Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I think Dick is going to be in deep deep trouble.

His boss has arranged a meeting for all teams. Her email was something like this..

Hi, Since Dick is away, i would like to take this opportunity to have a meeting with all of you to find out if you have any issues or problems that you need to address to me.

And this morning, she called me and asked me what happened between Dick and me.. I didn't tell her much because i was just too shock to get a call from her.

But.. She will be coming next month and will spend some time with me! i'll wait till then to tell her about Dick.

There are so many things that i want to tell her but at the same time.. i have to be objective..I better draft out what i want to tell her..

And... not too long to go now! 3 months to go before i say goodbye to Dick! Woohooo!


limegreenspyda said...

wah... got agenda liao.
look out, dick.
fat fingers is on the warpath!

Jayaxe said...

Yah, I think be careful of what you say. But this boss not the 'viper' meh??

Dan said...

hey did u make a lunch time dedication on class 95 today?

lancerlord said...

Now's your chance.

Do you think that lady boss knows Dick is a dickhead?

Fat Fingers said...

Spyda : Not only me.. everyone is going to compRain about him! muaahhahaha

Jayaxe : no Viper is not his boss. Viper is his subordinate

Dan : Yes it was i! hahahaha

Lancerlord : Yes i think she knows now. Apparently some of the expats complained about him to the HR and to her too..

Ah 9 said...

it's time for u to tie a bandana around ur forehead, pick up a machine gun in ur hands each, and fire away with a warcry.

Fat Fingers : First Blood

suspiciousbastard said...

Dick is going to die cock standing. Pardon my French.

suspiciousbastard said...
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MyOrangeSweater said...

Fat Finger, which part of UK are you going to, London, England? To study ah?

jettykey said...

Yes, prepare a list, make it as short and to the point. In that way, your point can get across better!

Looks like Dick is going to be stuck in deep shit! Can you imagine the picture?

cowboy caleb said...

Try to make sure you are very clear about what you are unhappy about. Leave emotions out of this and highlight the professional working problems.

Being a dick is not a problem. Lack of empathy, no teamwork and lack of leadership are problems.

the end said...

I think I will follow ur footsteps very soon. I am also "countdowning" the days to tender my resignation after making my many claims from my current company. I have less than 1 month to tender and less than 2 mths working in this company !

Bubblemunche said...

Remember! Do not mention anything about 'anal probes'!

- Ah Hock

Fat Fingers said...

Ah 9 : HAHAHAHAHA Yes... First Blood! muahahaha

Suspiciousbastard : hahaha that's funny

Lynne : Yeah! I am going to Leeds to study.

Anna : hahaha i can picture it! muahaha

Cowboy : Thanks! Yeah i have to be very objective.. and must be professional.

wfy : How i envy you! Happy counting down to your very last day at the co!

Ah Hock : Thanks. I will remember! As long as i don't see no umbrella during the meeting. If i see it, i will think of anal probes..

Anonymous said...

tell us how it went!


Filee Falee said...

lol sounds like payback time to me :)

insanityiscreativity said...

i thought u paid back by spliting on his cake?
SOunds exciting.......u took ur "dick story" to another level.

Bittersweet said...

may everyone complains about Dick and he would be fired or make as public apology on the newspaper for you are even better work under you!!!

muahaha!! your boss working under you doesn't it sound good? MUaahah!! best of luck!!! Blast that dickhead till he is dead!!

Little Miss Drinkalot said...


Fat Fingers said...

FF : didn't go too well haha but there's the one to one session!

Filee Falee : Yeah! Die Dick Die! muahaha

Insanity is Creativity : haha that was a small pay back.. i still have more to pay back

Bittersweet : I hope so.. but i think they will not sack him....

LMD : YES! Muahahahahahahahahaa