Sunday, April 17, 2005


There was a report on the Straits Times today about some kids who were given weird unique names by their parents..

It reminded me of one of the conversation that i had with the Boyfriend.. hehe (i saved all our converations :D :D :D )

The Boyfriend: We were talking about babies

Fat Fingers: ah! What about them?

The Boyfriend: Mum was asking if A and L were going to have them and I said I think not but that they might regret it if they don’t

Fat Fingers: yeah they should have least

The Boyfriend: and I said I thought it was a good thing that you and I have more time to play with (L is 32!)

Fat Fingers: if we have a girl.. Can I call the baby Jade? cos i love green colour hehe

The Boyfriend: I think Jade would be ok

Fat Fingers: Jade Yu McDonald. i think sounds nice haha Yu means jade in Chinese haha

The Boyfriend: Except there is a HORRIBLE FAT STUIPD girl who's always in the magazines called Jade

Fat Fingers: hahaha really?

The Boyfriend: yes Jade Goody her name is...she was on Big Brother

Fat Fingers: ah..

The Boyfriend: but maybe in a few years she will be forgotten! What about
Sapphire? That's green too

Fat Fingers: yes.. and Jade Yu McDonald will be the next big thing.

The Boyfriend: hahahaha

Fat Fingers: hmm Sapphire.. hmmm sounds very "glam".. it will add stress to the child. ppl will make fun of her!

The Boyfriend: hahaha I forget to take all these factors into consideration hehehehe

Fat Fingers: yes.. do you want our child to get bullied at school? NO!

The Boyfriend: No!

The Boyfriend: I'm just considering HAVING a have it's life planned out already hahahaha

Fat Fingers: yes.. we must try to make things easier for her at least by giving her a good name haha

Fat Fingers: What do you think of Jade, really? Maybe you can ask Jade's grandma for her opinion hehehe

The Boyfriend: I like Jade....but believe me, if Jade Goody is still around she we be bullied much more at school than Sapphire would!

The Boyfriend: well what other names do you like?

Fat Fingers: Jade, Faith sounds nice..

The Boyfriend: erm I need to see a book really with names in hahaha but I like traditional names....Jennifer

Fat Fingers: for boys.. er.. i am not sure.. ahaha

The Boyfriend: Faith is good

Fat Fingers: i don't like jennifer.. sorry.. we can't call our girl that..

The Boyfriend: I did think about this a while back! Is this going to be one of those ones where we make the decision 50-50 then go with what you want?

Fat Fingers: hahaha er.. maybe

The Boyfriend: ok erm let me have a quick look. What about Mildred

Fat Fingers: er...

The Boyfriend: Catherine? Katherine?

Fat Fingers: Er.. no.. hahha there is this loud mouth catherine in the office

The Boyfriend: Amanda I like too

Fat Fingers: yeah not too bad.

The Boyfriend: ok well what about your suggestions?

Fat Fingers: hahaha i like faith and jade

The Boyfriend: Ok well if Jade was out, you would ONLY like Faith??

Fat Fingers: er.. faith sounds nice.. i think so..

The Boyfriend: So do I but we need more than one possibility! Its an important decision!

Fat Fingers: yes! faith and jade will be good! hehehe

The Boyfriend: more options!

Fat Fingers: I like Aidan for the boy

The Boyfriend: I like Abigail for the girl too

Fat Fingers: really? there is this ugly girl called Abigail. she is famous here and very ugly. so i tend to associate that name with an ugly girl hehehe

The Boyfriend: hahaha you are terrible!

Fat Fingers: hahaha can't help it! like you and Jade!

The Boyfriend: What about Akira?

Fat Fingers: akira?? that's very jappy

The Boyfriend: and Scottish

Fat Fingers: really??

The Boyfriend: according to this site I am on yes!

The Boyfriend: Vanora?

Fat Fingers: ppl will make fun of the baby

The Boyfriend: ah!

