Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Amazing Race is back & Christmas is coming!!

AMAZING RACE is back! Woohoo! It's my fav reality tv show! & this time there is a pro-wrestler couple! haha it's gonna be fun watching them behaving like wrestlers in this race..& I can't stand this guy, Adam! I hate his hairstyle!
Can't wait to watch it tomorrow! I normally would watch it at AXN first.. then watch it later at Ch5! hahahaha That's how much i love the show! Sometimes i'd also watch the repeat telecast on AXN during the weekends... hee hee

Yes yes.. another 5 weeks or so to Christmas. & the radio station has started to play Christmas songs today.. and so has the blind man at the underpass from Tangs to Orchard MRT Station.

One of my COWorker has suggested that we play this Secret Santa game.. So 2 weeks before christmas, secret santa has to give some little trinkets to "the chosen one", EVERYDAY! It doesn't have to be expensive.. but we have to do it for TWO weeks! 10 working days! Eh.. i am not so free ok... Oh yeah, we also have to buy a gift for "the chosen one" and the budget is $20. We all will have a wishlist.. i'm gonna as for $20 shopping voucher..probably from Borders or Tangs..

& I think i'll write a note to "the chosen one" and say, "Sorry, Santa, is busy.. and even though the economy has improved, Santa still needs to save for retirement.. So the money for your trinkets will go to your $20 gift.. "
I'll still give "the chosen one" one or 2 trinkets but not everyday.. cos i don't know what to give!! & also i think it's a little boh liao, no?

I also hope my secret santa will not be so silly to give me little trinkets for 2 weeks.. I don't need all these little trinkets... it's so troublesome. Just concentrate on your work and give me my $20 shopping voucher.. hohoho

And guess what day is tomorrow? Yeah.. Wednesday.. and that means.. it's.. CONFERENCE CALL DAY!! (AGAIN!!). ARGH!! And Dick has asked us to print out the floorplan of the shops.. Please! Don't talk to me about floor plans! I don't think it will help me at all! I just don't see the point at all! It's a waste of my time! I don't know why he still finds this so productive for us!!

And he's been terribly nice to everyone of us again.. because.. his boss is here! I think one of the planners has complained about him to his boss! Muahahaha!!

I used to feel sorry for Dick.. cos i don't know why people are always picking on him and he seemed like such a nice guy.. *PUI*

And today, i found out that sometimes he tries to be funny and tell people things like..

"Oh it's all your fault!"
"Ah, you are not working!"
"Are you working hard? Do i need to talk to your boss?"
"Oh don't listen to planners! They will make you more confuse blah blah blah"

He meant it as a joke.. but it's not funny anymore when you say things like that for more than 1 time!! I guess people just got sick of him after a while and took offence.. i would too.. if he keeps telling me such things..

Why why? Why is my boss so silly? I am embarrassed to have him as my boss..And some people actually think that we are just like him!! Oh.. they are SOOOO wrong!


Bubblemunche said...

My goodness, Amazing Race is back?!? It seems just like a few weeks back when Chip and Kim won! Haha, but I'm not complaining, because I LOVE the Amazing Race too :D! Lucky you post this up!

The secret Santa thingy sounds very fun to me (a little bit bor liao only lah)! It's something interesting to look forward to in the morning when you reach the office :)!

Can't resist this... but what if... your secret Santa is Dick?!? Haha, I bet his trinkets will have an accumulative value of $2 :P!

Fat Fingers said...

hahaha yeah it sounds fun.. but for 2 weeks..? too much leh.. but i will shall try and make an effort to buy something for "the chosen one"

Oh yeah.. Dick is going back to the states in Dec! So no need to buy for him! I think he is trying to escape to buy us presents! wahahahaha

Bubblemunche said...

Wah! Then you must be so happy now :D! Is he back there for good or just for holidays? Hope you won't hate your new/temp boss as much :)

Jayaxe said...

Actually, I used to chase reality shows like Amazing Race and Survivor, but now the novelty seems to wear off leh! Hehe.

You mean you used to pity your boss?! Looks like I have to observe my future boss before pitying him! Haha.

FF said...

I am a reality TV freak too! Cannot wait to watch it tonight!

Hey, I have been following America's next top model religiously but I missed this week's. Heard Camille's out. Yay! Couldn't stand her!

The Secret Santa thing is kinda silly. YOur boss seems sillier.

A Popcorn Addicted Shopaholic said...

I can't believe Aamazing Race is back in less than 2 months (I remember so clearly because I watched the season finale on hospital bed while I had dengue, and I slept asleep before they announced the winner.. And it's such a BIG dispointment!).
This season's teams seems boring. And I notice this season doesn't have the '2 best(and model-alike) buddies'. Huge dispointment.

Fat Fingers said...

Bubbles, unfortunately, he is going back for his holiday! I think all of us here are happy that he is going away for a mth! hahaha

Jayaxe : Yeah, i used to pity him cos i don't know why people are so rude to him.. and now i know..

FF : Yeah Camille is out, finally!!

Popcorn, yeah season 6's team don't have much good looking people hahaha