Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My favourite Colour..

Doctor : So what's the colour of your phlegm?
Fat Fingers : My favourite colour, Green!
Doctor : Wow nice colour! But.. it's not good when your phlegm is green! hehehe
Fat Fingers : Hehehe yeah i know.

Yep, i have green phlegm and i hope to spit it on Dick's face!!

Yah Dick is soooo irritating today!
So we did a profiling test today.. the DiSC test.

DiSC is the original, oldest, most validated, reliable, personal assessment used by over 50 million others to improve lives, interpersonal relationships, work productivity, teamwork, and communication! Based on the 1928 work of psychologist William Moulton Marston

So.. i am a C.. C for Conscientious..


And Dick is a D.. D for Dominance, Dick, Disgusting, Deceitful, Double-faced, Dishonest, Dirty.. You get the picture.


Dick is a Developer...

I am a Perfectionst...

See.. no wonder i don't like Dick. He doesn't have any quality control.. and he doesn't have any standards!!

If there is a group called "Underachiever Pattern", he should be in it!

The trainer separated us into groups today.. All the Ds in one group.. and the Cs in another etc..
2 of my COWorkers were in the D group.. and Dick lived up to his name by saying.. "You two cheated on your tests? You shouldn't be in this group because you are not leaders."

Please! This is a personality profile test! These people are dominant too! So why must you put them down? It is not funny at all! GRRRR He is soo annoying!
Why don't you suck your own dick and shut up!!

OK.. some of you are wondering .. Why Reiko saw me naked.. hahaha
Well it's cos she brought me to the Onsen. I mentioned it in my previous post but didn't explain what onsen is! My bad!

Onsen means Hot Spring in Japanese. As you know.. you have to be NAKED to get into one hehe.

It was my first time to the onsen. Reiko and the rest of the people weren't shy.. cos they were used to it.. but i was very cautious of myself.. but after awhile (maybe 15min), i got used to it..because no one really cares anyway. hahaa

We just soaked in the hotspring and enjoyed ourselves cos it was really really cold outside...

I remembered some of our conversations went like this..

Reiko : Oh.. she didn't look so fat with the clothes on ne.
Fat Fingers : HAHAHAH Yeah!

Reiko : Look! Ewwww
Fat Fingers : Ewwww. Is that a walking prune? I hope i will not be like that when i am old...

Fat Fingers : You think the guys next door can see us?
Reiko : Not sure.. but you can try to see if you can see them. If you can, that means they can!
Fat Fingers : *peeps through the bamboo*. I think I saw your husband! hahahaha


Zen|th said...

Who knows. Maybe Dick was peeping at you. Haha.

Jayaxe said...

You know ah, this reminds me that a public bath is the best way to er, fulfil your 'number one' wish. I mean, when a man's naked, where can he run? Hahahaha.

Just kidding!

jettykey said...

Don't you wrap a towel at all? What happened when you want to get up from the water? (Well, never been to one, so very "suaku".)

Fat Fingers said...

zen|th : That's gross lor! hahahaha

jayaxe : hahaha er.. not sure if anyone really did that hahaha

anna : Yes we wrap a towel when we are out of the onsen. But when you are inside, you can't. It's considered unhygenic to soak your towel inside the onsen. They think it's dirty.. hmmm

Filee Falee said...

Hot spring sounds good! Both reiko and you are equally funny!

limegreenspyda said...

my friend went into an onsen once. she said it helped that she had to take her glasses off. and the steam kinda steamified everything. her rationale: what i have, you also have, wat!

i think i'll just run straight from the changing room into the water. and cover the 3 important points!

limegreenspyda said...

went to see that test thingy... die, i'm neither dominant, influential, steady nor conscientious. i think i'm not destined for the working world la. i'm a tai-tai for life.

Ah 9 said...

No.1 wish is still very important.

pixie said...

The guy damn egoistic! Hate it when he said "You shouldn't be in this group because you are not leaders."

Wah lau! Tell him to f@#* himself lah... Dun your coworkers get angry?? Please lah, someone slap some self-awareness into his pea brain!