Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Many things to look forward to...

Singapore Idol tomorrow..
I hope Taufik wins.. if he doesn't it's ok too hahaha

The dreaded D&D on Friday!
Dick has sent us an email today and said we can go off at 3pm. That's nice of him.. but still.. we don't like him!
I'm a little nervous.. cos i hate dressing up.. it makes me uncomfortable. I prefer my jeans, tees and sneakers.

Dick leaving on next Wednesday!
He'll be gone for a month! Yahooo!! FREEDOM! Oh yeah Baby!!

My new colleague / team member in Jan '05
Yeah.. Dick has hired another girl who will be joining my team. I hope she can take some of my categories so i can do less work and chat more on Yahoo with my COWorkers! Muahahahaha!
She will be sitting in the cubicle next to me. I hope she will not look at what i'm doing most of the time.. I need a mirror.. so i can see what she's doing and if she's looking at me hohoho

The Bonus Payout in Feb '05!!
I hope i get at least a 2.5 months bonus.. Maybe i am too greedy.. but i do hope that i get at least 2.5 months.. cos i really need to save more $$$!! Especially after receiving my insurance premium today! About $1k! argh!

The Boyfriend!!
Yes! He will be here in Feb! I can't wait! I need lots of TLC.. not that i am not getting any at the moment.. but i want someone to cuddle me and tickle me to sleep.. someone to feed me strawberries. hehe But i am not looking forward to giving up my remote control to him though hehehe

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Chicken anyone??

My friend sent me this URL when i told him i was bored at work..

haha That Chicken is way too funny!
Try asking it to strip! and also to shake his booty! hehehe

Actually the chicken looks kinda scary.... i hope i won't get any nightmares about it.. hehe

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

She needs to pee badly..

The Incredibles was great! I enjoyed it more than Mini Me i think haha! Cos she couldn't understand most of it. She is 5 after all.. and i had to explain most of it to her.. and she will ask me.. "Ah yi, why? why like that har? Ah yi, tell me leh.. Who is that? Bad person is it?"

And i am constantly telling her, "Mini Me, don't drink too much coke ok.. we can only go to the toilet after the show. If not we will not know what is happening. You need to pee? Are you urgent? Can wait?"

Mini Me did well.. she didn't go pee during the show..She was actually holding it! After the show has ended.. we rushed to the toilet.. and Mini Me couldn't hold it any longer... so i had to ask this bunch of girls if they can let us go first. Thankfully, they said ok. I wouldn't know what to do with a kid peeing her pants..

Oh yeah.. Mr Incredible reminds me of Mr. Fat Fingers aka The Boyfriend. But Mr. Incredible has more hair than The Boyfriend...

One more thing.. there is a new Stephen Chow movie coming soon! It's called Kung Fu Hustle! I love to watch Stephen Chow's movies..they are just so funny! I'm sure Bubbles will enjoy this show :) I'm not a big HK/Chinese movie fan.. but I can't wait to watch this!

Monday, November 22, 2004


The uni has replied.. here's what they say..

Dear enquirer,

You are exempted if you have taken GCSE English and passed or if you hold a GCE 'O' Level in English with at least a grade C.

Many thanks

I thought it was funny.. cos they called me "enquirer". I think they were confused.. and didn't know which is my first and last name so they called me "enquirer" hahaha

Anyway, yeah.. no need to spend $280 on the test!

I'm having a day off tomorrow!

I'll be bringing Mini Me to watch The Incredibles too. It will be fun.. just the 2 of us, we can make it if we try, just the two of us... you and i..

Will need to go collect my $380 Shiseido hamper too! Haha! so happy to have finally won something from all the contests i've sent in. I hope i get to win the car from smrt too.. i can sell it and use the $$$$ for school! hohoho

Yeah.. so, have you won anything from any contest before? & What is it?

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Have you seen him lately??

I was flipping through the channels and i saw this guy who's so familiar on CNBC..

It's Richard Simmons!

Do you still remember him??

I remember watching him on tv when i was very young.. about 10 yrs old maybe? The sister likes him i think.. and i still remember this.. Richard Simmons was telling the audience to clench their buttocks.. haha And the camera zoomed into his buttocks..and there he was clenching it.. and then releasing the muscles.. hahahaha I thought it was funny hehe.
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Friday, November 19, 2004

Eh? What the...

