Tuesday, March 21, 2006

22 hours..

In 22 hours.. i have to finish:

6 oranges
4 muller fruit corner yogurts
1 chicken thigh
6 mushrooms
1 pint of milk
1/4 tub of ice cream...

That's because i received a call today from my soon-to-be boss... He wants me to start my job attachment earlier because there is going to be a site visit on thursday and he thinks it would be good opportunity for me to learn and get to know the process. Aww how nice of him! And he said he's looking forward to meeting me again.. woohoo! And i look forward to meeting him too! So much so that i dreamt of my work attachment last night! hahahaa

Yeah so i better start packing my stuff now and finish all my food hohoho!! I'm so excited!!


limegreenspyda said...

umm... why do you have to finish up all that food before starting on your work attachment?

and, good luck! sounds like you're raring to go, and that means a high chance of you enjoying this! great! you deserve the lovely change after those d.w.d (days with dick)! hahaha! have fun! :)

Fat Fingers said...

oh cos my job attachment is in London... i will be away for 4 weeks and the food will all go bad hehe.

thanks! I'm really really excited hehhee :D

heidi said...

i wish i can help u with the yoghurt and ice cream! snacks are banned from my fridge cos when we start snacking we can't stop! i often dream of snacking though. hahaha!

kookabaru said...

woo.. London!

why not just pack some of the food and bring to london? Can eat on ur journey here.

The Princess said...

Hmmmm....I have discovered that it is a challenge to keep slim in a western country, when it has all my favorite food like muffins, bagels, sweet potato pies etc. My face will look like a cake if I don't exercise some self control!

kookabaru said...

in uk I get fat on awful food.

lynn said...

send some food down my way...hehe...or bring it down to where u going to stay and use it up.
don't forget to bring your brolie and wellies, it is going to be rain galore in london

Suvy said...

it's friday now... so did you get to finish all the food? or did you bring it with you???