Thursday, April 07, 2005

Browned... and maybe Exposed? hmmm

I've been browned!


i was enjoying watching the pageload go up on my tracker (as at 10.30pm, it's 685! My average pageload per day is about 245!).. when one of my girl friends msged me..

Girl Friend : got ihavefatfingersblogspot
Fat Fingers : is it? *panics*
Girl Friend : ya mrbrown mention i thot was u
Fat Fingers : oh i go read *pretends to go read*
Fat Fingers : *tries to change subject* now got amazing race special. u shld watch.. very funny the ppl esp the gays. I love the Boyfriends. They are so cute.
Girl Friend : xiaxue has posted lots of pics on her blog..
Fat Fingers : Oh is it, i go see.. *thinks to self..does that mean she didn't click the link to my blog and is now engrossed in looking at xiaxue's photos?"

Oh no.. i hope my Girl Friend does not know about this blog. When i started out this blog.. I didn't want my friends know about it.. but.. 纸是抱不住火的 (The paper is cannot grasp the fire - got this direcly translated from Babelfish! haha the translators from the neighbouring country might have used Babelfish to help them translate some of the lines.. hmm)

So Girl friend, if you are reading this.... yes lah.. it's me lah. I was trying to deny it ok?
Oh i didn't write anything bad about you...yet. just.. Dick.. hehe
And i would appreciate if you could just.. forget about the existence of this blog.... Thank you! :)


A Popcorn Addicted Shopaholic said...

Congrats! So many happy events these days! First it's Bubbles getting laid, i mean, attached and now, you’ve browned!!

Ah 9 said...

tats wat im afraid of always...get too popular...more and more people will find out...then no more privacy liao...

i think i should write more boring stuff. =D

tommi said...

haaahaaa...just wonder how ur gf reacts when she read your 'umbrella - anal' imagery...

Kelly Chan said...

Hiak Hiak Hiak...

Probably you could be like Bubbles claiming that his posts are strictly Fiction

Fat Fingers said...

Popcorn : thanks! hahaha

ah 9 : yah.. i cannot imagine if the office ppl found out hehe

tommi : i think they are used to it already hahaa

kelly chan : yah i must write a disclaimer! hehehe

Bubblemunche said...

Aiyoh! If your friend read this, you'll definitely get exposed :D!! Dick better not be reading this :D!