I have received the letter of offer from the Uni... and they want me to take the TOEFL test..

Eh? what the??

English is my first language and i have passed my A levels GP.. C5.. damn! The requirement is that anyone without grade C and above must take the TOEFL test... so that means i don't have to!

Have already emailed the Uni and am now waiting for them to reply.. please please please tell me that it's a mistake!

Because of this.. i am now reminded of the GP lessons that i had.. I had a great tutor. His name was Mr. Dury. He was the funniest teacher in school and i just love all his jokes. We always look forward to his lessons. It was like going to the 1 Nite Stand Comedy Club ... minus the booze.

Mr. Dury had to leave us in the middle of the term and the school hired a temp to take over the class. She was much younger than Mr. Dury.. She was about 4-5 yrs older than us.. but her lessons were so boring.. & She's a butch.. we all can tell from the way she looks and behave.. but she is very bitchy for a butch.. so we nicknamed her Bitchy Butch.

And i don't know what my girlfriends and I did.. but we were both "marked" by her.. She would always pick on us and asked us the most difficult question.

There was once when we had to go home and think about our 3 wishes.. and my girlfriend and i forgot about it.. and we were like... "Shucks man, forgot all about it... " And she heard it and told me i will be the first to tell everyone about my 3 wishes...and if i fail to do so, i will have to write an essay.. So i went up and told everyone about my wishes.. one of them was World Peace! hahahaha the whole class laughed at me.... why? why laugh at me? Don't you want world peace too?? Grrr Anyway, she said.. "give us a better wish" .. eh.. but i really want world peace!! But she said no.. ok.. so i gave another one.. which i can't remember.. but i know my 3rd wish was "I wish that i do not have to write the essay". And her reply? "Wish not granted, both of you get out now! and submit the essay by the end of the day!" Eh.. what the?? My girlfriend didn't even get to talk about her wish!

I was so fed up and humiliated! I went out to write my essay and finished it within a period and happily went back to class to submit it to her..

Bitchy Butch : Did i ask you to come in??
Me: No. But I'm here to submit my essay.
Bitchy Butch : Get out of the class now!!
Me *walking towards my seat* : #$#*&%(*#&% *cursing inside my heart*
BitchyButch : Get OUT NOW!!
Me : I go and take my bag cannot is it??? *slams door* Wah lau, Bitch!

I was told that everyone in the class heard that.... hohoho

From then onwards, we were enemies.. When i see her, i'd stare straight at her.. & she would look down.. and when i see her talking to other classmates, i'd greet my other classmates with a sweet smile and then turned to her and stare at her and gave her the i-hate-you-so-much-i-want-to-bash-you-up look.

In class, she would use me as an example and the examples were not good, i tell you! She told everyone that someone who is stubborn is also pig headed.. and she looked at me. Yeah yeah, we all know you were talking about me! Bloody Bitchy Butch.
When she asked me questions, i would shrug because i didn't want to talk to her... she told me if i knew it was rude to shrug.. and guess what my response was? Yes, i shrugged! hohoho! I just didn't want to talk to her.. She wasn't too happy about it and told me to stand up. I stood up and made sure my chair fell hard on the floor. So fed up!

Since that incident, many people came up to me and pat me on the back and said.. "Well done! We hate her too!" Eh? What the?? & many were surprised by the way i reacted because i was a very quiet and low profile student.. hehehhee

Then i heard many stories about her being racist.. She hate the indians and would punish them for skipping her classes but not the Chinese or the Malays..

Shortly after that, she left and joined the Prime Minister's Office.... Wooohoo! And we got another boring GP teacher.. I can't remember her name.. but i passed her tests and she allowed us to go off at 10.15am on Wednesdays cos we don't have to take the remedial lessons hohoho! & I was a very nice student from then onwards..(except for the incident with the band mistress or rather the teacher-in-charge... oh and my Mangement tutor haha)

I wonder how Bitchy Butch is and if she is wishing for world peace now....

Thursday, November 18, 2004

So fake...

Dick is at it again. He has been extremely friendly and nice for the past few days.. He even held the conference call at a proper conference room instead of in his little offie. WHY? Because his boss is here!

And he purposely chose the meeting room opposite his boss' temporary office and spoke louder than usual.

Then there's this "leader" from my team. She acts like she's the leader.. sometimes even the boss. She pretends to be really helpful but actually is not. She has been teaching us new things which is good.. BUT she only does it when Dick's boss is around!

