Sunday, April 24, 2005

Bad dough and char siew..

Yesterday, i went to the baking school to learn how to make Egg Tarts with my girl friends...
My egg tart didn't turn out too good... because i had a bad dough! And i blame it on the teacher! Because he was always talking to his regular students and flirting with them and didn't come check on us and he wasn't too interested in answering our questions too.. idiot.

I was quite frustrated cos my dough kept breaking! GRRRR! Never mind, i shall make some more next week! Practice makes perfect!

Here are some pics of my egg tarts. hehehe

uh-huh, uh-huh, i made all these!

Yeah, hehe, the crust is very thick..hehe

After the baking class, we went to one of my my girl friend's place to learn how to make char siew! Uh-huh, i said Char siew!

We wanted to make some that day because we were going to have a bbq. Don't waste the "fire" mah.. Since we are bbq-ing already.. so let's just make some char siew..

4 of us made 4 kg of Char Siew! hahaha Our BBQ neighbours were gaving us weird looks when they saw us BBQ-ing the char siew because we just had lots of chicken wings and satays... We didn't actually finish eating all 4kg of it. We made them to bring home for our family to try. And i'm glad to say that everyone at home loves it!

Yeah this is my char siew.

I'm gonna try make it again soon! I'm gonna perfect it before i go to the UK hehe. ... maybe i can sell char siew rice as a part time job.. GBP4 per plate maybe? hehehe


defy angel said...

fat finger, where u go for baking classes? i oso wan to learn baking...hehe

Fat Fingers said...

defy angel : I went to Phoon Huat. Happy Baking!! hehe

Filee Falee said...

It looks awesome girl!
I can't cook/bake or for the matter do anything domestic at all.
what a shame!

Jayaxe said...

Woah, okay maybe the crust doesn't look dark enough, but overall I must say the egg tarts seems quite well done!

Oh no, you're making me hungry man. Hehe.

suspiciousbastard said...

Wah. Around 12 Sing dollars for 1 plate of char siew in GB. That's the most expensive char siew that I've heard of.

jettykey said...

Those egg tarts look soooooooo good! Luckily, the instructor didn't flirt with you, otherwise, there wouldn't be tarts to bring back home! (It won't last till you pull out your camera to snap a picture.)

phoenich said...

maybe u haf to post ur char siew recipe here ler ...
i'm also interested to make one.

limegreenspyda said...

eh. fly over here to melbs to make char siew for me leh. serious. i have a giant puddle of drool at my feet now... sorry, gross but that egg tart and char siew ah.... :@- - - heh.

Bubblemunche said...

Ah! Learning how to make for the mother-in-law tight ;)?

I don't like char siew!

- Ah Hock

Ah 9 said...

wah how u make charsiew??? teach!!

snowystars said...

egg tarts looks good ... i like ... yum yum

Anonymous said...

Learn la roasted pork..



Fat Fingers said...

Filee : i also can't cook or bake... but after some practice.. i can! and if Fat Fingers can cook, you can too! hahaha

Jayaxe : thanks! i need more practice!

Suspicious bastard : i think the price is reasonable. UK stuff are expensive.. so 4GBP for char siew rice should be ok i guess hahaha

Anna : Hahaha i don't think i want to flirt with the teacher! It looks good only but the taste is so so hehe

Phoenich / Ah 9 : I will post the recipe soon! :D

Spyda : you pay for my airfare lor haha. it is quite easy to make you know the char siew.. i teach you! give me some time to post up the recipe hehe

Ah Hock : How can you not like char siew? But ok lah.. at least you are better than Bubbles who hates chilli! hahaha. ANd yes i am learning to impress future mother-in-law! hahaha

snowystars : hehe looks good only. taste is so so hehe

kachuaz said...

shessh..its been more den 3 months since i last tasted egg tarts


tong hin confectionary!!!

sari said...

WOOO WOW! Im gonan join one of those baking schools tooo!! YaY!!

Fat Fingers said...

Ka Chuaz : You mean tong heng is it? It is nice! i love tong heng's egg tart and Po Lo bun!

Sari Party Girl : Yeah! I go to Phoon Huat.
Yeah baking is so fun! hehe