Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Ok i have submitted my dissertation proposal to my lecturer... and he thinks it is an interesting idea because he has been waiting for people to do something like this! So i think that's great!

And i've put his name down as my potential supervisor before asking him LOL! And when i told him that, he laughed and said he will have to think about it because a lot of people has put his name down as well! I am not surprised because he is really nice and helpful plus he gives good marks if you can show that you have put in effort and hard work to a piece of work even though the program may not work!!

But i'm quite sure he will be my supervisor because he did say he is interested in this topic...but there is also another lecturer who has done this too and I don't quite like him. He's not so helpful.. laid back and irresponsible! He didn't turn up for a lecture and didn't even inform anyone! How to trust this kind of people to help and guide you?? I cannot!! So i hope he will not be assigned to be my supervisor!!!

Oh yeah! Since I am working on this topic which is mostly web based work... i think i can move out in mid June or maybe even end of May!! I can save some rent money and work on my dissertation at Mr Fat Fingers'! & I don't have to worry about cooking or doing the laundry hohoho!


The Princess said...

Woo...its good to be fed and washed by someone and do nothing, hehehe.

Fat Fingers said...

haha yah.. i must say Mr. Fat Fingers is really good at looking after me and he cooks better than me! So might as well leave it to him. hahaha and sorry hor.. he is not going to wash me. i actually really enjoying having a shower on my own and the bathtub and shower is kinda small for the two of us! LOL! ;)

heidi said...

happened to stumble on your blog! your life reminds me of my school days in england some time back! searching for a topic for final year thesis, looking for a supervisor, meeting deadlines etc... but that was one of the best time of my life!

by the way, i am new to blogging. feel a little too old and too unfamiliar in the blogosphere! visit my blog if u have some time! http://heidi-is-it.livejournal.com/

barneysaurus said...

Congrats congrats :D!!!! Hope your days of dish-washing-veggie-eating-non-toilet-cleaning roomies will be over soon :D!

I'm buried neck-deep in project work. And I haven't yet settled my attachment and final year project supervisor! Die :P....

Fat Fingers said...

heidi: welcome to my blog! i've just visited u and will visit more often when i have the time! :)

Barneysaurus: yah but now i am thinking maybe i have to stay longer.. make use of the facilities in school and also the time of my supervisor before i go off.. hmmmm and good luck for your FYP! :)

cheeky said...

U can vote or not hah? or you don't care haha.

Fat Fingers said...

cheeky!! I miss you!!! Anyway... i can vote.. but i think surely walkover.. AGAIN!.. so i dun really care haha but i would also love to vote cos i never vote before leh hahahahaha

lynn said...

am fine, working part time and trying to find a full time job now. My dissertation has been submitted for sometime now and I am awaiting my results. Hope I don't fail...will be my worse nightmare come through. Should be hanging around till July for my graduation if all else if okay.
Good about moving out, I couldn't take 6 mths of my housemate and her family. Let alone for you 9 mths!
Which part of london are you interning?
I am living at St Kath's Dock area