Yeah, my fellow COWorker and I have noticed this pattern.. These people are just so FAKE!

& I am damn buay song with Dick and his boss.. They have been telling us things like.. "Ok due to the urgency for the Big Project and we all know you are busy so we will help you with this, this, this and that.. blah blah blah" And then a few months later, they come and tell us.. "It's very easy to do, it won't take you more than half a day, blah blah blah"

Bloody hell.. this is not the first time! Why can't they just tell me we have to do it in the first place? Why do this to us? If it is easy, why can't you just do it for us and let us do the more important things?

I've been so busy for the past few days and it's making me grumpy. Everyone is asking me for this and that. GRRR and everything is urgent! I don't even have time to go pee and.. also no time to chat with fellow COWorkers on Yahoo! Messenger hehehe

And then today i heard that there will be a change in the bonus structure!! Why can't they change it next year.. why change it when there's only 1.5 more mths to go?? Why confuse me? I hate to be confused! 我很乱!

Yeah.. anyway.. the only good thing i heard today is that my Div has been doing very well in their sales.. which means.. more bonus for me! hohoho!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Shut Up!! I Know Where I'm Going!!

I think the people in the Amazing Race should do this to their partners who can't stop talking in the car .. especially that Jonathan guy.. (married entreprenuer). He is so annoying! I hope he gets eliminated soon! And when they get into an argument, he told his wife (Victoria).. "I'm going to divorce you!" GRRRR!! Victoria should shut him up!

Yeah.. anyway, it's so fun to see those couples from the race arguing in the car and not admitting that they gave the wrong direction! hahaha

I love road trips and i haven't gone on one with The Boyfriend yet..& I'm sure we'll be arguing in the car! & He'll have to drive cos i'm bad at driving.. and i'll be the Navigator... Yeah, I can say.. i have a better sense of direction than most girls.. but sometimes i screw up too hehehe just sometimes.........
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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Amazing Race is back & Christmas is coming!!

AMAZING RACE is back! Woohoo! It's my fav reality tv show! & this time there is a pro-wrestler couple! haha it's gonna be fun watching them behaving like wrestlers in this race..& I can't stand this guy, Adam! I hate his hairstyle!
Can't wait to watch it tomorrow! I normally would watch it at AXN first.. then watch it later at Ch5! hahahaha That's how much i love the show! Sometimes i'd also watch the repeat telecast on AXN during the weekends... hee hee

Yes yes.. another 5 weeks or so to Christmas. & the radio station has started to play Christmas songs today.. and so has the blind man at the underpass from Tangs to Orchard MRT Station.

One of my COWorker has suggested that we play this Secret Santa game.. So 2 weeks before christmas, secret santa has to give some little trinkets to "the chosen one", EVERYDAY! It doesn't have to be expensive.. but we have to do it for TWO weeks! 10 working days! Eh.. i am not so free ok... Oh yeah, we also have to buy a gift for "the chosen one" and the budget is $20. We all will have a wishlist.. i'm gonna as for $20 shopping voucher..probably from Borders or Tangs..

& I think i'll write a note to "the chosen one" and say, "Sorry, Santa, is busy.. and even though the economy has improved, Santa still needs to save for retirement.. So the money for your trinkets will go to your $20 gift.. "
I'll still give "the chosen one" one or 2 trinkets but not everyday.. cos i don't know what to give!! & also i think it's a little boh liao, no?

I also hope my secret santa will not be so silly to give me little trinkets for 2 weeks.. I don't need all these little trinkets... it's so troublesome. Just concentrate on your work and give me my $20 shopping voucher.. hohoho

And guess what day is tomorrow? Yeah.. Wednesday.. and that means.. it's.. CONFERENCE CALL DAY!! (AGAIN!!). ARGH!! And Dick has asked us to print out the floorplan of the shops.. Please! Don't talk to me about floor plans! I don't think it will help me at all! I just don't see the point at all! It's a waste of my time! I don't know why he still finds this so productive for us!!

And he's been terribly nice to everyone of us again.. because.. his boss is here! I think one of the planners has complained about him to his boss! Muahahaha!!

I used to feel sorry for Dick.. cos i don't know why people are always picking on him and he seemed like such a nice guy.. *PUI*

And today, i found out that sometimes he tries to be funny and tell people things like..

