Sunday, November 14, 2004

I must have it!

Resistence is futile...
I heard that so many times.. and it's sooo true!

So i went window shopping the other day.. and saw the shoes.. AGAIN.
One really cool pair of Puma sneakers and a pair of retro green heels.. It was love at first sight! But i didn't want to buy them.. And yesterday i saw them at Tangs again.. I was very tempted to get them.. but i didn't..Wo Ren!

And this afternoon.. i was still thinking about the shoes..
"What if the ones you tried yesterday were the LAST pairs?"
"What if someone bought the last pair? There will be none left for me!"


So i got dressed at 4pm and was out by 4.05pm.. went to Tangs to buy the shoes.. and came back at about 5! WAHAHAHA!

I love the shoes so much! Especially the Puma.. even Imelda Marcos would love it ..
See, she's admiring it..
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Jayaxe said...

Wahaha! You so funny! I thought the newspaper is there for what?!

Anyway seems like nowadays ladies go for such sporty shoes eh? But my female friends seem to go for those darker ones which look like normal leather shoes!

Do you have a shoe library? Hehehe.

Fat Fingers said...

haha yeah! I think Imelda Marcos will like it too lor.. I hope to go to the shoe museum someday! hehe

Yeah, i should take pics of all my shoes..have a SHOE database hohoho!

Oh yeah you're right.Ladies like sporty shoes nowadays. We all like to pretend to be sporty..... hehehe
I always love to wear sneakers. I hope i can wear them to work everday instead of sandles/heels/loafers.

A Popcorn Addicted Shopaholic said...

OMG! what a cool-looking retro sneakers!!! *Shopaholic instincts acting up again*

Dunno about Imelda Marcos loving it though. She would look queer wearing them.. Oh yes, she owned so many shoes in order to aid the 'shoes industry'.. Muahaha.. What a joke..

Bubblemunche said...

*Thought process of Fingers: Wo ren... wo ren... wo ren wu ke ren :D!*

And my goodness, the Imelda picture cracked me up :D! You're a genius ah, Fingers you....

Resistance is indeed futile. Welcome to the dark side :)!

Bubblemunche said...

Argh!! I downloaded the Global IME thingy, but still don't know how to type in Chinese fonts :P! I'm dumb :P....

sari said...

Babe, nice pair of shoes!! I wanna get a pair of sneakers too.. and I think Puma is a great brand for sneakers! I want one for the gym.. u know those slip in type.. I hate track shoes lar~ heehee

Fat Fingers said...

Hahha yeah Popcorn, i read that too. To help the shoe industry! My foot! wahahaha

Bubbles : yeah i really 忍无可忍 so i faster went to buy haha.
Ok here's the step to type chinese.. hehe Go to Control Panel - Date,Time,LANGUAGE and Regional Options - add other language - Details - Language bar (under preferences)- Check show language bar on desk top and show text label on lang bar.
Then you will see a language bar at the bottom of your screen.. You will see EN for engRish. You click on it to select the Chinese option. For shortcut, you can use shift-alt. I hope this will work for you.

micheLLe : I saw one Puma, slip on sneaker. Not bad also. It's maroon in colour. And there are some that are velcro type. Since you are going to BKK.. you go there and check it out. But i think not much of a price difference.

Bubblemunche said...

Yup, I've got the language bar thingy already, also changed it to Chinese. But when I type, still English fonts leh.... so strange :P!

Fat Fingers said...

Bubbles, try alt~
It should work.
What's ~ called by the way?
It's like sperm! hahahaha

Bubblemunche said...

Keke, like tadpole :D!

Me still struggling with the Chinese thingy... I Have Fat (and Slow) Brains :P!

Fat Fingers said...

eh alt~ still cannot? u try again haha alt ~
it should work leh..

cheeky said...

Wahahaha, fingers, you nearly damaged my kidneys. Can snap a photo of your fingers, like to see if it's bigger than the michelin man.

Bubblemunche said...

我终于会了! 谢谢丰满手指姐姐 :D!

Scarlett Ting said...

Would you pleaaaaaaaaaseeee buy me a pair too? *pleading eyes look*

Fat Fingers said...

Haha Cheeky, i will show you my stubby fat fingers someday hehehe

Yay 泡泡!太好了!hehehe

*looks straight into Scarlett Ting's eyes* I would love to.. but i no money liao! And i have 10 mouths to feed at home.. booo hoo hoo :(
Anyway, very nice hor? i think you faster go Tangs and buy! I think could be limited. Never see this on the web.. but saw other colours.. hmmm hehehehe

sari said...

yeh sure, will keep a lookout! Thanx babe!!

Jayaxe said...

Hahahaha! ~ = sperm?! It's called a tilde.

But I thought sperm is a better name! Wahahahahaha!

FF said...

I lurve your shoes! I also want!
How much were they?

Zen|th said...

That's a nice pair of shoes! =) Whenever I spot something I really like, I get that same urge to quickly get before it gets sold out. Haha.

Fat Fingers said...

FF, it's SGD99.00. Faster go buy!
It's very very light.. and very comfortable!

Zen|th : Yeah.. when you lose sleep over it hehe or keep thinking about.. just buy it! hohoho