Saturday, April 16, 2005

My Boss is a Penis Disguised as a Manager..

Like a leopard that can never change its spots.. a Dick will never change its balls...

So the co. wanted us to come out with our team objectives.. and we came up with our own format..(actually yours truly came out with it! haha)

Last week when he said.. "Oh that's so creative! My boss said she loves it and wants everyone to use the same format"

My first reaction was.. isn't this the team objective? Aren't the teams suppose to come up with their own ideas for their own objectives?

And yesterday he told everyone in my team, "Your template doesn't tell me anything at all! It's no good! You have to use this done by the other team"

What the **^%#@#^?

I mean. see.. that's the kind of things that makes everyone frustrated!

First he said it's good.. when he sees a better one.. he forces it on you and you HAVE to do whatever he says..

Basically, he just doesn't know what he wants. I bet you.. if someone comes up with something better, we will all have to drop whatever we are doing and go for the one that he thinks is good.

It's so frustrating.. when you try to tell him.. he'll just say "NO NO NO.. Just do what i say." He'll also say that you are inflexible and not embracing changes..
And if you resist some more, he'll accuse you of insubordination!

One day.. Dick.. i'm gonna pull out your small little dick and shove it up your ass!!


lancerlord said...

LOL. "Dick will never change its balls". But you sure he's got balls? :)

wacky wabbit said...

same feeling i have for my manager.
such a dick head. and without balls.

Bubblemunche said...

Wah lau, I'm glad you are not a guy ah!

- Ah Hock

Fat Fingers said...

lancerlord : i think have lah.. but small small ones.. like grape SEEDS hahahahaha

wackyqueen : i still haven't email you! haha wonder why there are so many mgrs like Dick around.. hmmm

Ah Hock : yah lor. i am also glad i am not one. hehehe