"Oh it's all your fault!"
"Ah, you are not working!"
"Are you working hard? Do i need to talk to your boss?"
"Oh don't listen to planners! They will make you more confuse blah blah blah"

He meant it as a joke.. but it's not funny anymore when you say things like that for more than 1 time!! I guess people just got sick of him after a while and took offence.. i would too.. if he keeps telling me such things..

Why why? Why is my boss so silly? I am embarrassed to have him as my boss..And some people actually think that we are just like him!! Oh.. they are SOOOO wrong!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

I must have it!

Resistence is futile...
I heard that so many times.. and it's sooo true!

So i went window shopping the other day.. and saw the shoes.. AGAIN.
One really cool pair of Puma sneakers and a pair of retro green heels.. It was love at first sight! But i didn't want to buy them.. And yesterday i saw them at Tangs again.. I was very tempted to get them.. but i didn't..Wo Ren!

And this afternoon.. i was still thinking about the shoes..
"What if the ones you tried yesterday were the LAST pairs?"
"What if someone bought the last pair? There will be none left for me!"


So i got dressed at 4pm and was out by 4.05pm.. went to Tangs to buy the shoes.. and came back at about 5! WAHAHAHA!

I love the shoes so much! Especially the Puma.. even Imelda Marcos would love it ..
See, she's admiring it..
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Saturday, November 13, 2004

The (fat) Finger!!

Stupid teksi driver!

I was walking home and the traffic light was turning red... the timer was going.. 10, 9, 8... so i ran trying to beat the red light.. and i just made it.. and this bloody taxi driver have to sound his horn at me! Ta ma de! GRRRR

So fed up!! My right foot has just touched the pavement.. no longer on the road.. why do you still want to horn at me! GRRR And he was doing some hand gesture telling me that the red man is already out..So.. i turned around and showed him The Finger!! Yeah.. THE (fat) Finger..

Anyway.. i've bumped into lots of people recently..

Just yesterday alone.. i bumped into my friend's father, 1 ex-church mate, 2 of my neighboours and one ex uni mate...
And today i bumped into one of the loud ang mohs from the office...

Singapore is too small..
Please... just don't let me bump into Mr. French Man...

Update : 240 days to go before I resign! Woohoo! & 79 days to go before the boyfriend is back! Double woohooo!!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

It's all in the genes...

I was trying on some dresses at home ... cos my co's annual D&D is next month! EEEK!
I hate such events.. i hate dressing up. & most of all i hate co. events that involves Dick..

But i'm still going because i heard the doorgifts will be good and the lucky draw prizes are really attractive. I hope i will win something so i can sell it off at yahoo or ebay for a good prize and keep the money muahahaha!!

So anyways, i was trying on some of my mama's cheongsams that she specially made for her wedding... Wah, my mama's figure was so good then! I couldn't wear it now! My butt is too big! I nearly tore her cheongsam.. the split at the side actually split when i try to put it on.. I didn't dare to try the other cheong sams. hehe

I was telling my mum.. she was half the size of me before she got married.. and now.. after giving birth to 3 girls..and many years later...she's double my size (..or maybe 1.5 times) and I hope i won't be as big as her in the future.. but it's all in the genes.. so i am very sure i will be like her.. Look at my eldest sister.. she was really slim and sexy. and now.. she's fatter than me after getting married for about 18mths. (Maybe that's the side effect of getting married into a hao men (rich family) hmm ) When i see her i will tell her how fat she is.. cos she used to say i am fat and took away all my clothes that i couldn't fit (but can now!) and told me.. "You are so fat what.. you can fit meh? Let me have it" ... So mean! Grrr

And then there's my second sister.. who got fatter after giving birth to her second child. She now can wear clothes that are too big for me..

I used to be the fat girl in the family.. finally i am the slimmest! I wonder how long it will last though..


Or maybe i'll be like my dad.. hmm... i got his character and fat fingers (according to mum.. ) and from the pics i saw.. he seems really slim.. and sexy hee hee.. Hmm.. not sure how he would look like if he were still alive.. maybe he might have a big beer belly.. hmmmm

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Silence is Golden...

Reading Finicky Feline's blog reminded me of Mr. French Man. *shudder*

I'm not sure if it's the French.. or if it's just him.. but he is really annoying!
I hate guys who are persistent! When i say NO, it means NO!

