Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Ramen me!!

My craving for ramen last night was so strong.. i couldn't get to sleep..

I laid in bed thinking about my favourite ramen store in Japan.

Fuji Ramen!!

It's at Matsumoto city, Nagano prefecture.

I used to go there with my friend Reiko all the time. Our favourite is the Garlic Ramen and the Spicy Ramen.. The Garlic ramen was so good my breath still smells of it the next morning!
Of course being a true Singaporean, the spicy ramen was never spicy enough for me and Reiko.. who wasn't really a Japanese (i think). I remembered once, Mr. Fuji (the chef) snapped at us when we asked for more chilli. He must have felt insulted and thought that having too much chilli will "cover up" the taste of his noodles.. hehe.

My last dinner at Matsumoto City was Fuji Ramen & It was the first time that i ever had a converstation with Mr. Fuji. I told him I'll be going back to Singapore soon and will not know when i will ever get to eat his ramen again. He was touched and gave us a big serving that day (but the chilli was still not enough) and also served us Gyoza for free. hehehe

Argh.. I badly want a bowl of ramen! Not just any ramen ok.... It has to be Fuji Ramen!!

Oishii yo!

And then i lthought about Reiko, my ex COWorker, my Partner in crime.

Reiko isn't your typical Japanese. She's loud and vulgar. That's why we're good friends.
We always hung out together... I'd share my chilli sauce with her and she would share her tea with me. (Yes, i had a bottle of chilli sauce at the office hehe)

She would invite me to her place to play with her kids and also to cook tom yum soup and bak kut teh for her hehe.

She was the first woman (besides my mama and my sisters) to see me naked. She brought me to the onsen. She also brought me skiing and to all the good eating places..

She also thought me lots of Japanese bad words..and tricked me into saying some of them to the Japanese Managers! But because i'm not a Japanese, they laughed at me and forgave me.

She's the one who always got us into trouble and i was the one who always got her out of trouble. I had to stop her from talking nonsense to our boss when she had too much sake...
And everytime we had a dept/co. dinner, she would be so drunk and i would have to take care of her. I enjoyed it though- sipping my hot milk at Mister Donut and watching her trying to get all the alcohol out of her system before she is "sober" enough to call her husband to come and fetch her...hehehe

i miss Reiko so much..... :( Unfortunately, i can't get to see her in May/Jun when i'm in Japan.. She's too far away from where i'll be going.. :(


shan said...

cheer up girl. reiko miss you too. both of you will meet up again one day.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Ramen ramen! Then I'll go training after that.

jettykey said...

I love ramen too! I've never been to Japan, would really love to go. The Japanese restaurants in the US and Canada aren't very authentic, so the ramen is not quite the same as those in Japan.

Wah! To think Reiko had seen you naked??? *Eyes popped out* You must really be comfortable with her. No other females, not even my sister has seen me naked. Perhaps, only my Ah Ma!

Zen|th said...

Wah. How did Reiko see you naked? Maybe you should blog about that too.

Jayaxe said...

Yah lor, naked like in the public sauna or something? Your friend is quite an interesting person! Haha.

FF said...

hahah i knew people would ask you about the naked bit...

limegreenspyda said...

i find it's the rare friends you make at the workplace, where one is willing to cover the other's ass, to fish the other out of trouble, that stick with you for life. guess it happens frequently, when the common enemy is the boss! it used to be like that at my old workplace too! as a result, the small group of us in that department became very bonded and even when ALL of us have left that place now, we still are close and keep in constant contact!

wah... all the hum sup ppl want to know how she saw you naked! including me! hahaha!

Filee Falee said...

awww... that's a really nice entry on reiko. All of colleagues are male. bah

Ambiga said...

Ur entry makes me want to go japan. Ive never been there before!
And its always sad having good friends so far away..

Ah 9 said...

ta bao!!

Bubblemunche said...

The only ramen I've eaten is the instant version I bought from NTUC. Wah lau....

- Ah Hock

Fat Fingers said...

shan : yeah! we will meet up again some day.. but dunno when leh haha

Anon : what training? who u? please leave you name ok? :)

anna / Ambiga : you must go to Japan at least once in your life! :)

Filee Falee : good what. they will all give their attention to you! hhehe

ah 9 : I wish i can.. but... cannot :(

Spyda : Yeah! There is unity when there is a common enemy! hehehe

FF : yah i knew that too haha.

Ah Hock : Instant noodles are not good for you. You must try the real thing! :)

everyone else : Yah i will blog about how reiko saw me naked hahaha

Seth said...

Hmm Gallery Hotel has this ramen shop that supposedly serves authentic Hokkaido ramen. Maybe you will want to check it out.