Saturday, November 06, 2004

I am not alone!!

Tried to blog last night but blogger was down! Hmmm

Anyway.. the gathering (bowling) was ok.. I had an OK time. We booked 3 lanes and lucky i wasn't in Dick's team.. So didn't intertact much with him.. heng ah!

I'm not that good at bowling but I "strike" a few times haha Not too bad.. my highest score out the 3 games i played was 100! hehe
Oh yeah, Dick was walking around asking us what we wanted to drink and he was writing it down.. He looks like a waiter haha it was funny.. (i'm not discriminating against waiters but seeing Dick doing that was really funny!) and he even served us our drinks too wahahaha

& I am happy these few days .. cos Everyone is angry with Dick again haahahaha I am happy when people are upset with him.. cos that means.. the problem does not like with me but with him.. get what i mean?

He was telling some of my fellow Dick-haters that they should come at 8.30am and go back at 6pm.. Our official working time is 9 to 5.45pm! My COWorker was not too happy.. she asked him what's the reason and he said "Oh, we shouldn't follow the time stated in our contract, we should come in earlier because we are management staff .. and you see those non-management staff? They come in at 8.30am everyday"

ARGH!! Stupid reason!
Who cares if they come in at 8.30am??
And he added that another reason that she wants her to come so early is because he wants us to call the planners in the US while they are still in the office..
I really hate this.. cos i hate making phone calls.. i don't call anyone unless it's URGENT. I prefer to use the email.. but Dick has been telling everyone.." don't email, just call! We have been told to do that.. so let's just all call.. "

And a few days ago, my COWorker was about to email her counterparts in HKG and he asked her.. so did you call them to tell them you are sending them an email?
ARGH!! STUPID OR WHAT?? No one will call and tell the other ppl at the other end of the world "Hello, Nei Ho Ma? I am going to send you an email now...."

I am glad he didn't tell me any of these things cos i'll get really annoyed..

Oh yeah, on the way to the bowling alley, one of the expats were in our cab and she also feels that Dick is not up to standard and he is a bad manger.. She told us she has told him how she feels and how he should handle some things but he is just not open to comments and he gets very defensive.. she has told Dick's boss about it.. I hope someone can do something about him soon.

And she said Dick is always obssessed about how good he looks in front of others at our expense. This is soooo true!! I am not alone! wahahaha

I think Dick will be asked to go after his contract ends.. well i hope so.. but it won't be my problem anymore.. cos i will be gone in 247 days! Woohoo!!


Jayaxe said...

You never scared he put laxatives into your drinks?

Anyway your boss seems cute, but in a stoopid way! Hahahahaha!

Fat Fingers said...

it was canned drinks.. so i not scared! wahahaha

Bubblemunche said...

"... so did you call them to tell them you are sending them an email? "

GOODNESS! I've finally found someone found someone who is dumber than me: Dick :D!!!!

Who knows huh? Maybe he'll leave the company before you do :P!

sari said...

HeeHee I like bowling too! Its easy and helps to hill time~

A Popcorn Addicted Shopaholic said...

I can't bowl to save my life... People go for the kill and strike all.. I go for the drains..

Apparently Dick is trying really hard to be a public enemy in the co. And he's pretty good at it. ha...

Bubblemunche said...

I'm terrible at bowling too :( Think I've managed to get past 100 points only once in my life :(

FF said...

Bet Dick's name has a Nguyen in it.

He sounds like a total ijit!

Jayaxe said...

Oh yeah FF.

For the record, Vietnamese people use those fixed names according to the month (or weekday I forgot) that they are born in. That's why you always see their names are so alike.

Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Actually, people call to say they are/will be sending an email (Usually re urgent matters) so that the other party can look out for it. Some people get so many emails in an hour that they might miss yours. But this is acceptable only for really urgent matters.

I hate calling people too. Prefer email.