I liked him as a friend... but he wanted more and i don't think i can ever be with someone like him.. because...he just annoys me..and i hate his sense of humour.. and he's also very sacarstic..

He is always asking me to meet up with him... and i'll come out with lots of excuses...
He wanted to invite me to a concert once.. and i didn't want to go and he got angry!

When we do meet up, he'll get upset if i reply any sms! He actually told me to switch off my phone when i'm with him cos he wants my 100% attention!

He loves giving me presents too.. and i'll politely reject them.. and he'll get upset and insist i keep them. He even gave me lingerie a couple of times! He got the size correct too! hahaha! anyways..

He thinks i am not a good friend because i did not say hi to him when he's online and never calls him.

He gets upsets when i never reply his txts, calls and msgs.

He wanted me to be frank with him..ie. tell him EVERYTHING! There are things that i think it's not necessary to share with anyone but he insisted i tell him and when i didn't he got upset! He said i'm not being open with him.. that's what i hate most! Don't force me!! i'm a very quiet person nature.. and it takes time for me to open up to a person and i don't just open up to anyone! He makes me so uncomfortable that i can't even open up.. The more i get forced to open up, the more i can't..

Sometimes i'll feel bad and i'll go out with him..and after that i'd regret it.. I get very angry at him.. and at myself..

He said it's unfair for him cos he's putting in a lot of effort to this friendship and i'm not.
OK maybe i didn't.. but i didn't want to lead him on..
I tried to explain but he just doesn't give up!

Sometimes he makes me so angry i feel like taking a hammer and hammer his balls! But i didn't.. i kept quiet instead... very very quiet. I ignored his msgs, emails and rejected his calls.

After some weeks of not hearing from him, i thought i have finally got rid of him.. but no.. a package arrived..from him..
Guess what he sent me? DIAPERS! He wrote about how childish i was and i'm not a good friend and i'm taking advantage of him.. blah blah blah.

Eh.. Hello? Who's the childish one here? I didn't take advantage of him.. for every present he insisted i accept, i'd buy him something back.. or buy him lunch/dinner. I try to be nice sometimes.. but he just annoys me with his sacarstic remarks and his bad sense of humour.

I sooo wanted to send the diapers back to him.. together with my niece's poo!! But i didn't.. i kept quiet.. i didn't reply to his msg or emails.. he got worried and sent an email to apologise.. i didn't reply.. i kept quiet.

Keeping quiet really works..

Hi Fat Fingers,
It seems you are very very upset about me now and I am very sorry
about that. I was expecting a reaction on your side (laughter, anger,
whatever) but not just indifference (that was the worst case scenario).
If I sent you this "bitter" letter and "funny undies", it is because I
wanted to show you how much I have been hurt by what happened. I was not
sure you realized it, and I felt it was necessary to express it ...
black on white on some paper. I have been acting very childlike. I am
open to any discussion on the matter (and I do hope you are open too
such a discussion as well).

So, I would like to present you my sincere apologies, and I hope you wil
accept them.

I wanted to tell him.. your aplogies are accepted.. but i didn't because if i did, he will start all his nonsense again. So..I kept quiet..

A couple of months ago, i received a postcard from Mr. French Man. He was in Tibet. He wrote that he regretted sending me the diapers and he was sorry and hope that we can talk again. I wanted to send him an email and thank him for the postcard and i appreciate it but i didn't. I kept quiet.

Sometimes, when he sees me online on ICQ, he'd say "Hello! How are you?" ... I didn't reply. I kept quiet.

I'm sorry Mr. French Man, sorry that i'm ignoring you.. but if i do start to talk to you, you'd start your nonsense all over again and i'll get really annoyed.. so it's best that i'll just keep quiet...

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Don't be rude!!

Nothing much to write about Dick today hehehe cos he's busy in his room writing our appraisal! He's been very quiet...so that's good! As long as he doesn't open his mouth, we're all happy with him!

But i've got lots to write about this idiot lady from HKG! She writes the rudest email to me! It's full of "?????" and "!!!!!" What's up with that??

To me.. more than 2 "??" and "!!" are considered rude! No more than 2 please!!

