Monday, November 01, 2004

Bloody monday...

So fed up with my fellow Dick-haters!
They were the ones who didn't want to go bowling and wanted to go karaoke... so today the CEO (chief entertainment officer) was asking what do we really want to do .. and he wanted us to vote..

None of them suggested anything.. So i suggested Karaoke.. and my bloody dick-haters didn't vote at all!

I was so fed up and scolded them.. i feel betrayed.

The reason they gave me.. oh i don't know how to sing.. ARGH! But you all also told me you don't know how to bowl, what!

Idiots. @#%$_^$%)$*

Then when the decision was made, they complained about bowling etc.. bloody hell!

And i am fed up with Dick too..

He knew that this week we will be busy finishing all our work before the deadline and he still wants to organise so many things! LAO NIANG is very busy ok!

Wed - bloody conference call
Thur - Bloody one to one session
Fri - Deadline to submit performance appraisal
Fri - half day off for the dreaded gathering. We are forced to bowl! Lunch and dinner not provided! BOO!
Next Wed - Deadline for Big Project!

And i have brought some work home to do.. :-(



Bubblemunche said...

Aiyoh, now I know why you call them COWorkers.... I think you got more balls than them ah!!

And I absolutely hate take home work too :(....

Fat Fingers said...

yah lor. kenna sai these ppl.. talk so loud and when it's time to action.. all so timid!!

I'm doing my appraisal now :(

Bubblemunche said...

Keke, they are NATO: No Action, Talk Only :P....