Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Tomorrow, there will be a girl walking around a busy street in London...She will be walking around gathering data and taking pictures of roads, cars and people... She will also be wearing the bright yellow obiang safety vest... like this...

except that she will not look so cool... and it is going to be bright yellow!!

Yeah, that person is gonna be me!! I can't imagine msyelf wearing that though it is common here in the UK! I must get my supervisor to take a pic of me.. cos i want to show it to my family and friends hahaaha! If only i have a helmet to go along with it!

Really looking forward to tomorrow cos i will be out and about...taking pictures and stuff.

I am still enjoying myself at the co. and am really hoping that the boss would offer me a job before my job attachment ends! There is so much to do and learn!

I hope he will ask me what i want for my birthday this friday.. cos i will tell him i want a job there! hohoho!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Having a good time!!

I'm still alive! After 3 days of internship!

My feet almost died on the 2nd day because of the walking that i had to do.... i reckon i must have done more than 10,000 steps that day....


The people there are generally very nice.. and are all a young bunch of ppl.. and I think the co. is so cool!!!! Cos they have a special drive full of mp3s! I can listen to it while i work!! And they also have their own wiki page! Man! Is that cool or is that cool?

Anyway, i'm having a good time there!! :D

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

22 hours..

In 22 hours.. i have to finish:

6 oranges
4 muller fruit corner yogurts
1 chicken thigh
6 mushrooms
1 pint of milk
1/4 tub of ice cream...

That's because i received a call today from my soon-to-be boss... He wants me to start my job attachment earlier because there is going to be a site visit on thursday and he thinks it would be good opportunity for me to learn and get to know the process. Aww how nice of him! And he said he's looking forward to meeting me again.. woohoo! And i look forward to meeting him too! So much so that i dreamt of my work attachment last night! hahahaa

Yeah so i better start packing my stuff now and finish all my food hohoho!! I'm so excited!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Our Camel List...

I was watching the Opening of the Melbourne Commonwealth Games on BBC2... and there was a part where they zoomed in on Australia's Prime Minister John Howard....and he reminded me of Dick! They look somewhat alike!


Sometimes Dick still traumatize me in my dream! Not sure if i blogged about this.. but there was once.. i dreamt that he stole my jacket and tried to sell it! GRRRR!! So i gave him a piece of my mind! I told him what a cheapskate he was and my jacket wasn't even worth much and why was he even trying to sell it??? HAHAHAHAHA!

Of course, when i woke up, i felt damn shiok! I have always wanted to scold him right in the face but sometimes i just can't.. dunno why.. but i can always do it in my dream! And i think the reason why he appears in my dream is because my ex COWorkers have been updating me about his stories....

Dick is in our (Mr Fat Fingers and I) camel list. This is the list where we will put down the names of the people we hate and they will be raped by camels infected with AIDS! haha!! Mr Fat Fingers is in charge of this list. He has helped me put in the names of my flatmates in the list too.. and recently he has added the 500+ annoying people in Sainsbury's who got in his way!! LOL!

That's what we do when we're annoyed.. put people on the "camel list" .. laugh about it and then try to forget about it.. but Dick has been there for a long time already... hohoho Cannot help it leh. He is really annoying....even till now.. 7 months after i left the company hahaha! Maybe i should just tell my ex colleagues to stop updating me about him.. but if we don't, we will have not much to talk about anymore! hahahahaha

Ok i have to go back to my essay.. a thousand more words to go.. if only writing an essay is as easy as blogging..... :D

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Ok i have submitted my dissertation proposal to my lecturer... and he thinks it is an interesting idea because he has been waiting for people to do something like this! So i think that's great!

And i've put his name down as my potential supervisor before asking him LOL! And when i told him that, he laughed and said he will have to think about it because a lot of people has put his name down as well! I am not surprised because he is really nice and helpful plus he gives good marks if you can show that you have put in effort and hard work to a piece of work even though the program may not work!!

But i'm quite sure he will be my supervisor because he did say he is interested in this topic...but there is also another lecturer who has done this too and I don't quite like him. He's not so helpful.. laid back and irresponsible! He didn't turn up for a lecture and didn't even inform anyone! How to trust this kind of people to help and guide you?? I cannot!! So i hope he will not be assigned to be my supervisor!!!

Oh yeah! Since I am working on this topic which is mostly web based work... i think i can move out in mid June or maybe even end of May!! I can save some rent money and work on my dissertation at Mr Fat Fingers'! & I don't have to worry about cooking or doing the laundry hohoho!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

It's March already...

... so why is it still so cold??? In fact i think it is getting colder!
And it is snowing right now as i'm writing this post! and I think it will go on for the next few hours...

It seems like Spring will come a wee bit late this year...

And i have just come up with a "brilliant" idea for my dissertation... but i have to do some programming.. it's javascript.. and i don't have to design any GUI/models/code from scratch..most of the stuff i can get them off the net hmmmm Can't wait to talk to my lecturer about my idea.. i hope he will say ok.. because i think there is so much I can do rather than the one i wrote down on my proposal!