I hate reading her emails.. cos it gives me the feeling that i'm being blamed for everything!! It's not me.. well... sometimes it's not me!! And if they need help, why can't they just ask properly and nicely instead of saying things like.. "We have no stock!!!! Can you please check and let us know??? We are losing sales!!!! Why is it like that? It is YOUR duty to make sure blah blah blah.. We CANNOT continue like this!!!! Please check and EXPLAIN!!!!" Yes, she types in CAPS too! I don't think i'm being too sensitive.. cos i showed her emails to my COWorkers and they think she sounds very unfriendly and rude.. grrr

Ta ma de!!

I don't think i'm doing my job badly! & I take pride in my work!

I was really tempted to tell her this yesterday.. "Dear "Bloody rude woman", I can understand your frustration and i know that such things annoy you.. as much as your "!!!!!" annoys me. " But i didn't.. i was really polite and suggested ways to help her solve her problems.. and her reply today was damn bloody rude again!!


I was so annoyed.. and answered her questions... politely...but i think my reply made her look stupid! But it's really that simple! I can find no other ways to explain things to her.. So anyway, i've replied and i hope not to hear from her again..

And what makes it more annoying is that.. she has the same name as me! And her surname is the same as my chinese surname! So it's like scolding myself when i'm scolding her! GRRRR

Monday, November 08, 2004


Dick asked us into his room... ONE by ONE.. and asked everyone of us... "Are you willing to relocate if we were to move you to anywhere where our co. has an operation?"


But that's all he said.. he didn't tell us what's going on.. argh!! NOTHING!

So we were asking the other managers if they heard anything about us relocating.. and she said the corporate office might shift to Hong Kong where the CEO is based now..and we might have to move there...hmm

I'm kinda excited about it.. i hope they will relocate us soon.. IF there are really plans to relocate us! But on the other hand.. since i'm gonna resign in 245 days or so..it's better that i not relocate .. cos i think the co. will want me to sign a contract.. and i don't want to be in any contract and i don't want to lose my job.. hmmm

Anyway, my "free" days are back! muahaha not so busy now since i'm almost done with setting up the Big Project... yahoo!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Camera! Lights! Action!

I was the cameraman for my sister's preschool graduation party yesterday... It was so tiring!! Cos I was given a very big old videocam... I was ashamed to stand next to the parents with all the cool handy digi viewcams..

I was to tape the whole prog.. the speech, the 5 songs that the kids have to perform and the ceremony... The whole thing lasted about.. 30min!

I was so tired.. i had to sit with my legs up on the chair and rest my arms on my knees and used my knees as support.. My bro-in-law was the photographer.. he took a pic of me in that position! Aiyoh! He said i looked silly.. grrrr

Oh yeah, i wanted to be a cameraman a few years ago.. i thought it's cool...

I met a cameraman in Japan a few years ago. He was filming my friend who is back in Japan and i was in her group so i was filmed too!I didn't see myself on tv though hehe ..Well anyway, it was quite fun. I was talking to the cameraman and i told him i thought he was cool and i would love to be a cameraman someday.. and when he heard that.. he happily gave me his camera and tried to put it on my shoulder.. and it was soooooo heavy! I had to put it on the table to film it hahaha It was fun! I zoomed in on the cameraman cos he's the one who never gets filmed haha.

Anyways.... my sister's partner saw the video i took and thought i did a good job.. She said she will buy me lunch.. but i hope she will pay me $$$ instead hehe & I hope they will not ask me to do that again... unless they have a stand for the cam.. it's too tiring for me!

Oh yeah... The boyfriend's mother just sent me an sms! I was surprised! She said she's happy that the Uni has accepted my application and she is looking forward to meeting me! How sweet! I hope she will be my mother-in-law! hahaha :-D

PS. In case you didn't notice.. i have added a blog description (just above "About Me") hehe

Saturday, November 06, 2004

I am not alone!!

Tried to blog last night but blogger was down! Hmmm

Anyway.. the gathering (bowling) was ok.. I had an OK time. We booked 3 lanes and lucky i wasn't in Dick's team.. So didn't intertact much with him.. heng ah!

I'm not that good at bowling but I "strike" a few times haha Not too bad.. my highest score out the 3 games i played was 100! hehe
Oh yeah, Dick was walking around asking us what we wanted to drink and he was writing it down.. He looks like a waiter haha it was funny.. (i'm not discriminating against waiters but seeing Dick doing that was really funny!) and he even served us our drinks too wahahaha

& I am happy these few days .. cos Everyone is angry with Dick again haahahaha I am happy when people are upset with him.. cos that means.. the problem does not like with me but with him.. get what i mean?

