Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I don't undestand...

Someone rang the doorbell this morning...TWICE!
I didn't want to wake up and open the door because i never invite my friends over (not at this time anyway!!) and i am sick of opening the door for my flatmates' friends!!!

No one got up to open the door.. and then that person rang the doorbell again.

I had no choice but to get up to see who's there... and i saw this girl waving at me.. I looked at her and gave her the who-the-fuck-are-you-?-do-you-know-it's-8-in-the-morning-and-we-are-still-in-bed look. So i went downstairs and opened the door for her and she said.. "Sorry i live upstairs from you but i forgot my key. but i know xxx (my flatmate)." And i wasn't in the best of mood and i told her.. "Well why didn't you ring the bell of your own flat then? And guess what? xxx, your friend, didn't open the door for you but i did!! and stomped back to the flat.. and went back to bed.

Now i feel kinda guilty for being so rude.. but i'm still wondering.. why did that silly Japanese girl not ring the bell for her flat but rang ours instead???????

And she needs her key to get back to her flat too..so how the hell did she get in then? knock on the door? If she did.. why didn't she rang the bell to her flat then???



Anyway.. i am £30 richer today! Did 3 mystery shopping ASSignments in one hour!! Wooohoooo!!!


my alter ego said...

wah lau...

same thing happened to me when during my hostel days too.

think the ppl who lived above me were from spain.

1st few times i willl open the door for them, after that, i will pull the living room curtain shut and than ignore them. (who ask them to be sooo bloody noisy every nite).

and U EARNNNNNN 30P in 1hr???

pub visit?

wah..u much better than me leh...but i think i also did like 3 pubs job in a day...heheheh

Fat Fingers said...

no lah is 3 jobs in one hour. £10 per job. hehe i went to 2 banks and GAP. but GAP must return the goods one! so niao! they don't want to let me keep anything!

sari said...

Easy. She thought shd wud hang ard at yr place cus her housemates must be sleeping too~ Heeheee ...

and damn, your housemates suck shit! I understand all the problems from the dishwasher to using my stuff and just leave it there to rot. U should write on a pcs of paper and say something like, "Dun ever f**king use my stuff if you dont know how to ask or wash it after use!!" They will get the answers although they will hell bitch bout u, but they wont use yr stuff. In d apast I have nasty housemates who talked outsude their rooms and even after I told em to soften down 3 times, they still wont stopped and actually said they have the right.. sucks. U shd consider moving out and save u from the bloog boil.

Fat Fingers said...

sari, i have till june to move out and will be away in april.. so i will ren till then!!! grrrr