Fat Fingers: hmm vanora? sounds viagra. what does that mean?

The Boyfriend: Maisie?

The Boyfriend: Vanora = white wave Maisie = child of light

Fat Fingers: hmmm i don't like names that sounds or rather ends with C/sea hahaha

The Boyfriend: it's true hahaha

Fat Fingers: i think in the end you'd say.. let's not have a baby!

The Boyfriend: this is fun

The Boyfriend: Baby needs a strong name

Fat Fingers: so u want a scottish name? hehe

The Boyfriend: Well not necessarily but it would be a good place to start hehehe. Do you like any of those names?

Fat Fingers: kyla sounds nice hehe. Ok it's faith, jade and kyla hahaha

The Boyfriend: let assume that there are going to be more options ok? I will have to have a think. you should too!

Fat Fingers: Cole? for the boy?

The Boyfriend: Cole is ok! What about Malcolm?

Fat Fingers: I think Cole sounds very manly.. hehehe Malcom sounds nice too

The Boyfriend: I still like Akira hahaha

Fat Fingers: really? there is a brand called Akira here..

The Boyfriend: cool! Malcolm is a Kings name

Fat Fingers: Coal - victory of the people

The Boyfriend: Logan

Fat Fingers: Like Longan! .. the fruit

The Boyfriend: I think it will take us the 9 mnths to decide!

Fat Fingers: hahaha yes.. i bet we will keep changing our minds.. so let's just stick to faith, jade, kyla, cole and malcom .. and aidan? hahha

The Boyfriend: you!

Fat Fingers: How about Eddy? hehe

The Boyfriend: Eddy no!

Fat Fingers: HAHAHA Why not?

The Boyfriend: It's henious

The Boyfriend: Erika McDonald? Don't know if it has the right ring to it though

Fat Fingers: faith McDonald?

The Boyfriend: Faith is nice....the only problem with that is that there was a Faith in Buffy and I think many people are being given that name?

The Boyfriend: I don't think we are going to decide today though!

Fat Fingers: I think we should call the boy Jude Law McDonald

The Boyfriend: I think that would be terrible! You ah!

Fat Fingers: hahaha

The Boyfriend: Where did that come from?!

Fat Fingers: hahaha i just thought of it.. cos i think jude law is cool

The Boyfriend: It IS a cool name! But everyone would think it was cos we thought he was great!

Fat Fingers: hahaha

Fat Fingers: i think u go ask Jade's grandma now. You can ask for Uncle A's opinion too hahahahaha

The Boyfriend: I notice our yet to be conceived child is already being called JADE! Stop it hahahaha I want to see what Jade means....

The Boyfriend: Simply means "jade" from the name of the precious stone that is often used in carvings.

Fat Fingers: hahahaa

The Boyfriend: ahhh so complex! I think we will have to do more research!then we can see if the other likes any suggestions. He/She could have a chinese name

The Boyfriend: I am thinking you are a strong for Jade

Fat Fingers: how about Mulan McDonald?

The Boyfriend : ..................

Fat Fingers: Jade is so lucky to have us as parents.. thinking of her name .. way in advance!

The Boyfriend: No more calling her jade, you ah!

Fat Fingers: ok.. almost jade

The Boyfriend:
this is Jade goody

Fat Fingers: you are showing me her pic so i won't want to call our child Jade! So evil!

The Boyfriend: She is AWFUL!

Fat Fingers: hahaha she looks like a happy person. Jade will be happy too

The Boyfriend: hey!

Fat Fingers:
Jade's 'saggy boobs' - Jan 04
Top of Southwark girl Jade Goody' s wish list is a boob job.

The Boyfriend: yes and she has been arrested!

Fat Fingers: hahaha i don't think our Jade will have saggy boobs. not at her age

Fat Fingers: ah.. i see. but i am sure our Jade will be a good girl.. under our parental guidance.. hahaha

The Boyfriend: yes she will be excellent...what ever her name is! No more 'our Jade'!!!