He was telling some of my fellow Dick-haters that they should come at 8.30am and go back at 6pm.. Our official working time is 9 to 5.45pm! My COWorker was not too happy.. she asked him what's the reason and he said "Oh, we shouldn't follow the time stated in our contract, we should come in earlier because we are management staff .. and you see those non-management staff? They come in at 8.30am everyday"

ARGH!! Stupid reason!
Who cares if they come in at 8.30am??
And he added that another reason that she wants her to come so early is because he wants us to call the planners in the US while they are still in the office..
I really hate this.. cos i hate making phone calls.. i don't call anyone unless it's URGENT. I prefer to use the email.. but Dick has been telling everyone.." don't email, just call! We have been told to do that.. so let's just all call.. "

And a few days ago, my COWorker was about to email her counterparts in HKG and he asked her.. so did you call them to tell them you are sending them an email?
ARGH!! STUPID OR WHAT?? No one will call and tell the other ppl at the other end of the world "Hello, Nei Ho Ma? I am going to send you an email now...."

I am glad he didn't tell me any of these things cos i'll get really annoyed..

Oh yeah, on the way to the bowling alley, one of the expats were in our cab and she also feels that Dick is not up to standard and he is a bad manger.. She told us she has told him how she feels and how he should handle some things but he is just not open to comments and he gets very defensive.. she has told Dick's boss about it.. I hope someone can do something about him soon.

And she said Dick is always obssessed about how good he looks in front of others at our expense. This is soooo true!! I am not alone! wahahaha

I think Dick will be asked to go after his contract ends.. well i hope so.. but it won't be my problem anymore.. cos i will be gone in 247 days! Woohoo!!

Thursday, November 04, 2004


Am now busy doing my performance appraisal which is due tomorrow! Can i just write "I am much better than my boss" ?
Just the last part to go...

Oh yeah.. tomorrow is the dreaded Dept. Gathering.. argh!!

I better get back to my appraisal now.

In the meantime, here are more Fengshui tips! I don't believe in fengshui actually!! But this is funny!!


1) A man carries with him great pride and ego: a woman must never deflate his ego if not there would be clashes in the relationship.

2) When a man makes love, he wants to satisfy the woman: so as a woman please pretend you've enjoyed it even if he is really lousy and cannot stroke well.

3) A man will never get married when his career is not going anywhere: so if you are his girlfriend, be patient and help him in his career first.

4) A man will get married when the time is right so do not force him or you will lose him.

5) A man will never admit that behind his success, there is a woman: as this will cause him to look weak.

6) Man are usually insensitive to a woman's needs.
7) Man usually care for themselves first.

8) A man likes to feel that he can do something for the woman. So if you are a very strong woman , pretend that you don't know a lot of things so that he can come forward to help you and then the relationship can grow.

9) A man in a relationship with a woman will want to have things done his way: so as a woman please give way to him to allow more peace and harmony in the house.

10) The only way to "own" a man is through sex: once he has sampled he will never taste another

11) Man cannot laugh at themselves for if they can, they are on the way to greater satisfaction in life !

12) A firey man (too much fire in his four pillars* chart) likes to exercise a lot or make love everynight if not there are too much fire in him and he would feel most uncomfortable. He can only feel much relaxed after making love and of course if the partner is right, she can give him the good luck he needs. A firey person should also exercise more to burn off the fire energy in him.

13) If a man need not say where he wants to go but if you can read him well, then it means that both of you are walking spiritually in one mind, one speech and one body.

14) If a man has too much water in his four pillars chart* then he would also like to sit down often too as keeping stillness is earth as earth will stop his water. And a water person too generally loves sex.

15) When a man gets angry, leave him alone and do not nag at him to make matters worse.


"A man is not a man without a woman"

Wednesday, November 03, 2004




Hi Fat Fingers,

I spoke to the course coordinator this morning and he is happy to accept your application, I will process today and send to our Central Student Admin Office. They will send you an offer letter shortly, this will be sent to your correspondence address in Singapore. Hope this is ok.

Best wishes


250 days to go!!

I'm gonna start packing now .. wahahahhaa

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Read Popcorn's blog.. and she's right. We all have our own opinions and our blogs are for us to voice out our opions.. we all must be openminded.. and opinions are like armpits.. everyone has them! and sometimes they stink! (mine doesn't! haha) ...