And i have an essay to finish in 6 days! I want to finish it soon so I can do more research about it!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Hmm i dunno...

I have problems coming up with a research topic for my Masters Dissertation.....

Well actually... I've come up with a couple of ideas... Spoke to my lecturer about them today and he thinks i have a great idea but it's hard to get it done because of the time contrain and it's an individual project. He thinks that it will work only if there's 100 Fat Fingers cos the data collection part is going to be a real challenge...which i agree...

So he gave me an idea... it seems ok.. somewhat interesting but I am not sure. I even asked him if it will make a good dissertation and he said.."Of course!" ... hmmm i'm not too sure though.. it's not challenging enough for me but i have no more ideas and I had to submit my proposal today... So I told him i'm going to write that down as my proposal first and will do more research...

Now.. i'm having this feeling.. u know.. like.. I've won the consolation prize and not the top prize... hmmmm

Should I do something that it's not so interesting and challenging? or should I do something else? But i have no more ideas..boohoohoo!!!
I have till May to come up with better ideas... cos that's when the first formal deadline is.. and i hope the co that i'm going to do the internship with will ask me to work on something with them. That would be great!

So in the meantime.... i better get on with my other essays!!! and then think more about it.


And why do people like to come up with cheem titles for their dissertation? Is it to confuse people? Make it more academic-ish? hmmmm I also want to come up with cheem titles hehehe

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hmmm.... hehehe

I got this from Justine Lee's blog. Too funny! I uploaded my photo to myheritage.com ...and it would scan my photo to see which celebs I look like.. Here's my list for both sexes..

So I look like:

* Stephen Chow 67%!!!!! LOL LOL LOL!!

*Park Ji-Sung 64% ... hmmm?

*Eva Longoria 60%! Cool!! I always think she is hot! Woohooo!!!

*Jang Nara 59% hmm quite pretty too.hahaha i dunno whether i look like Jang Nara or this girl (see pic below) who was shown on that site.. cos some ppl told me she is not jang nara. but anyway...

*Michelle Wie 58% Not bad too!!!

*Janie Tienphosuwan 56% Dunno who. but she is also pretty!

*Jessica Alba 56% Haha! Not bad lah!

*Aung San Suu Kyi 55% Hmmmm?

*Michelle Yeoh 55% hehehehe Maybe i should try to be the next bond girl or what

*Bunko Kanazawa 55% dunno who also? is she a porn star?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I don't undestand...

Someone rang the doorbell this morning...TWICE!
I didn't want to wake up and open the door because i never invite my friends over (not at this time anyway!!) and i am sick of opening the door for my flatmates' friends!!!

No one got up to open the door.. and then that person rang the doorbell again.

I had no choice but to get up to see who's there... and i saw this girl waving at me.. I looked at her and gave her the who-the-fuck-are-you-?-do-you-know-it's-8-in-the-morning-and-we-are-still-in-bed look. So i went downstairs and opened the door for her and she said.. "Sorry i live upstairs from you but i forgot my key. but i know xxx (my flatmate)." And i wasn't in the best of mood and i told her.. "Well why didn't you ring the bell of your own flat then? And guess what? xxx, your friend, didn't open the door for you but i did!! and stomped back to the flat.. and went back to bed.

Now i feel kinda guilty for being so rude.. but i'm still wondering.. why did that silly Japanese girl not ring the bell for her flat but rang ours instead???????

And she needs her key to get back to her flat too..so how the hell did she get in then? knock on the door? If she did.. why didn't she rang the bell to her flat then???



Anyway.. i am £30 richer today! Did 3 mystery shopping ASSignments in one hour!! Wooohoooo!!!

Monday, March 06, 2006


Why why why?

Why is it everytime i am off to somewhere for the long weekend and i come back and find that everything is in a mess?

First the wok is dirty again!

Then the brush which i used to scrub my wok is so dirty! full of food leftovers stuck in between the bristles!

for fuck's sake! if you want to use something then please clean it up after using!

Then they fucking used my detergent! I know it doesn't cost much but if you didn't pay for it, then dun use it! it was half full when i left.. now i am back.. it's not even a week and there's like less than 1/4 left! and t's not the money it is the principle!!!!

I hate my flatmates! Those fucking chao cheebyes!

I am feeling the rage!!!!!!!!!!

I know it's silly to get angry over such things but i can't help it!!!!

I'm fucking feeling the rage!!!!!

The rage!!!


It's a good day today!
SO i'm off to the supermarket now to get some food! More detergent! and a new brush and i am not fucking going to share it with them!


Die flatmates die!!!!!!!!

Update: man i feel so much better now after a trip to morrison's!well not really... i really wanted to run down some ppl with the trolley cos they it's so damn crowded and everyone is in the way! grrrrrr fed up lah! Anyway i bin the brush and got myself more sponges!! Then my sister came online and saw my MSN msg "I am living with some chao chee byes!!!!" and she said "Eh, why you scold bad word?? Not good leh!" ... hehehehe Yeah i am feeling better... but i still hate them! grrrrrr