Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hmmm.... hehehe

I got this from Justine Lee's blog. Too funny! I uploaded my photo to ...and it would scan my photo to see which celebs I look like.. Here's my list for both sexes..

So I look like:

* Stephen Chow 67%!!!!! LOL LOL LOL!!

*Park Ji-Sung 64% ... hmmm?

*Eva Longoria 60%! Cool!! I always think she is hot! Woohooo!!!

*Jang Nara 59% hmm quite pretty too.hahaha i dunno whether i look like Jang Nara or this girl (see pic below) who was shown on that site.. cos some ppl told me she is not jang nara. but anyway...

*Michelle Wie 58% Not bad too!!!

*Janie Tienphosuwan 56% Dunno who. but she is also pretty!

*Jessica Alba 56% Haha! Not bad lah!

*Aung San Suu Kyi 55% Hmmmm?

*Michelle Yeoh 55% hehehehe Maybe i should try to be the next bond girl or what

*Bunko Kanazawa 55% dunno who also? is she a porn star?


xcake said...

That Jang-NaRa photo is not Jang Na Ra!!! Jang Na Ra has super big eyes! ^^ But that woman is also pretty, hehe.

The last pic, I think she's a porn star, yes xD

andrea said...

hello! hadnt been here for quite a long time. btw, it sounds to me that ur living at montague burton. correct me if i'm wrong. oh and ur a mystery shopper too?? cool..cuz i just got the job too XD

Fat Fingers said...

cemel: yah, i thought it looked different but that site used that pic for Jang nara. Maybe that is the before cosmetic surgery look? hahaha yah i googled that girl and she's a porn star! if only i have a body like her haha

andrea: hi ya! yes i stay at monty b! very near leodis! are you a local or international student? i'm just curious :D cheers!

kachuaz said...

that lady is hsu wei lun. taiwan actress not jang nara.

park ji sung is man utd's midfielder. damn blardy good loh.

keke..glory glory man united! :X

Fat Fingers said...

kachuaz: Man U sucks! :D

kookabaru said...

Aung Sun Suu Kyi is a Nobel Peace prize winner leh!

btw, what course r u doing? I am in my final year, so I have to do a final year project too.. =(

Duckie said...

i think bunko is a porn star leh. not sure also.