Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Tomorrow, there will be a girl walking around a busy street in London...She will be walking around gathering data and taking pictures of roads, cars and people... She will also be wearing the bright yellow obiang safety vest... like this...

except that she will not look so cool... and it is going to be bright yellow!!

Yeah, that person is gonna be me!! I can't imagine msyelf wearing that though it is common here in the UK! I must get my supervisor to take a pic of me.. cos i want to show it to my family and friends hahaaha! If only i have a helmet to go along with it!

Really looking forward to tomorrow cos i will be out and about...taking pictures and stuff.

I am still enjoying myself at the co. and am really hoping that the boss would offer me a job before my job attachment ends! There is so much to do and learn!

I hope he will ask me what i want for my birthday this friday.. cos i will tell him i want a job there! hohoho!


Mirebella said...

A new challenge is always exciting! Be careful with that data collection eh? Dont wanna get "picked up" by some BIG FAT angmoh! ;-)

Anonymous said...

haa. wish one of your bday present will be getting a job at the co. Cheers . have fun!

merry.little.lady said...

I've been reading your posts for quite some time already.. 1st time commenting though..

And the message is, your blog rule totally!:D

p.s.are you in the marketing research department or something? what does wearing the yellow safety vest symbolise??

xcake said...

Why do you have to wear those getups to take datas??

The Princess said...

Look foward to seeing those pics! And hope you get the job too ^_^

Fat Fingers said...

thanks merry.little.lady!! no i am not doing marketing research... :D

mirebella: yah got some big ang mohs calling me from their trucks too but i pretend not to hear hahaha

anon: thanks! :)

cemel: must wear so ppl will know that i am working..and also for safety purpose..

the princess: didn't take pics of me.. cos i was on duty haha :D