Thursday, April 21, 2005

Just give me what i want!

I don't know if it's just me or if some people are just plain stupid..

I emailed this travel agent and asked for some quotes for a Student Airfare to London (Return Ticket) and my budget is between $1,000 to $1,400. I also told them i will be travelling in Aug...

1st reply from travel agent :

I am pleased to advise you on the following fares for your perusal:

Singapore-Heathrow-Singapore (Student Fare)
Emirates Airlines S$1210 excluding taxes, year ticket (Transit Dubai)
Singapore Airlines S$1850 excluding taxes, year e-ticket

I already gave them my budget! Why still give me the quote for SQ? Neh'mind.. maybe they want to try to get me to get SQ tickets. I am from the Retail Industry.. Sales is i understand...

So i asked them again for quotes for Thai Airways and Austrian Airlines ...

2nd reply from travel agent :

I am pleased to advise you on the following fares for your perusal:

Thai Airlines S$1050 excluding taxes, 6 months ticket (Transit Bangkok)
Australian Airlines (Promotion) S$995 excluding taxes, 60 days ticket
Travel period: 15 April - 30 Jun 05

Er.. i am not so please now! I asked for a student ticket!! One year return ticket! Don't give me a 60 DAYS ticket, you silly woman!

Neh'mind. I emailed the agent again and asked her to check again..

Fat Fingers' Reply :

I am interested in the student fares only (please see previous email.)
Can you please kindly check the fares for Singapore to Heathrow (round trip) ONE YEAR STUDENT ticket for Austrian Airlines and Thai airways?

3rd reply from Travel Agent :

Good day to you.
I am pleased to advise you on the following fares for your perusal:

Singapore-London-Singapore (Student fare)

Singapore Airlines S$1850 excluding taxes, e-ticket
Royal Brunei Airlines S$1125 excluding taxes, 1 year ticket (Transit Bandar)

ARGH!!! Stupid or what??
I don't know why it is so difficult to just give me the fare for Thai Airways and Austrian Air?? And why give me SQ fare AGAIN?!?!?!

I am going to compRain to the customer service mgr.
The service is so bad! I bet it takes 10 emails or more to get it right.
Yeah, you might be thinking.. why not just call them! Well.... i hate talking over the phone .. hehe

Anyway, I'm not going to get my tickets from them! Cos i have already found out the price for Austrian Air! $1050! Excl tax!

And also.. how come the Heathrow Airport tax is so expensive! $101 !!! Argh! $101.. can buy a lot of things you know...


jettykey said...

Yes, getting quotes from Spore travel agent can "Vomit blood". Some of them have little cow sense too!

aGent X said...

may you should offer to 'draw' instead..hahah..

wah biang...heart pain!

ivan said...

try STA travels.
i get my student tics there everytime.
KLM is normally around 1.5k inclusive tax
AF is 1.2-3K inclusive tax
There's air malaysia which is cheaper
and gulf air i think is the cheapest.

Anonymous said...

Eh, please go try

All the prices are there from different airlines.


Bubblemunche said...

Argh!!! You are going to leave us so soon!! I doubt you'll be blogging as much with your studies and a possible marriage!

- Ah Hock

Dan said...

hey why are u leaving for UK? apparently i havent been reading your archives but pls tell me..

Ah 9 said...

there's stupid people everywhere!!! ARGHHH!!

Fat Fingers said...

Anna : Yah.. little cow sense and bad service! grrr

Agent X : haha maybe i should!

ivan : STA travel called me today.. they didn't give me any good service. The person was quite rude! hmmm thanks! i have asked another agent to help me check on Malaysia air and gulf air.. Are you studying in the UK too?

FF : I checked already. The prices are not updated... and they were the one who gave me those replies! hahaha

Ah Hock : Yes! I'll be leaving soon! I am so nervous! But i will definitely try to blog when i'm there. i'm sure there will be some lonely nights where i'll have time to blog :( hehe Yes.. and hopefully a possible marriage! hee hee

Dan : i'm leaving for the UK to study at Leeds Uni.. MSc in GIS (Geographical Information Systems)I've been thinking of doing this for the past few years.. hmm

ah 9 : You are right! argh!!!

limegreenspyda said...

wow! when will you be leaving? usually fall term starts sometime in september right? haha... learnt that from harry potter books!

i've got a good travel agent to recommend... gasi travels. forgot their number, but maybe you can google them, or check yellow pages. they've got an office at mandarin hotel (opposite heeren!) and that's where i got my [cheap] tix to melbourne! very helpful too. they helped me a LOT. cuz i had a cello to bring over as well, and they helped me do all the legwork and paperwork and calling. very very efficient! hahaha... i'm just helping them do a spot of free advertising!

Jayaxe said...

I thought you're going to Leeds? Or is Heathrow the nearest airport to Leeds liao?

sari said...

whoa U are going sooo far away!! Damn shiok!!!! and I think they cant meet yr budget.. its usually over 1000.. to Brissy from sgp, its already 1200 Hans said~ ex manz!

Fat Fingers said...

Spyda : Yes starts in Sept! hehehe. I will leave in Aug. Will go visit The Boyfriend and his family first! :) Ok i will try Gasi travels! Thank you!! :)

Jayaxe : I think there is another airport nearer to Leeds but i will go to London first. Will have to pay a visit to future mother-in-law hahaha

Sari Party Girl : Got tix cheaper than $1500.. like Austrian air. Only $1050! hohohoho and there are some that costs $1200. You all travel by BA/Qantas/SQ is it? hehehe

Fat Fingers said...
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ivan said...

yup studying in the UK, durham. Leeds is nice though you'll be seeing a LOT of cops on the streets. Really city like, so it wouldn't be much of a shock (unlike me).

hmm yeah sta is often like that, but once you get the hang of how they function it's ok. Generally they given quotes for around 2-3 airlines tops, anymore they start being grounchy.

If you want to fly to an airport that's near to leeds and not london heathrow, i suggest that you don't change flights at london. Heathrow is a crowded and annoying airport, security check are very tight and queues are normally long.
My personal fav is to transit in Amsterdam, the airport is really nice... and if your transit is more than a couple of hours, you can take a tour out to the city.

Fat Fingers said...

ivan : thanks! i did check their website. problem is the fares are not updated... i have to fly to heathrow first.. cos have to visit The Boyfriend's family hehehe I think i'll travel by Austrian Airlines.. hehe can do a stopover at Vienna. Not so bad. :D