Fat Fingers: hahaha yes.. most probably Jade

The Boyfriend: you ah!

Fat Fingers: ok ok ..

Fat Fingers: i think ppl will laugh at jade. Jaded Jade..but i still love Jade

The Boyfriend: really? I'd never have guessed! Btw, No one will be able to say our baby’s name wasn’t carefully chosen!

i purposely asked him about the name....

So what do you think of Jade? Hehehe
Actually i prefer the name Faith. :)
Oh Btw, the boyfriend's surname is not McDonald.. but it's a McDsomething.


airhole said...

i like Aidan.. Sex and the City' Aiden is my idea of wat a gentleman should be... haha..

Good luck in ur name making :)

Jayaxe said...

Since you like green, can maybe try 'Emerald', 'Greenville', 'Kylan' - sounds like Kai Lan (vegetable). Hehe.

Anyway, your boyfriend is Scottish and not English, eh?

Anonymous said...

I like the name Aidan too! If i have a son first, i chop the name.

Eddyyyy.. hahahhaahah i will never name my son that... and cheebeng too.


Zen|th said...

Faith sounds like a pretty nice name for a girl. :)

Bubblemunche said...

Eddy is gonna be so sad when he reads this.... But yah, it's a sucky name!

I prefer Jade over Faith! For boys, I think Clay sounds good. I just hope that AI guy would have disappeared by then.

Say, ever considered Lorenzo? Muahaha....

- Ah Hock

Filee Falee said...

I thought of faith, hope, praise & charity for my girls (in the future) but hell I will be a fat ass lady if I am gonna have 4 kids!

Jade is nice. I think it's rather original :) And I love green too!

Dan said...

if i ever gonna have kids (which is gonna be hard coz i dun wan to), i'm gonna name them:

Kai Ren (boy)
Kai Pei (girl)

nice names ya?! guess what their english names gonna be?



Darth Sidious said...

Akira sounds nice..

Esp if you're an anime fan..
Even if you're not Akira still sounds nice.. As long as that electronics brand is non-existent when you have your child..

Fat Fingers said...

Airhole : hehe i like Aidan from SATC too hehe

Jayaxe : Kylan sounds nice actually! haha He's born in England but his dad is Scottish.. he sees himself as a scottish...

FF : haha yah Aidan is such a nice name! Luckily, Eddy's surname is not Chow..

zen|th : yah haha i also say! :D :D

Ah Hock : I think if i name my son Lorenzo.. he will get bullied by the kids..and maybe even the teachers.. haha. Yes.. I hope Bubbles will not be too sad when he reads this. Eddy is a nice name i think but i wouldn't name my son that though hahaha

Filee Falee : Who cares about your fat ass when you get all the grants? wahahahaha Just remember to set aside some $$$ to use at Expressions after you give birth :D :D :D

dan : haha Carrot and Cabbage! i think they will definitely be laughed at at school..

Darth Sidious : haha yes. totally agree with you!

becca said...

hey sapphire is blue! I love gems names, like ruby, emerald. Emerald's nice, if you like green.

ningx said...

gerda. kai. (from snow queen)
i like faith because i have a friend named faith.
some names i can think of..
chloe (same as cole, just that its cold-e. haha)
jelynn(my friend's called jelynn!)


Fat Fingers said...

soccersalvaged : there's also green sapphire :D. Check out that link..but yeah sapphire is normally blue..

ningx : Chloe is a nice name. i like that too hehe . Grace is good too hehe but i still like Faith hehehe

Anonymous said...

faith - must live up to the name. do u think she can? or do u think you can bring her up to it?

Fat Fingers said...

Anon : Of course! I have Faith in her and in me! :D

ijen said...

Are your children gonna have Chinese names???

Fat Fingers said...

ijen : yep we will give her a chinese name. :)

haha it sounds like as if i am going to have a baby girl in a few mths heheheheehe