... and it reminded me about this poem i wrote with my friend. We each wrote a line.. it doesn't really make any sense.. but it does made me laugh hahaha

So here goes!


I had a dream I dreamt today and this is what I have to say.
I saw your face I was amazed

That your crazy twiching eye I could not blank away.
You look crazy and Ugly. I'm in a daze I don't know what to say.
Just say that the sky is blue and the grass is green... anything is better than staring at you.

Your twitch makes me itch like the hair under my armpit.
You said armpits are bad... they're like opinions... everyone has them and they all smell bad.
So it's your fault that I'm itching!! Stop your twitching and get going!!

Hair under the armpits make you itch they do, but I thought you shave your armpits, don't you?

This twitch will not cease unless it pleases you that I fall flat on the floor...
like nacrolepsy - the disease I hope you bore.

How dare you call me ugly? You're the one with the hairy armpits!!
Gosh, the nerve you have I can't believe it's there.

Twitching, itching, oh stop your bitching!!
The sight of you makes me want to give you a beating!!

Beating? I'm sorry... I never meant for it to cause your grieving... I love you for your twitching... I'm a sucker and I would never want to see you leaving.

If my twitching is what you love, then itch all over and show me your worth!!

I'm worth more than diamonds... ruby or gold... more than the itch I can't withold. I can't control my itch for you, it's like a hair stuck in my behind.

Dick is crazy!

He was asking me for my thoughts on our bimonthly one to one session and i told him.. i think that's too much.. and once a mth is enough for me..

And then he told me... He was told to hold it weekly!

What can happen in a week??
And i wonder who told him to do that??

I can't stand Dick because he only follows direction from other people and he loves to ask for our opinion and then use it as his! And if people doesn't agree, he'll say it's us! If it's good, he'll say he came up with it!

2 weeks ago, after the conference call with the stores..he said the meeting was very useful..and then last week, he said he thinks it's not useful... Yeah right! We all know it was the MD who thought it's useless to spend about one hour on calls talking about renovations instead of other more impt issues!

I hate people like this..

Sometimes i really wonder how did Dick got his job.. many people said cos he can PR.. but he can't even PR with his own staff! Ok maybe it's just me..

Dick has no initiative too.. As a boss.. i expect him to look ahead and anticipate problems.. but he didn't!! AND i did! MUAHAHAHAHA and i informed everyone about it with a cc to him.. muahahaha

I miss being in control sometimes!

Monday, November 01, 2004


Was watching the news...

Armed police patrol for all parts of Singapore..
These officers will be armed with machine guns..

I will see a lot of them and it ain't making me happy..

Bloody terrorists! Argh! All their fault!

And i was watching the Simpsons marathon on AXN yesterday.. and there was one eps where Maggie wished for world peace..and her dream came true and everyone threw away their weapons.. and the kids were playing and one of them rearraged the words from DANGER to GARDEN.... hehe

One of my girlfriends asked if i want to go to Bintan or Thailand.. to the beach resorts.. and actually.. i am a little worried.. that i might get kidnapped at some beach resorts by some terrorists! hehe yeah..


Bloody terrorists!

Ok i must get back to my excel spreadsheet.. i love pivot table! yay! *flexing*

Bloody monday...

So fed up with my fellow Dick-haters!
They were the ones who didn't want to go bowling and wanted to go karaoke... so today the CEO (chief entertainment officer) was asking what do we really want to do .. and he wanted us to vote..

None of them suggested anything.. So i suggested Karaoke.. and my bloody dick-haters didn't vote at all!

I was so fed up and scolded them.. i feel betrayed.

The reason they gave me.. oh i don't know how to sing.. ARGH! But you all also told me you don't know how to bowl, what!

Idiots. @#%$_^$%)$*

Then when the decision was made, they complained about bowling etc.. bloody hell!

And i am fed up with Dick too..

He knew that this week we will be busy finishing all our work before the deadline and he still wants to organise so many things! LAO NIANG is very busy ok!

Wed - bloody conference call
Thur - Bloody one to one session
Fri - Deadline to submit performance appraisal
Fri - half day off for the dreaded gathering. We are forced to bowl! Lunch and dinner not provided! BOO!
Next Wed - Deadline for Big Project!

And i have brought some work home to do.. :-(