Saturday, November 20, 2004

Have you seen him lately??

I was flipping through the channels and i saw this guy who's so familiar on CNBC..

It's Richard Simmons!

Do you still remember him??

I remember watching him on tv when i was very young.. about 10 yrs old maybe? The sister likes him i think.. and i still remember this.. Richard Simmons was telling the audience to clench their buttocks.. haha And the camera zoomed into his buttocks..and there he was clenching it.. and then releasing the muscles.. hahahaha I thought it was funny hehe.
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sari said...

HaHa when I was in secondary school, my ang moh PE teacher asked us to clench our butts too. He said, "clench it tight if u girls wnat tight butt." and all of us were doing it.. kinda embarassing manz! hehehe.. and I read that you recommended maple clinic.. manz Ive never heard of maple clinic though I stay at the east.. when I was younger, I went to national skin center before for my pimples.. but its so ex!! I checked the community topic bout it.. while lots cliamed Niks products to be real amazing.. some claimed that the products made the face condition worse.. manz Im so scared! FF, can you advise more? If its good, I wanna use NIKS products too.. Im thinking of using Estee Lauder products cus my mom uses them and I read lots on it.. The Bobbi Brown products I used dont help my skin at all. I need a really good makeup remover cleanser manz.. if not the makeup will clogs up my pores.

Bubblemunche said...

Argh!!!! That Simmons fella gives me the creeps :P! I think he inspired Teletubbies and Barney, keke....

Zen|th said...

Richard Simmons? I remember him well. He used to do all those fitness videos thing on tv. He's a gay ass if you ask me.

A Popcorn Addicted Shopaholic said...

Richard who? *Popcorn in a lost state*

micheLLe: I don't think u should be using Estee Lauder cos ur skin is still quite young!

sari said...

popcorn: Im thinking of using the clear difference moisturizer just for makeup base. Or you have anything good to recommend? heehee

Fat Fingers said...

hahaha Bubbles, you might be right!!

Zen|th, Popcorn : Yes he's a fitness guru.. and he sure looks "happy" to me too! hohoho

micheLLe : When you are back, why don't you go to Maple Clinic? The doc will take a look at your skin and then tell you what creams you should put. I have to put about 5-6types of creams on my face! hehehe but it sure works. My friends went there too and they also had very good results. One of them even brought her mama there hehe. You need to be very patient and discipline. I saw results in about 5 - 6 weeks. Yeah i don't think you need to get estee lauder.. it's more for aunties i think hehe.
You cannot make appt at Maple Clinic.. since you will be quite free when you are back, i suggest you go during weekdays which is not so crowded..

FF said...

Oh goodness. He was that aerobics guy?

Rgding Maple Clinic. I think I should go soon. The only thing I put on my face is toner and moisturiser. Very rarely, only if I'm free. I'm starting to see the effects of my complacence now.

What are the charges like over there?

Fat Fingers said...

yes FF! That aerobics guy! I think he went for botox too hehe

I used to put only moisturiser..

Consultation fee is about $20.. I spent about $150 on my first visit.. my vit C moisturiser was $56..that's really expensive but really good. The rest will be for my eye gel, sun block, some antibiotic creams.

Oh yes, You will have to go back 5 weeks later and she will see if the creams are suitable for you and maybe she'll also prescribe something extra if your skin can take it eg AHA

A Popcorn Addicted Shopaholic said...

micheLLe: eester lauder's clear difference moisturizer? never used it before but one man's antidote may be another's poison! Just like sk-II is not suited for all skin types.

think u should give maple clinic a try. I've heard rave reviews abt the clinic before (before fat fingers)..

Jayaxe said...

To be honest, I've never heard of him. But he sure looks a like Ronald McDonald's without makeup! Wahahahaha!

sari said...

fingers and popcorn: manz since u girls said it and I read so many good responds bout that maple clinic, I think I shall visit Dr Ong.Will let you know after my consultation.. dun need appointment right?

Bubblemunche said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I thought I saw that Richard Simmons pic smiled at me for s split second just now!! I think I've been staring at computer screens too long already.... freaky :P!!

Fat Fingers said...

Jayaxe! hahaha! yeah he does look a bit like Mr. Macs.

micheLLe: yeah no need appointment.. but u can call them up and check when doc Ong is in.

Maple Clinic
Blk 825 Tampines St 81.
Tel 67839038

Bubbbles : did he see him say anything to you too? like "Hey pretty boy, clench your butt!" hahaha

sari said...

since you and so many people recommended it, id go when I get back will do. I heard Ive to queue for like hours.. is that true? is evening time better?

Fat Fingers said...

Weekdays the best. Sat is normally very crowded.