Thursday, April 14, 2005


Dick : What's wrong with you?
Fat Fingers : I don't know... i am just not motivated to work
Dick : Why? Is it because of your work? your boss??
Fat Fingers : I don't know... oh does the HR here do any counselling?
Dick : What?
Fat Fingers : Counselling.
Dick : What??
Fat Fingers : Counselling... HR.. do they do any counselling?
Dick : What? Can you tell me what's wrong?
Fat Fingers : er... no.. Sorry.. i can't.
Dick : Why? I am your boss you have to tell me
Fat Fingers : I am sorry.. i cannot..
Dick : You must tell me.. *closes the door*
Fat Fingers : I can't!
Dick : Is this a repeat of last year?
Fat Fingers : No!
Dick : Then Why??
Fat Fingers : *getting annoyed* I don't trust you enough to tell you.
Dick : What do you mean you don't trust me? I am your boss!
Fat Fingers : I know..but.. i cannot
Dick : You MUST tell me
Fat Fingers : *trying to supress vulgarities from coming out of her mouth* I'm sorry. I have to end the conversation now...Excuse me. If you want to tell me anything about work.. please email me. I have to go. *gets up to leave*
Dick : NO! NO! NO! You must tell me
Fat Fingers : I said i can't! because i don't trust you! *walks out of room*

OK.. so now.. Dick said i have committed INSUBORDINATION!
Excuse me.... Can you please tell me how is that called insubordination??

I didn't walk out of the room. I excused myself...
Why is he so insistent? Why can't he just let me cool down?

OK maybe trust is too harsh a word to use? I should have used the word "uncomfortable".

He was so upset he called the HR immediately and asked the mgr to come counsel me. But she was on leave so she will counsel me tomorrow! Now, I don't really know what to say to her tomorrow!

And Today i woke up and decided that i had enough...

I have been waking up the past few months.. angry at myself..angry at my work, angry at my boss.
I don't know why i have morphed into this angry monster every morning.

Yes even though there's only about 3 mths to go.. i find it hard to go through the day! It's a struggle! I am actually worried that i'll get a stroke while doing my job!

I emailed my ex colleague and asked her if i was an angry person when i was working with her. She said she can't recall me getting angry all the time (only ocasionally) but she remembers most about my LOUD laughter..

Excuse me, what have you done to Fat Fingers? I miss her.. :(

I don't know how to face the day tomorrow! I think Dick will tell his boss about me walking out.. but i did excuse myself!

Dick has this tendancy to twist everything you tell him and make it seems like it is your fault. Not his.. .. so that's why i cannot trust him.. and i will kick myself if he does that to me when i tell him why i am so frustrated with my work. But of course i didn't tell him that today cos he will get more upset!

Oh and he asked one of my COWorkers what's wrong with me. He thinks that he has helped and protected me a lot and i am so ungrateful to say that i don't trust him. I just thought Dick was just doing his job!! Not protecting me or helping me?

My colleagues did tell me to go and apologise to him cos he told her he's going to sack me if he can!!
With just a few more months to go.. and a few more $$$$ to add to my savings for uni.... i ditched my pride and went to apologise to him..

damn. I cannot stand myself.

Anyway i did clarify that i did excuse myself.. but he still thinks that i walked out! Argh! Fuckwit!

Not looking fwd tomorrow. Oh.. I better dress appropriately cos must meet HR mgr.


aish said...

hey, u take it easy gurl! i've been waking up a grumpy granny every morning too, cos i dreaded my work... but knowing it'll be the same everywhere i go, and i need the extra money to buy a place of my own... i gotta retune my mindset and it helps to have fun colleagues around, although some are nasty, anyway, hang in there.... we all are hanging in there, some where, but never alone :)

frenie said...

dick is such a dickhead. can u accuse him of sexual harrassment? Any dirty jokes he made? U can use tt against him. Gd luck tmr. We are all behind u

defy angel said...

Fat Finger...

Insubordination means that u dun follow work orders or shout at ur boss for nothing...blar blar...
in ur case, it is NOT!
But i agree with u.... maybe the word "trust" is not an appropiate word....(I mean, if Im "Dick", i prob be the word)

In anyway, since u are in ur last 3 months, shldnt u be enjoying the moments with ur colleagues?

Dun worry too much....since u be off to a whole new life soon!

Cheer up gal!!!!

Also, maybe at ur last day, u can go tell DICK abt all the things u HATE abt him......

Filee Falee said...

*hugs* Everything (and by everything, it probably means Dick and Dick alone) is such a pain in the ass eh.

Actually it's a horrible thing if the job is bad (which I am sure is not). But it's almost suicidal if the boss is a freaken' asshole (which is a most definite yes).

Chill yea. Things can only get better from here. Good luck :)

Ah 9 said...

Tell hr : "i just don't like Dick"

April said...

Bosses in general seem to think that it's all about them. I'm tired of my boss telling me to be open about what I think and to be unafraid to voice out my opinions, only to flip out and get all offended when I do.

I therefore have concluded...
Boss says: I want you gals to be vocal and unafraid to voice our opinions.
Boss really means: I want you gals to be vocal and unafraid to voice our opinions, as long as they don't contradict mine.

Jayaxe said...

Actually, you shouldn't have shown that there's 'anything wrong' with you in the first place, I guess. If you have kept on a fake smile (which is hard), maybe it wouldn't happen.

Bubblemunche said...

Tell me where you work! I'll practise my Karate moves on him!

Oh, you can also put some of your green phlegm on his cake next time.

- Ah Hock

Anonymous said...

Hey babe, I can't believe you told your boss you're not motivated to work!

Anyway, cheer up and act perfectly fine tomorrow ok?

3 months to go!

limegreenspyda said...

haha you really ARE harmless unless you are provoked! but seriously, it was brave of you to be [brutally] honest. if you were aimlessly drifting along, then i'd suggest you review your work situation and maybe look someplace else, but since there's only 3 mths more, then the practical thing would be to stoically hang on, get paid, and then ENJOY leaving! hard to get a good job for just 3 mths la, until the time comes for you to start uni. and the extra $$ will definitely come in handy. :)

what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. and you will NOT be defeated by dick-with-the-small-dick!

cowboy caleb said...

Whoa... looks like you got shafted by dick.

Ok dont think too much. Just do what you're supposed to do and try to find another job. WHen you're interviewed by HR, just tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Don't add phrases like "In my opinion" or "I think". Just say out all the things he has been doing in a fair and impartial way. Don't think HR has no eyes. They will also ask other colleagues after they talk to you to confirm that Dick is causing problems.

But they will only believe you if you don't colour your conversation with emotion.

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

It does not seem he has reason to sack you.

Hope the talk went ok!

Ambiga said...

If he is gonna sack someone just because they ALLEGEDLY walked out on him, he is gonna be employee-less pretty soon! Take it easy aight? And hope the talk helped =)

jettykey said...

I'm sorry to hear the awful encounter with Dick. I can understand the anger in you, and yet you can't just blow it on him.

Give me a magic mand, I'm going to turn Dick into a real dick! IN that way, you can twist and turn and bend all you can, short of hurting your fingers!

Feeling better now? Hope so.