Monday, March 06, 2006


Why why why?

Why is it everytime i am off to somewhere for the long weekend and i come back and find that everything is in a mess?

First the wok is dirty again!

Then the brush which i used to scrub my wok is so dirty! full of food leftovers stuck in between the bristles!

for fuck's sake! if you want to use something then please clean it up after using!

Then they fucking used my detergent! I know it doesn't cost much but if you didn't pay for it, then dun use it! it was half full when i left.. now i am back.. it's not even a week and there's like less than 1/4 left! and t's not the money it is the principle!!!!

I hate my flatmates! Those fucking chao cheebyes!

I am feeling the rage!!!!!!!!!!

I know it's silly to get angry over such things but i can't help it!!!!

I'm fucking feeling the rage!!!!!

The rage!!!


It's a good day today!
SO i'm off to the supermarket now to get some food! More detergent! and a new brush and i am not fucking going to share it with them!


Die flatmates die!!!!!!!!

Update: man i feel so much better now after a trip to morrison's!well not really... i really wanted to run down some ppl with the trolley cos they it's so damn crowded and everyone is in the way! grrrrrr fed up lah! Anyway i bin the brush and got myself more sponges!! Then my sister came online and saw my MSN msg "I am living with some chao chee byes!!!!" and she said "Eh, why you scold bad word?? Not good leh!" ... hehehehe Yeah i am feeling better... but i still hate them! grrrrrr


limegreenspyda said...

why don't you keep the would-be-shareables like detergent, shampoo, sponges etc. in your own room? then they won't have any excuse to use the products anymore, the horrible flatmates from hell!

vandice said...

The horror! The horror! How did you meet them btw? Roommate ads on the street?

....::sPellb0und::.... said...

Hey babe! cool down again... the next time you see their bottle of detergeant, just use as much as you can, or not, just pour some detergeant in their shampoo bottle.


Jayaxe said...

You should maybe stick a message on a kitchen knife that says something like "Clean up with your own detergent or your blood ends up here". See whether they scared or not.

Fat Fingers said...

spyda: yah now i keep everything liao! but is so troublesome lor i think. grrr

vandice: i am suay lor. they just randomly throw us into a flat! Well actually they put ppl with similar habits together.. but we are not similar at all leh!

spellbound: thanks! hehe. yah i pour into their soup! haha no lah. i not so jek ark.

jayaxe: haha i think they might throw away that paper and start using my knife!!!