Thursday, November 04, 2004


Am now busy doing my performance appraisal which is due tomorrow! Can i just write "I am much better than my boss" ?
Just the last part to go...

Oh yeah.. tomorrow is the dreaded Dept. Gathering.. argh!!

I better get back to my appraisal now.

In the meantime, here are more Fengshui tips! I don't believe in fengshui actually!! But this is funny!!


1) A man carries with him great pride and ego: a woman must never deflate his ego if not there would be clashes in the relationship.

2) When a man makes love, he wants to satisfy the woman: so as a woman please pretend you've enjoyed it even if he is really lousy and cannot stroke well.

3) A man will never get married when his career is not going anywhere: so if you are his girlfriend, be patient and help him in his career first.

4) A man will get married when the time is right so do not force him or you will lose him.

5) A man will never admit that behind his success, there is a woman: as this will cause him to look weak.

6) Man are usually insensitive to a woman's needs.
7) Man usually care for themselves first.

8) A man likes to feel that he can do something for the woman. So if you are a very strong woman , pretend that you don't know a lot of things so that he can come forward to help you and then the relationship can grow.

9) A man in a relationship with a woman will want to have things done his way: so as a woman please give way to him to allow more peace and harmony in the house.

10) The only way to "own" a man is through sex: once he has sampled he will never taste another

11) Man cannot laugh at themselves for if they can, they are on the way to greater satisfaction in life !

12) A firey man (too much fire in his four pillars* chart) likes to exercise a lot or make love everynight if not there are too much fire in him and he would feel most uncomfortable. He can only feel much relaxed after making love and of course if the partner is right, she can give him the good luck he needs. A firey person should also exercise more to burn off the fire energy in him.

13) If a man need not say where he wants to go but if you can read him well, then it means that both of you are walking spiritually in one mind, one speech and one body.

14) If a man has too much water in his four pillars chart* then he would also like to sit down often too as keeping stillness is earth as earth will stop his water. And a water person too generally loves sex.

15) When a man gets angry, leave him alone and do not nag at him to make matters worse.


"A man is not a man without a woman"


Bubblemunche said...

Keke, have you told the good news to Dick already ;)?

And my goodness, the tips are all hilariously dumb, but #2 and #10 really takes the cake :D! I'm convinced the person who came up with the tips is someone trying to trick his wife into giving him more 'action' :P!

Fat Fingers said...

hahaha not so soon I will tell Dick the good news in 249 days! Woohooo!!

Haha yeah the tips are really silly hehehe

Ok must get back to work.. :(

Bubblemunche said...

Think: I love performance appraisals!! Yay! *flex flex*

Keke... don't disturb you already lah....

Fat Fingers said...

last qn to go..
yeah i flex a lot in the appraisal too..wahahaha

i'm so busy.. watching O.C now, doing the appraisal and replying to the comments haha

Jayaxe said...

You can also recommend your niece to take over your boss. Hehehe.

Anyway, this fengshui tips confirm written by a man who cannot lose face! Haha!

FF said...

I like no. 2!

sari said...

HaHa me tooo!!! I Just love Number 2!! manz how many times have girls faked~ lol hee hee heee woooo

sari said...

HaHa me tooo!!! I Just love Number 2!! manz how many times have girls faked~ lol hee hee heee woooo

Bubblemunche said...

Keke, so how was the 'exciting' bowling event? Did Dick slip and fall or something? Can hardly wait :P....

Madame D said...

Here's me faking-imagine monotone voice..."oh baby, oh baby, oh. Boy, that was great. I just can't get enough of your manly lust. Oh baby, oh."

If you have to write your OWN performance appraisals, how lazy are your bosses? Just say "I saved the world 14 times in the last nine months alone, and I am solely responsibe for the price of tea in China. And my fingers look FABULOUS. I am clearly in need of a raise, effective immediately, if not sooner." Like they can't prove it!