spell out members, "God I hope I do not sweat today"

Hitch : Now, she might say, "this is a bad time for me."
Subtitles : Now he she possible spell out member, "this is really ugly time for me."

Hitch : Or something like, "I just need some space."
Subtitles : Or possible like, "I is butuh a few little room."

Hitch : Or my personal favourite, "I'm really into my career right now."
Subtitles : Or hobby of my favourite, "I really step into my career now."

Hitch : Basic Principle, no matter what, no matter when, no matter who, every man has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet. You just need the right broom.
Subtitles : Easy base, non chalent when is non chalent of whom, there is people have opportunity to go out from its field. Only needing couple of pengantin compatible.

Hitch : In case you didn't go to high school, hitting is a good thing.
Subtitles : Go to *SMU is good matter.

The subtitles was too funny! haha
But it was too distracting... so i had to turn off the subtitles...

Yeah, I might watch it again with the subtitles another time.. hehehhee It's so entertaining!

*It has nothing to do with the Singapore Mgt Uni.. It's some abbreviation for the high school qualification in one of the neighbouring countries, i think.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Almost an April Fool...

Mini Me : Ah Yi! There is a snake on your head!
Fat Fingers : Huh?
Mini Me : Happy April Fool's Day!
Fat Fingers : hahahaha
Mini Me : Ah Yi! There is a dudu (pacifier) on your backside!
Fat Fingers : HAHAHAHAH
Mini Me : Happy April Fool's Day!!

Hahahahahahaah Mini Me is sooo funny!!
Her teacher told her about April Fool's Day so she has been going around disturbing all of us..

I am so glad i wasn't born on 1st April!
Imagine... me.. coming out from my mama's womb.. and then the nurses and doctor will point at me and say.. "Oh look! April Fool! HAHAHAHHA"
I was almost an April Fool!

Oh yeah.. We got a chocolate cake today instead of a cheesecake. It was quite fake when everyone sang the bday song.. and i was quite fake as well with my fake smile hahaha.

Oh and Dick was so disgusting today!! One of my COWorkers accidentally stained her clothes with pen ink.. and the stain was on the breast..well not exactly on the breast..but u know.. where the breast is. And Dick was talking to her and noticed it.. (he must have been checking out her breasts too) and said.. "Did you do that on purpose so that you can show everyone that your breasts are big??"

That's sexual harrasement!!
How professional is that??? Not at all!!

My COWorker was very very offended! I would be too if i were her!! Bloody Dick! He's such a scum!!

And he annoyed me again today... well that's normal i guess haha

We were supposed to go to Tampines for training next week.. And some of our sessions are in the morning.. so we asked him if we can take a cab and then claim it back from the co.
His reply? "You can claim if all of you come to the office and share a cab to Tampines."

Hello? Office is in Orchard? Why waste time to travel to orchard and then go tampines from there when i can just take a cab from Toa Payoh??

And how come you can claim 6 taxi fare in A DAY?? Why can't we claim it? And how many times do we have training in a year? Maybe at most 5 times or less??? Why is it that you can claim taxi fare even on public holidays and we can't claim any when we go for our training which is for WORK??

Why are you not leading by example, you bastard???

This really pisses me off.
I hate it when he tells us not to do something and then he goes and do it himself??

My respect for him is .... ZERO! Maybe even negative!


I hope he knows that buying a cake for everyone does not make him a good manager/leader.

I was actually telling everyone that he should just stop all this tradition (he called it a dept tradition) of buying cakes when it's our birthdays.. and instead use the $$$ for our cab fares!

Bloody Dick. I want to pluck out his menberries hehe. (I love the word menberries. I learnt it from CowBoy Caleb! hhehehehe)

Fat Fingers : i want to pluck out my boss' menberries!!
Jimbo : can I use them to form a novelty 'office stress relief' clacker thingy?
Fat Fingers : hahaha sure! go ahead!! Do whatever you want! You can even smash it!