Friday, April 15, 2005

I'm still employed!

Thank you everyone for your comments, ideas and encouragments...

So i went to work today and did my usual stuff... trying not to think too much... trying to sing along to the songs playing on the radio.. but i can't... just no mood. grrrr

The HR mgr called and i went to talk to her... explained what happened.. and she still thinks it is insubordination because i talked to Dick too loudly in front of everyone!
Ok lor.. next time i close the door and tell him to Fuck off (softly) .. will that count as insubordination????

Anyway, she told me if i am not happy, i should voice it out and not keep it to myself..because even the slightest thing can trigger it... (which is very true of me.. )

She said she's a neutral party and she is not siding anyone.. and Dick told her... he values my performance and he thinks i am a good worker.. hmmmmm

She said she'll talk to him and see what he wants to do next.

The office atmosphere has been really tense and stressful these few weeks. Everyone is at an angry mood.. even the expats...

They are thinking of waiting for Dick to go on his leave next week and then arrange a conference call with his boss and a HR mgr.
See... one has to wait for Dick to get out of the country so they can call someone else from another country to talk about him!
I think this time Dick will get it.. because everyone is reaching their limit..

I brought a Tom Yum naan from Breadtalk to cheer myself up.. haha.. I wanted to buy something else.. but i only had $1.50 with me! My colleague borrowed $10 from me today and didn't return it to me. I told him is it ok...but when we quarrel i will bring it up haha. I always tell him that even when he borrows 10 cents from me. hehe


Filee Falee said...

Hope everything goes well!

I am sure everything will work out. Don't worry too much.

As for Dick, I think karma will take care of him.

jettykey said...

Like what you said, HR mgr said she was not siding with anyone. I'm sure she would be objective enough to ask around and find out more.

Tom Yum naan sounds like a yummy treat!

Remember my magic wand, I'm going to give it to you. So anytime you want to spit vulgarities at Dick, use the wand to change him into a real dick first. Then I'm sure your anger will become laughter! You can be a sadist for all you want, but ONLY in your mind!

defy angel said...


Cheer UP!
Worst come to worst....let them sack u or u resign den work part time...something u enjoy doing...rather than having Mr DICK stalking ard u right?

Chill out and make the most out of ur last 3 months!

Bubblemunche said...

Three cheers! Three more months! You can make it!

I'm just glad the HR Manager didn't know about the saliva incident.

- Ah Hock

Fat Fingers said...

Thank you everyone!
Sometimes it's easy to get through the day.. some days are so hard..
but i'll try my best!
not too long to go now.. ........

Ah 9 said...

another trip with mr.dick again ah? thot juz went to japan?